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  1. 200lbhockeyplayer

    1934 Goudey Dick Porter Superfractor - and a Superfractor "How to..."

    It's been a white since I've posted a custom or a custom "how to" so this should be an appropriate "knock out two birds with one stone" approach. As a lot of you already know, Dick Porter (an old family friend of my father and grandfather) had a mere two main cards from his playing days - 1933...
  2. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Ridiculous Dick Porter Acquisition - 1933 Who's Who in Baseball Book...player owned copy

    For those that collect players from the early 1930s, you’re probably familiar with this book. However, you’re probably more familiar to it in the standard red covered retail format if you own the book. Or simply the specific page of your guy. Countless copies have been chopped up and made into...
  3. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Vintage Dodgers/Giants Photo Find with Negatives - Mays, McCovey, Hodges, Newcombe

    A quality pick-up of some unseen/unpublished vintage autographing shots...with negatives. Labels added by me...deckled-edge is the photo.
  4. 200lbhockeyplayer

    1947 Birmingham Barons Team Signed Baseball with HOFer player/manager Bill Dickey

    Running the club for 7 World Series title seasons behind the plate for the Yankees, Dickey replaced legendary HOFer manager Joe McCarthy in May of 1946 and managed through the rest of the season. Dickey, however, only managed one other club professionally...Southern Association's Little Rock...
  5. 200lbhockeyplayer

    1934 Goudey in poor, poor condition...and my favorite

    Okay, so those who know my collecting habits...Dick Porter is a focus. With only two main cards, it's limited to chase so I always look for oddballs, mis-cuts, etc. so why is this copy my favorite (out of roughly 60 copies of this card including a PSA 8)? The era handwriting on the back. Sure...
  6. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Bud Selig's legacy...should he accept a lifetime ban upon retirement?

    A lot of valid points here After A-Rod Ban, Time to Talk More Seriously About Commissioner Selig's Own Tarnished Legacy | Jonathan Weiler And a great time to pop this graphic up again...
  7. 200lbhockeyplayer

    10 Packs 2013 Bowman Jumbo AIC Pack-Out break...fears confirmed

    Short and sour. AUTOGRAPH Ronny Rodriguez base PARALLEL Jake Peavy Red Ice #/25 Josh Willingham Ice 7 misc. International parallels MINI CHROME 3 - d'Arnaud, Joseph, Hanson BUXTON and/or CORREA Base or Chrome Correa base Now please...move on.
  8. 200lbhockeyplayer

    ODDBALL - Ghost Lead Singer signed baseball - Papa Emeritus II

    With the second Ghost record being released yesterday, they had a small signing in a gallery in Hollywood in the midst of their "Haze Over North America" tour. While I had an signed, along with a lithograph...I had to get a baseball signed. Why not? It's the only baseball that the singer has...
  9. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Evil Dead - 2013

    As a slight fan of the horror/gore genre, this one intrigued me. Skeptical of the remake considering the cult status and campy feel of the first generation with Raimi and Bruce Campbell, once they were on board as producers...I felt pretty good about seeing it. Without giving anything away...it...
  10. 200lbhockeyplayer

    So, who's still waiting for 2013 Topps Silver Slate Redemption packs?

    These packs first started appearing in mail boxes a week and a half ago, so...who else is still waiting? Looks like the initial shipments were focused around the under 5 pack crowd, and I'm in line for 10. As a "small time" guy, I like the almost certainly unintentional advantage given to the...
  11. 200lbhockeyplayer

    6 Pack/Box 2013 Turkey Red 2 #/20 autos, a plate...3 x Fiers and 1 Archer

    My brain told me to sell...but my gut won and I opened them up. #/20 Jose Bautista autograph #/20 Josh Vitters autograph #/689 Chris Archer autograph 3x #/689 Mike Fiers autograph plus #/1 Andrew McCutchen printing plate As for the base cards, shockingly, out of 60 base cards...zero doubles. I...
  12. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Kicking It Old School - 1978 Donruss Stacy Peralta rookie card

    It's Friday and I'm going through some misc. boxes...1978 Donruss Skateboarding Stacy Peralta rookie card. The front of the "card" is a 70's skateboard sticker "I Thirst for Skateboarding." A couple years later this little Atlanta based company would kick out their first full baseball set...no...
  13. 200lbhockeyplayer

    2013 Topps Silver Slate Wrapper Redemption packs

    I saw that the wrappers for my household maximum of 10 packs were received today. In lieu of getting another house and therefore another 10 packs...what are the opinions on when the 10,000 packs run out from Topps? A week? Of note, the first postmark date allowed was Wednesday January 30, 2013.
  14. 200lbhockeyplayer

    "It's not fair..." by Craig Biggio

    "I think it's kind of unfair, but it's the reality of the era that we played in," he said. "Obviously some guys are guilty and others aren't, and it's painful for the ones that weren't." http://m.espn.go.com/mlb/story?storyId=8832348 Oh Craigers, but it is fair. You're all guilty. You (and...
  15. 200lbhockeyplayer

    FS FS - 337 Various 2012 Topps Chrome Parallels Lot Refractors, Puple, Camo, Orange, Pink, etc...

    I have the following lot available. Looking to move it in a single lot, in bulk, ideally to another set builder. I've tried to highlight some of the "bigger" cards in the large bulk sections (there are no Luck, Griffin, Richardson or Martin...but most other players are represented). Looking...
  16. 200lbhockeyplayer

    12 blasters of 2012 Topps Chrome

    Breakdown from 12 Blasters (6 each from two different Targets in Chicago) AUTOGRAPHS: - Lamar Miller - Ryan Broyles NOTABLE ROOKIES: - Robert Griffin III x 3 - Andrew Luck - Trent Richardson - Brandon Weeden - Justin Blackmon - Kendall Wright RED ZONE ROOKIES: - 6 Total - Andrew Luck x 2 QB...
  17. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Kickstarter project...full-feature film...a plea

    All, some friends of mine are on the final Kickstarter stretch to get this film backed. The $5,000 goal will help in the final editing/mixing process. My request? Simply check out the link on Kickstarter below. If you can help contribute, even $5, that would be great...
  18. 200lbhockeyplayer

    Dick Porter Holy Grail acquired...1934 Al Demaree R304

    Okay, it's not every day that I'll pay $400 for a for a tab where almost half of it is cut off...well...except for this. Basically, below the name, there was a folded over tab about the same size as the card itself. Even with the tab, these are really tough vintage issues and Dick Porter was...
  19. 200lbhockeyplayer

    FS/FT Large 2012 Topps Football lot FS/FT

    After building a couple sets, I'd like to move the rest of the singles, inserts, etc. The lot has not been picked over and it doesn't have a Griffin, it has a Luck and the rest of the "big" rookies - most with multiples. With standard Topps collation, I had to grab some singles from Sportlots...
  20. 200lbhockeyplayer

    An eBay update I'd love...RE: stars and feedback

    Ok, it's easy to see what type of feedback people have left, but you have to scroll through the list to see if they leave a lot of negatives, neutrals, etc. What I want is the same display that seller feedback has, but showing how the person leaves feedback and stars. Therefore, someone who...

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