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    WTB $500 for 1 HOF - 1 for the 'Vault'

    Looking to add a nice one to my PC. Looking to spend $300-$500 on a single. Looking for MLB or NFL. Names like Nolan Ryan, Griffey Jr, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays...Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Dan Marino. BGS, reprints, patch/autos, that sort of stuff. Rarer the better! On card autos only!
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    Can someone with Terapeak/Worthpoint help me out?

    I have 1 search I need, thats it. I will send a few bucks for your time! Please PM me, Id like to keep the card discreet if I can.
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    FS Selling my 90s Die Cuts- R Johnson - K Griffey Jr

    Few sold. There all as auctions. Hope leaving the link is ok. Any questions feel free to ask. http://m.ebay.com/sch/randomhereoh/m.html?_pgn=1&isRefine=true
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    FT '97 Bowman's Best Cuts Atomic REF Ken Griffey Jr PSA 10

    I have this Griffey for trade. Looking for MLB HOF or NFL stars/HOF. I also have these other sport available for trade
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    WTB WTB Mickey Mantle Auto

    Going to try this. $350ish for a Mantle authenticated auto. In NFL Elway/J.Brown/S.Young/Largent/Brady/
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    2001 Quantum Leaf All Millennium Materials

    I know these rarely pop up available for sale and I may have a chance to pick one up for my PC but still don't want to overpay...Guy is asking $400 for the Jim Brown. Think that's to high?
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    WTB Ken Griffey Jr 90s Rare Cards

    Thread updated and edited, looking again. Looking for a 90s Griffey die cuts. Up to $200 available. Looking for 1 card. Prefer ungraded. Die cuts and Mariners uni only. Thanks to spcollector and bcarlson33 for my first 2 Griffeys!
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    WTB Randy Moss/Ray Lewis/Steve Young/Tony Gonzalez

    Looking for jersey/patch on card autographs only. Please have a scan and a price in mind. PM if you like. Plenty of PayPal available.
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    WTB WTB $600 Available for 1 High End Card

    Looking for 1, possibly 2 cards around 350-600 range. Auto must be on card. Payment made with PayPal. Please have prices in mind. Feel free to PM. Here is some of what I'm looking for Walter Payton SP authentic /100 or Repint rc au Michael Jordan in bulls uniform Ted Williams certified auto...
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    LF/WTB Hall of Fame GU Jersey On Card Autographs

    Im looking to buy these HOF jersey on card autos, lower #d the better. Not interested in just on card autos unless their Reprint RC autos. Paying with Paypal. I am not interested in jersey sticker autos. Heres my current and growing wantlist, but may not be limited to...The top few names have...
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    LF Joe Montana and Steve Young High End

    Im looking to add a Joe Montana and/or Steve Young jersey on card auto to my collection, the lower numbered the better. If you have one available for sale please pm me. Ive actively been searching ebay for months now but I havent had any luck. Im hoping someone here might have a nice one...
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    WTB Montario Hardesty National Treasures RPA

    Looking to pick up Hardestys National Treasure RPA. Will also consider his 5 Stary jsy auto and Contenders. Just has to be in his Browns uniform. Please have a scan, and a price would help aswell. PMs get first looks. Looking forward to making a deal Thank you!
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    WTB Steve Young On Card Autograph

    Looking for a nice on card auto OR on card jersey/auto of Steve Young. Lower numbered the better. Paying with Paypal. Please leave a scan and a price. Thank you. Please PM ME
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    Need Some Help with a Ted Williams Auto

    Hey guys, I had a few questions about this card and knew FCB was the place to come for answers. I appreciate any input, Im not to big on baseball autos but when this card presented itself I couldnt help but be interested and was hoping you guys could educate me a bit before/if I pull the trigger...
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    WTB Bo Jackson and Joe Montana On Card Jersey Auto

    Looking to pick up a on card jersey auto of Bo Jackson and Joe Montana. Buying with paypal. Please PM me. Thank you
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    FT: 2000 Tom Brady Score Preview Rookie Auto

    Need $325sv in trade. Looking for Star/HOF QB autos in return. Im open to checking buckets. Although Im not in a rush to move this, it could be had if the deal is right. Thanks for reading.
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    Autos FT Ryan/Freeman/CJ/Charles + More

    Back to doing some trading, either 1for1 deals or trade up. Looking for some QB autos right now, but may not possibly be limited to them. So lmk what you like and Ill get back with you either in here or pm! http://s1080.photobucket.com/albums/j33 ... ball%20FT/ Thanks everybody Zack
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    Paypal for These Players Autos, List Inside

    I have $250 paypal to spend. Looking for 1-3 autos of these players in my range if I can. Post em up! Im also willing to just search buckets to see whats here Matt Cassel Josh Freeman Eli Manning Michael Vick Matt Stafford Mark Sanchez Steven Jackson Michael Turner Thanks Zack

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