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  1. pghbuccos

    My latest 2009 Stanley Cup Champs 8x10 autograph

    I was lucky enough to meet Pittsburgh Penguins forward Matt Cooke last night at the Pens Gear store at the South Side Works. Cooke was scheduled to sign from 6-7 PM but he was nice enough to start at 5:45 and I'm sure he went well after 7 because there were so many fans. Matt was fun to talk to...
  2. pghbuccos


    Even though the Stanley Cup Finals are still happening I wanted to get the Off-Season thread started. The off-season will start with the NHL Entry Draft on June 22nd and 23rd in Pittsburgh followed by Free Agent Period opening on July 1st. The players and owners need to agree on a new CBA as...
  3. pghbuccos

    A TTM return after 1,270 days

    when I checked my mailbox yesterday afternoon there was an envelope address to me by me and I thought that was odd because I hadn't sent out a TTM request in over a year. I looked at the postmark and saw it was from Buffalo, NY. I couldn't remember what or to whom I sent something to in Buffalo...
  4. pghbuccos


    the Regular Season has come to an end and now the best part of the season is about to begin... THE PLAYOFFS What is "The Hockey Talk Thread" and why do we need it if we have a Hockey Forum? Consider THTT much like the morning thread on the Baseball boards or the daily thread on the Football...
  5. pghbuccos

    Official Hockey Pickup Thread - March 2012

    I haven't been adding much to my MAF collection recently but I couldn't pass up this beauty... I also won this for my Dave Reid player collection... 1996-97 Pinnacle Summit Artist's Proof
  6. pghbuccos

    ~~~~~The Sunday Morning Thread~~~~~

    Good Morning!! anyone have plans for this last Sunday in January?
  7. pghbuccos

    Canada and US National Hockey Card Day IS TODAY 02.11.2012

    National Hockey Card Day is February 11, 2012 and will take place in Canada and the US this year... http://www.beckett.com/news/2011/12/upper-decks-national-hockey-card-day-is-coming-to-america/
  8. pghbuccos

    -----The New Year's Eve Morning Thread-----

    Good Morning!! I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year's Eve. anyone have any big plans for tonight?
  9. pghbuccos

    - yet another BIG THANK YOU to mstng99tim thread!!!!! -

    last Wednesday Penguins radio announcer Mike Lange was signing autographs at the newly opened Pens Gear store to promote his just released poster. the poster features all of his Lange-isms. I was unable to make it to the signing but Tim was kind enough to pick up a poster for me and have Lange...
  10. pghbuccos

    My "The Great One" mailday

    I have always wanted to own a Wayne Greztky autograph and today my wish came true. I purchased this beautiful 8x10 auto'ed picture from FCB'er Pinbreaker and Kevin was nice enough to allow me to make payments so I could afford to finally own one. the pic is of Gretzky scoring his record breaking...
  11. pghbuccos

    HUGE THANKS TO mstng99tim!!!

    last Friday Tim mstng99tim PM'ed me about a signing that was taking place at a local mall. I was unable to attend the signing but Tim was nice enough to offer to get me Chris Kunitz's auto on an 8x10 of him hoisting the Stanley Cup for my 2009 Penguins Stanley Cup Champions 8x10 collection. Tim...
  12. pghbuccos

    Official Hockey Pickup Thread - October 2011

    I haven't picked up any new MAF's in a while but I did win this today...
  13. pghbuccos

    My Roy Face Player Collection

    I started a Roy Face player collection last month when I decided to add more Pirates Vintage cards to my collection. Face was my grandfather's favorite Pirate and he would always tell me how great Roy was and I guess that has stuck with me through the years. so I figured why not start a player...
  14. pghbuccos

    2011-12 Penguins ticket collection

    just like I have for the last few seasons I am going to post pics of my tickets from this season's Penguin games that I attend. also just like in the past I will send a few TTM to the players featured on the ticket and will post them when/if they are returned. here are the links to my past...
  15. pghbuccos

    ~~~ HOCKEY TALK THREAD 2011-12 SEASON ~~~

    What is "The Hockey Talk Thread" and why do we need it if we have a Hockey Forum? Consider THTT much like the morning thread on the Baseball boards or the daily thread on the Football boards. It is a thread for us Hockey members to talk about anything Hockey that is on our minds that might not...
  16. pghbuccos

    2011 Pirates Field Day

    today I attended 2011 Pirates Field Day at PNC Park. we got to field popups in right field, take 10 pitches off a machine and play catch in left field. oh yeah and there was free lunch. Grant Jackson ('79 Pirates) was there as well and I had a great time talking to him. I went to high school...
  17. pghbuccos

    Hockey 101 - always skate with your head up

  18. pghbuccos

    HUGE thank you to carlitoson

    last week I made a thread to showoff my Pirates collection and Carl carlitoson sent me a PM asking if I needed the 1993 Topps Inaugural Rockies Pirates team set. I responded by stating that I did need the set and what he needed in return. he said he just needed my address. so of course I thanked...
  19. pghbuccos

    My Pirates Collection

    I have accumulated a rather large Pirates collection over the years including cards, tickets, books, bobble heads and many other items. so I decided to make this thread to share them with the board. each new post will feature a specific theme whether it's a player, team set, Vintage cards...
  20. pghbuccos

    Preview: 2011-12 Certified

    Panini posted their preview for 2011-12 Certified on their blog the Knight's Lance... Panini Peek: 2011-12 Certified Hockey some pics from the preview... Common Totally Certified Black Stars of the NHL Die-Cuts Certified Gold Team Autographs Freshman Fabrics Signatures Prime Big Pulls

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