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  1. Therion

    That Time I Accidentally Cornered The Market On A Card

    I have very eclectic collecting habits. Other than my Astros autograph collection (only 19 away from the all-time team!) most of my personal collection is so specific that I do not end up with a lot of competition. The single exception to this is my Marwin Gonzalez collection. While I do not...
  2. Therion

    All Star Game Thread

    Sitting back and watching it with my four year old. He was super excited that George Springer got a hit already.
  3. Therion

    The HR Derby

    This is, without exception, the best HR Derby I have ever watched.
  4. Therion

    New Astros A to Z Article: The Ken Ramos Tragedy

    I have a new article up on Astros A to Z. I write articles to examine the careers and lives of Astros players. I tend to focus on the guys that we don't often think about. I would love feedback positive or negative! Here is a link to the article. I have also put the entire article here. If...
  5. Therion

    Is Topps Lying About Print Runs For Topps Now?

    This popped up on SCN, and since you have to be subscribed to read it, I wanted FCB's thoughts on this. I sent Topps a message about it, but doubt I'll get a response. Anyone with better connections there want to give it a shot? For baseball cards, it would be very difficult to find out if...
  6. Therion

    The Best Collection Websites

    I have been grappling with the reality that AstrosAtoZ.com is a little boring and am looking for some inspiration about how I could change it up to be more engaging from both the displaying of my collection and showing off the article and interviews I have written. So what are some collection...
  7. Therion

    The Best Autograph In My Collection

    Every Veteran's Day I start to think about my family and how much they have sacrificed for this country. Both of my grandfathers fought in WWII, one for the US and one for Canada. This was my grandfather that fought for what would become the USAF during WWII. He passed away when my father...
  8. Therion

    My First Redemption (FedEx Is Crazy Inefficient)

    I traded an extra Altuve RC for a redemption card that was a GU/Autograph of some Dodgers rookie pitcher. I made the trade to help out an Astros fan that didn't want to pay that much money for a base card and, for me, trading a base card for an autograph is something I will do all day long. So...
  9. Therion

    FS Trying To Fund A Trip To The World Series. Autographs. Astros Lots. My Left Arm.

    World Series tickets are out of my reach with a two-year old. Standing Room Only is selling for $1000. Lord have mercy. But I'm not giving up hope. If you're interested in anything here, drop me a PM. Prices below each picture. Shipping is extra and depends on number of cards wanted. Very...
  10. Therion

    Therion's All Time Astros Autograph Collection (929 Reached!! 18 To Go!)

    Total unique Astros autographs: 929 Players Still Needed: 18 List of Needs: Brandon Bailey Dusty Baker Joe Biagini Humberto Castellanos Jay Dahl Chase De Jong Luis Garcia Dustin Garneau Zach Greinke Wade Miley Ryan Pressly Brooks Raley Nivaldo Rodriguez Carlos Sanabria Andre Scrubb Joe Smith...
  11. Therion

    Topps Series II Dead?

    I mostly buy singles on eBay and very little Series II has hit for my guy, Marwin Gonzalez. Is anyone else seeing a lack of their guy or has Marwin just avoided the breakers so far?
  12. Therion

    My Wife Is Incredible, An Astros A To Z Milestone!

    My wife got me an incredible Father's Day gift. While there are a lot of rare autographs on here, there is one in particular that mattered for my collection. Pidge Browne, pronounced "Brownie", has been the #2 name on my want list for at least a decade. He was not on the team represented...
  13. Therion

    I Need Your Vote! It Takes Seconds.

    It's a silly Twitter contest, but it helps me get exposure. I've tried to resurrect FCB Twitter, so help me keep life in my personal Twitter. Vote for AstrosAtoZ, please!!
  14. Therion

    Want A Free Armando Galarraga Auto? Easy Twitter Contest

    I'm doing a super easy Twitter contest for this card: This is a custom card of Armando Galarraga, the stolen perfect game pitcher. To win just tag @AstrosAtoZ and post a picture of your favorite autograph from AstrosAtoZ.com. This must be done on Twitter. I will put your name in Random.org...
  15. Therion

    PayPal Reverted My Shipping Address (Can I Do Anything?)

    I made a trade with a member here and paid through PayPal. Having moved quite a while ago and making several purchases since moving, I just sent them money without a second thought. I went to check the tracking info and it had been delivered to my old address is Houston. I log into PayPal and...
  16. Therion

    Is Anyone Else Excited About The WBC?

    Or is it just me? Go Team Canada!
  17. Therion

    An Interview With The Man That Started The Most Epic Fight In Astros History

    Xavier Hernandez! Link to the Interview I'd love your thoughts/feedback! If you're interested in faster updates when I get new interviews, follow me on Twitter @astrosatoz
  18. Therion

    Astros Sign Carlos Beltran

    As an Astros fan that has booed Beltran since he turned his back on us in 2005, I can't decide how I feel about this. Talk me off the cliff.
  19. Therion

    Texas Rangers Prospects Raping Teammates?

    And people ask why I cheer for the Astros. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2677469-rangers-prospects-reportedly-questioned-for-alleged-sexual-hazing-of-teammate
  20. Therion

    Beckett Acquires Zistle

    For me, this seems like a very bad thing. The e-mail asked if I have ever tried Beckett Organize. So all of the time I spent putting my cards into Zistle, I am assuming, is about to go down the toilet.

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