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  1. Musial Collector

    One card mail day....First in over 5 years

    Not technically a mail day, it was a local purchase. I use to have a killer Michael Cuddyer card collection, however I sold out of my card collection 5+ years ago and focused on full game used items. A local shop guy posted this on his Facebook today that he would be auctioning it off at his...
  2. Musial Collector

    If you purchased anything from the baseball hall of fame website read attached link

    A heads up to anyone that has purchased from the baseball hall of fame website only https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/national-baseball-hall-of-fame-hit-by-payment-card-stealing-attack/
  3. Musial Collector

    3 weeks from today.........

    ........is the 10 anniversary of FCB!!! What does Mr Gilmore have in store for a site party? :-)
  4. Musial Collector

    Any gamblers/risk takers out there?

    Helping a buddy out here. He has 2 Hobby boxes of 2009 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects that he got on consignment along with a ton of other stuff but these are the cream of the crop. Completes on eBay are $1500 (was blown away at prices), to stay off the problems eBay can bring, any interest...
  5. Musial Collector

    Twinsfest 2017

    Anyone going this year? Greg Cleveland TGutta clarkzac hrbek14 UMich92 devin
  6. Musial Collector

    The Gift..........

    ..........if you havent seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go, its a very good movie. No spoilers here, but there is a (think the Pitt/Freeman movie Seven) "ah ha" moment that makes seeing it the first time without knowing that "ah ha" moment oh so much better. Others that have seen it...
  7. Musial Collector

    The National is a week away..........

    ...........I tried the wonderful search function and could not find a thread. Anyone going? Im thinking of making the 6 hour drive next Thursday to get my final two Miracle on Ice guys on pucks and then heading home :lol:
  8. Musial Collector

    Bracket / Spreadsheet Help

    Im attempting to design for work, a 10 team bracket (head to head competition) for 6 games, therefore there each game would have 1 bye scheduled. Each team would play each game once, never having to play the same team twice (playing 5 of the other 9 teams, not playing 4 of the 9 teams, doesnt...
  9. Musial Collector

    worthpoint or terapeak help please

    I recently gave up my worthpoint subscription and now I need some assistance if anyone with an account is willing. I need to know historical prices on any 2014 triple thread Jumbo sleeve triple fold out patches, the all star logo ones. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Musial Collector

    1933 Goudey Babe Ruth #181 - Opinions Welcomed

    Tonight I will be attending an auction that has the attached card up for sale. Last night I went to the preview and took the attached pictures. I believe the card to be 100% authentic, but rarely ever dabble in vintage. Just looking for some opinions on the card. (NOTE: I will ask to open the...
  11. Musial Collector

    HUGE Astros collection for sale...

    ...saw a thread on Nesheks, heres the link to the site with cards for sale http://www.astroland.net/forsale.php
  12. Musial Collector

    Need to "root" my Samsung S4

    I effed up and deleted an internal memory file that had a shat ton of pics on it. From what I can find, I need to "root" my phone to be able to use a specific app to hopefully recover those files. Again from what I can find, Towelroot is the way to go to root the phone. Does that sound right...
  13. Musial Collector

    Happy Halloween....post your costume pictures

    Me and a buddy at work today, Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne (me)
  14. Musial Collector

    New York City residents......

    ...leaving for NYC tomorrow for 3 days. Been to NYC 7x, so I have done the touristy stuff enough. I know NYC (meaning manhattan) pretty well, so give me some off the beaten path stops, sites, bars, restaurants, shops, etc that only a local would know, keeping it too manhattan, brooklyn and bronx...
  15. Musial Collector

    And there is the final nail being pounded into Roger Goodell's coffin

  16. Musial Collector

    FS Anyone interested in Bowman 2006 Chrome, Paper and Gold Sets?

    I have complete sets of 2006 Bowman Chrome, Paper and Gold sets for (FG) Futures Game, (DP) Draft Picks and (DPP) Prospects. FG is 3 sets of 45, so 135 cards total Here is the checklist: FG1 Nick Adenhart FG2 Joel Guzman FG3 Ryan Braun FG4 Carlos Carrasco FG5 Neil Walker FG6 Pablo Sandoval FG7...
  17. Musial Collector

    Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie Card Giveaway

    Going thru some stuff today and found my KGJ UD RCs I pulled as a kid. Keeping two and giving this one away as I've seen in multiple threads how people want one and don't have one so here's your chance to get one for free. Simple rules: 1) you must not already own one. I know there is no way...
  18. Musial Collector

    All Star Fan Fest Charlie Brown Card

    I have 2 dozen of these from fan fest. If anyone wants a copy just pm me your addy and I will send you one in a pwe for free.
  19. Musial Collector

    Going to the Live Hunt Auctions Auction Tomorrow

    Been to live auctions before, but nothing of this caliber. Went down to Fan Fest on Friday and checked out the stuff in the cases, some seriously amazing items. If you havent checked things out, go to huntauctions.com before 10 PM ET tonight to get your bids in for the internet portion of the...
  20. Musial Collector

    FS Joe Mauer Game Used Bat - Autoed, PSA Cert, IronClad Cert, Mauer Cert

    Here is an amazing Joe Mauer Game Used signed bat from the 2012 season. This bat is dual certified by Joe Mauer thru IronClad and by PSA/DNA. The bat is almost 100% perfect game used shape (there is a hairline crack in the handle that is barely visible). Outside of that, the bat shows great...

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