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  1. PadresFan86

    Card sleeves for really thick cards?

    Where can I find them? The biggest I've been able to find are for 130pt cards.
  2. PadresFan86

    San Diego Padres Official Thread

    I figure this could be a thread to post anything Padres related including pick ups, news, trade talk or anything else. I stepped away from collecting for a while but I have picked up a few cards within the last few months and hope to be more active on the boards again. Here are some of the...
  3. PadresFan86

    Angry Twins Fan Flips Off Kid For Not Throwing Back David Ortiz Home Run Ball

    http://thebiglead.com/2014/05/15/angry-twins-fan-flips-off-kid-for-not-throwing-back-david-ortiz-home-run-ball/ "David Ortiz hit his 441st and 442nd career home run Wednesday at Target Field in Minneapolis. One of them wound up in the hands of a young fan. For some reason an adult woman (with...
  4. PadresFan86

    Game Used Bats

    How do you really know they're game used? Where do people usually get them? How do I know someone just didn't get a team/player issued one and smacked a couple balls with it to make it appear as game used? Any tips for collectors like me? What should I be looking for? I recently bought this...
  5. PadresFan86

    2014 Topps Museum Box Break

  6. PadresFan86

    Flair Legacy Masterpiece (Fleer Bankruptcy)

    Anybody have information on these? No serial number
  7. PadresFan86

    WTB Padres Patch & Auto Cards

    Not looking for anything in particular, just whatever catches my eye.
  8. PadresFan86


    Just happy to be back on here so thought I'd create a contest :grin: Just name my top ten favorite Padres all time. Whoever guesses the most of the top 10 will win the card. If it's a tie, the person who guessed the most correctly first will win. Remember, I was a 90's kid and loved some of the...
  9. PadresFan86

    FS Selling Tony Gwynn Autograph and Game Used cards

    100 obo for each since we must have a price on these. Shoot me a reasonable offer. 10 dollar minimum. Can post scans upon request. ***I will be out of town on vacation starting 04-11-2013 through 04-15-2013*** Auto cards 1997 Bowman’s Best Autographs #29 Tony Gwynn AU 1997 Donruss Signature...
  10. PadresFan86

    Penny sleeves for 5x7 cards

    I see that they're are toploaders for 5x7 cards but what about penny sleeves? Do you guys just put the 5x7 cards in the bigger toploaders without a penny sleeve?
  11. PadresFan86

    Anybody want to buy an a$$?

    Yasmani Grandal 2009 UD Signature Stars USA Letterman Auto Patch RC 100 Padres | eBay
  12. PadresFan86

    OCD in collecting

    Anybody real anal or ocd about your collection? I put all my PC cards in new penny sleeves and toploaders even if the ones they arrived in seem clean as hell.
  13. PadresFan86

    WTB Multi Color Patch Cards - $10 shipped or less

    Any player? $10.00 shipped or less. Please no commemorative patch cards. Sent from my HUAWEI-M920 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  14. PadresFan86

    OFFICIAL Recent Pick Up Thread

    I see "recent pick up" threads come and go. I thought I'd make an "official thread" for recent pick ups because I'm always very curious to see everybody's new additions. Maybe this can also be a thread where collectors can show off their new pick ups that don't quite fit into the more popular...
  15. PadresFan86

    What is your monthly card buying budget?

    I try to limit myself to $200.00 a month. I'm curious to see what every one else spends. Sent from my HUAWEI-M920 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  16. PadresFan86

    COMC card prices

    Does it seem like cards on COMC are way over priced??? It appears that most of the cards on there are listed for 10 times what they go for on Ebay.
  17. PadresFan86

    Andruw Jones arrested

    I thought he couldn't hit anymore? :D Andruw Jones arrested after domestic dispute - MLB - SI.com "DULUTH, Ga. (AP) -- Former Atlanta Braves star center fielder Andruw Jones was free on bond after being arrested in suburban Atlanta early Tuesday on a battery charge, according to jail...
  18. PadresFan86

    2012 Leaf Memories print runs

    Does every player who has a card numbered to /20 also have cards with different print runs like /5 and /1? Sent from my HUAWEI-M920 using Sports Cards by Freedom Card Board.com
  19. PadresFan86

    Ebay bucks?

    Whats this about? I noticed this on one of my purchases but never signed up for bill me later? Bucks Bonus Summary Tony Gwynn 2010 Topps Sterlin... Base earn $0.20 Bonus Offer! : Extra $10 eBay Bucks w/ BillMeLater on 1st purchase + 1% ALL MONTH $10.00 Bonus Offer! : EXTRA 1% in eBay...