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    FS lots - Lucas Sims / Adam Walker / Cole Hamels / Ken Griffey / Jose Fernandez

    Have the following lots for sale. Would also consider trading for Manny Machado, Eric Hosmer, Starling Marte, Cliff Frazier, and Byron Buxton. Lucas Sims 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft lot - 2 base autos / 2 refractor autos - $100 dlvd Adam Walker 2013 Bowman Chrome lot - base auto / refractor...
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    WTB /WTTF 2013 Rookies & Stars Crusades

    Looking to find a few more of the Crusades. Still need these: - 2013 R&S Crusade inserts - need 3 5 8 10 - 2013 R&S Rookie Crusade inserts - need 2 3 4 8 10 13 14 15 17 19 22 27 28 29 31 Have lots of football/baseball to trade, so let me know what you're looking for in return.
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    FS Spring cleaning - Hicks, Joseph, Stanton, Ozuna

    Looking to sell the following cards - prices are pretty firm and are delivered. Aaron Hicks lot - 2011 Bowman Chrome auto / blue refractor #d 091/150 - $32 Tommy Joseph lot - 2012 Bowman auto x2 - $24 Mike Stanton - 2010 Topps Chrome BGS 9/10 auto - subs 9.5 9.5 9.5 8.5 - $55 Mike...
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    Nice start to a HOF auto collection

    Already saw a couple of decent boxes of 2013 Topps Heritage opened at the store tonight (purple refractor hot box and gvsu's box with a black ref and Trout action SP), but got a Frank Robinson Real One auto out of about 15 packs or so. Grabbed another 6 packs when I left to open at home, and...
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    recent BGS returns - Topps Chrome is a tough grade indeed

    Well, after my 9.5/9.5/10/9.5 Richardson prism refractor, I bought up a few more prisms, as well as a couple of Lucks that I thought had a chance at a decent grade. Mixed results for sure. The all-9.5 Luck is sure nice, but I can't understand how the second one got an 8.5 on surface. Same...
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    WTB /WTTF: Mike Minor / Brandon Belt / Todd Frazier

    Looking to pick up a few cards. Mainly interested in: Mike Minor - 2009/2011 Bowman Chrome, 2011 Topps Chrome, 2011 Finest, possibly other stuff as well Brandon Belt - 2011 Bowman Chrome, 2011/12 Topps Chrome, 2011 Finest Todd Frazier - 2007 Bowman Chrome, 2012 Triple Threads If you have any...
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    FS/FT Mariners - autos, jerseys, parallels - Felix, Griffey, Ichiro plus others

    Have the following Mariners cards for sale. Autos/jerseys listed first, then some lesser inserts/parallels, and last are some older Griffey/Ichiro cards. Shipping is free for anything over $20 - negotiable otherwise depending on number of cards. Hernandez, Felix (SEA) 2009 Topps Series 1...
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    FT Looking for Stephen Hill -- 2011/12 Topps Chrome/#d/parallels/inserts to trade

    Looking to trade for Stephen Hill (Jets uniform only) I need. For Topps Chrome, I think I just need the camo and the sepia/lower plus refractor parallels of the inserts. Mostly need other parallels as I have most of the base cards (Strata, Prime, Platinum, etc.). Also interested in Packers...
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    FS/FT 2012 Topps Chrome + other 2011/12 - looking for Calvin Johnson, Stephen Hill, Felix Jones

    Have the following for trade. Also have base for Rookies & Stars, Longevity, Gridiron, and a few other sets if anyone needs any. Looking for Calvin Johnson, Stephen Hill, Felix Jones, LaMichael James, or current Packers. Will also trade baseball for cards I need. Egnew, Michael (MIA) 2012 Topps...
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    2 Topps Chrome hobby boxes and 2 rack packs

    Disappointed in the centering on my 2 RG3 cards - did not pull any Lucks - the Richardson prism looks beautiful to me. Here's the rest of the non-base: Austin, Miles (DAL) 2012 Topps Chrome 14 refractor Miller, Von (DEN) 2012 Topps Chrome 22 refractor Benjamin, Travis (CLV) 2012 Topps Chrome...
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    2012 Bowman Chrome 2-box break

    Broke two boxes - did get an extra auto, but was disappointed at the lack of color, which always seems to be my luck with Bowman Chrome. However, I can't complain it seems - I'd normally sit on the autos, but I'll have to sell at prices as they stand now. autos: Christian Villanueva ref...
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    FS/FT autos, relics, patches

    Trying to clear out a number of cards. The cheaper cards are listed first ($1-$5 plus shipping), and then the remaining cards are listed with dlvd price. Most should be scanned in my picasa pages, but that might not be true for the relics. If you need scans, let me know. In trade, would...
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    FS Reds cards - Phillips button / Chapman blue ref BGS 9.5

    Have these 2 for sale. $50 dlvd each. Brandon Phillips button card #d 5/5 - 2008 UD Ballpark Aroldis Chapman blue ref #d 015/150 - 2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects - subgrades 9.5 9.5 9.5 9
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    WTB 2012 Topps Chrome - buy or trade

    1 (Lincecum) - black refractor, sepia refractor, gold refractor+ SP variation 10 (Upton) - orange refractor, purple refractor, sepia refraactor, gold refractor 12 (Heyward) - orange refractor, purple refractor, blue refractor, sepia refractor, gold refractor 24 (Posey) - orange refractor, purple...
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    FS Joc Pederson autos FS

    Have these for sale: base auto - $9 dlvd blue ref auto - $40 dlvd
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    2 boxes 2012 Topps Chrome - great boxes

    Really shattered the odds on these - you should really only be getting about 1 colored refractor per box, but fortunately I did much better. Cards of guys I collect, big names, very pleased except for an O/C Harper with a soft corner. The centering could be better on these, but my Bauer looks...
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    WTB 2010 Bowman Jason Heyward autos

    Looking for raw or graded chrome autos from 2010 Bowman. Will buy or trade - my picasa is pretty much up to date. Please let me know if you have any you're looking to move.
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    First BGS order - slab damaged

    Got my first order back this week, and the slab on the Jungmann was damaged on the lower left corner, including some small pieces breaking off. Two others also have a crack in the same corner. I couldn't find anything on the Beckett site about sending them to be reslabbed - is that possible...
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    2 box Bowman Draft break red refractor

    2 boxes that yielded no Bradley/Jungmann chromes unfortunately. Nor anything else of interest except a Bauer refractor and this one: I will probably be heading to ebay with it unless I get a decent offer here. Also got these 2 autos. I generally try to be a nice person when I can, but I...
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    2011 Bowman Chrome - 1 box

    Pretty solid box I think. Obviously disappointed with no color, but could be worse. autos - Swagerty, Marte future die-cuts - Harper, Sale, Turner (refractor) 2001 BC throwbacks - Ackley, DeShields Bowman's Best - Banuelos, Mesoraco refractors - Jeter, Ichiro, K.Suzuki, Dunn, Hunter, prospect...

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