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  1. olerud363

    Cringe-worthy or Refreshing?

    Every year Tim Horton's and Upper Deck put out hockey cards. Of course there are deep-pocketed adults who scoop up as many packs as they can and resell their spoils on ebay, but the packs I usually buy go to my 8-year-old son. His cards generally end up this way, brought to school and hockey...
  2. olerud363

    G/U Jersey Additions

    This weekend I was lucky to add these to my game-used jersey collection of my favorite player (my son!). Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  3. olerud363

    Topps Skate card trade app

    I wondered if and when this was coming. Living in Canada and growing up with hockey, this is something I can definitely get into to fill the baseball off-season void. (I tried to get into Huddle, but I'm just not interested in football.) Hope I have enough free space on my phone to download...
  4. olerud363

    2015 Topps Archives Signature Series checklist

    Topps has issued a checklist of which players are included in the set, but as many people of mentioned it's quite a pain trying to keep track of which cards each player has, and how many copies of each there are. I thought it would be helpful if anybody who has been cataloguing cards for their...
  5. olerud363

    Anyone heading to the Toronto Expo May 1-3?

    This is the semi-annual show, kind of Canada's version of the National. Lots of hockey but sometimes some deals to be found on baseball, especially unopened boxes. I haven't gone in years but might check it out and wondered if any FCB'ers are going.
  6. olerud363

    2015 Topps Dynasty Bryant Patch Preview

    Didn't this posted here yet but Topps put this up on Facebook earlier this evening. To me it looks almost too good, almost faked.
  7. olerud363

    2015 Topps A&G

    Just noticed a Facebook post from Topps featuring 2015 Allen &Ginter. I haven't seen any posts here yet on the set. Cardboard Connection also posted a write-up yesterday with some pictures. Lots of buybacks! http://www.cardboardconnection.com/2015-topps-allen-ginter-baseball-cards Some pics...
  8. olerud363

    Top 2015 ROY Candidates

    I'm not a prospector but I'm surprised there are so many Blue Jays on the list. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/106410196/jonathan-mayo-top-rookie-of-the-year-candidates-for-2015
  9. olerud363

    Nice discussion about cards, Topps, & Sy Berger

    Thought I'd share a nice segment from a local sports radio station (FAN590) broadcast from yesterday. The host is Bob McCown, the co-host is Ken Reid (himself a hockey and baseball card collector), and the guest on the phone is Marty Appel, former public relations director for the Yankees. They...
  10. olerud363

    COMC now offering auctions

    http://blog.comc.com/2014/12/12/auctions-specials/ I didn't notice when this started, but it's apparently in the initial testing phase. Gotta hand it to COMC for trying to improve. Could this offer a real alternative to ebay? It eliminates a lot of headache for both buyers and sellers in that...
  11. olerud363

    Today in Blue Jays history.

    Just realized after reading it on Twitter that today marks the 24th anniversary of probably the most important trade in Blue Jays history. On December 5, 1990 Toronto sent Fred McGriff and Tony Fernandez to San Diego in exchange for Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. If memory serves, neither...
  12. olerud363

    What Black Friday deals will you be looking for?

    A remember a few years ago, when the Cdn dollar was worth more than the US dollar, my wife, her brother, and his wife drove to Buffalo and spent the night in their car outside a mall because my brother-in-law wanted a certain GPS. Myself, I hate crowds and shopping frenzies so any retail...
  13. olerud363

    Hoarding vs Collecting

    A few weeks ago I jokingly mentioned in the MT that the hospital that I work at was having a lecture on hoarding disorders. It was hosted by mental health experts at the hospital, and took a serious look at hoarding disorders. I figured I'd post some of the differences between collectors and...
  14. olerud363

    New rules being tried in AFL to shorten games

    Just read an article in today's Toronto Star about some new rules being tried in the Arizona Fall League to help quicken the pace of baseball games. A couple I like, a couple a can see being problematic. 1. Hitters must keep one foot in the batter's box at all times. There are a few exceptions...
  15. olerud363

    My Ebay ID no longer exists?

    When I tried to check Ebay this evening it told me my login information was incorrect. I tried using the "I forgot my password" feature and it told me that neither my email address nor my user id (olerud363) were registered with Ebay. I'm trying to contact their customer service, but it seems...
  16. olerud363

    Art Revolution Cards

    A new batch of Art Revolution cards is currently up on ebay; previously some were listed in the Spring. I think the seller is the same as last time too. Here's a link to the Olerud, which also shows some others. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=121438392212&alt=web I find it...
  17. olerud363

    2004 Topps Traded checklist puzzle

    Can anyone direct me to pictures of the cards in the checklist puzzle from 2004 Topps Traded? I've done Google searches, and checked COMC and Zistle, but there aren't many scans out there. I'd like to see which puzzle cards picture the two Oleruds (#581 & #698 ) from the set. Might add them to...
  18. olerud363

    ALS Bucket Challenge Co-Founder Dies

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/als-ice-bucket-challenge-cofounder-corey-griffin-drowns-aged-27-9681129.html Since this came up in Wednesday's MT I thought it was timely. Don't know if this is real or a hoax, but he reportedly drowned on August 16. Ironic, considering the bucket...
  19. olerud363

    When an iconic player returns to play his former team. Mark Buehrle

    Mark Buehrle started for the Blue Jays in Chicago against the White Sox this evening and received a really nice ovation from the fans when he was announced, as well as when he left the game. It was commented on several times what a franchise guy he is/was - perfect game, World Series, 12-year...
  20. olerud363

    Help needed on this Dynasty Baseball Game card

    I recently bought a lot from RStadlerASU22 (thanks again Ryan!) that included 17 different John Olerud baseball simulation game cards from the 1990's and early 2000's. This one has me stumped as to exactly when it was produced. The copyright says "Dynasty Baseball League 1993", but the stats on...

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