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  1. Russ S.

    FS FS: Quick Sale... Rendon, Delmonico, Harvey, Fernandez, Russell, Miller, Almonte, McCullers

    Looking for some quick Paypal. All Prices are PP Gift. Fast Secure Shipping w/ Tracking. Immediate Payment required. Nicky Delmonico ($95 Lot Deal) 2011 Leaf Valiant Player Edition SP $5 Green Auto $8 Blue Auto /99 $12 Orange Auto /25 $20 Purple Auto /25 $20 2011 Leaf Draft Purple Auto /25...
  2. Russ S.

    2013 Topps Chrome Manny Machado Auto's Shipping.

    My Blue Refractor Auto /199 Arrived today via Fed-Ex.
  3. Russ S.

    FS Brian Roberts... Any Yanks Fans looking??

    Have a TON of Roberts Cards. Way too many to list unless i get some interest here. RC's, Auto, Patches, Logos, you name it.
  4. Russ S.

    FS/FT Uncut Sheet... Any Value here??

    1984 Topps Nestle
  5. Russ S.

    Why can't MLB look like this??

    Was just hit down the road at the Blowout Store (Posted on their FB page) What a great looking card. WHY CAN'T Baseball CARDS look this good. Clean look, on card auto, well thought out card.
  6. Russ S.


    Just tied O's Franchise record with his MLB leading 50th HR. What an amazing year Chris is having. Amazing offensive numbers and INCREDIBLE defense at 1st. And he's a class act to boot. Thrilled for him. Video: [email protected]: Davis belts his 50th home run of the season | MLB.com
  7. Russ S.

    When prospects get traded... grrrrr.

    I think i'm done with this prospecting "game". I always pick 2 prospects every year the O's draft and start early and usual go hard on anything and everything i can get. So the past months 4 of my guys have gotten traded. Booooooo. Jake Arrieta, Nick Delmonico, LJ Hoes, and Xavier Avery. So...
  8. Russ S.

    MODS... Check PM's... Trouble a brewing... ScHmIdTy24

    Spamming via PM's.
  9. Russ S.

    CAVALIERCARDS... Shill Much??

    http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBids&_trksid=p2047675.l2565&rt=nc&item=370873818295 30-Day Summary Total bids: 81 Items bid on: 32 Bid activity (%) with this seller: 45% Bid retractions: 36 Bid retractions (6 months): 36
  10. Russ S.

    2 Box 2013 Topps A&G - AIC

    Thanks Andrew for the quick shipping and great prices as always. I didn't knock it out of the park, no rips unfortunately, but I did beat the odds with 2 autos! Barely any dups, so that's a plus too!! Box 1 Billingsley Mini Framed Jersey Beltre Mini Framed Jersey Alex Cobb Mini Framed Auto...
  11. Russ S.

    2013 Bowman Platinum... SURE Beat the Odds!!

    Had to run to the PX to pick up a BB card for our niece. Decided to take a shot at some Bowman Platinum. Picked up one Blaster Box and 2 Blister Packs. Blister #1 Puig Base, Taveras Purple Blister #2 Puig Top Prospect Sano Green Refractor Auto /399 :) Blaster Box Jeter Cutting Edge...
  12. Russ S.

    FS Nicky Delmonico & Jake Arrieta... Anyone Buying??

    Have tons to move.
  13. Russ S.

    Price Guide Check needed.......

    Anyone with an Online Price guide subscription that could do me a solid and look up a single card for me?
  14. Russ S.

    Manny Machado hits career HR 1 & 2!!!

    First ML HR in only his second game. He's now 3-6 in his first 2 games. HR, Triple, Single. Who needs AAA? :p Love it!!
  15. Russ S.


    DYLAN BUNDY Auto Lot ... PRICE LOWERED TODAY ONLY. $560 PP Gift for the lot Bundy BC Auto BGS 9.5/10 Bundy BC Ref. Auto BGS 9.5/10 Bundy BC Ref. Auto (NEEDS to be subbed) Bundy AFLAC Auto PSA 9
  16. Russ S.

    Trout, Harper win May rookie awards

    http://sports.yahoo.com/news/trout-harper-win-may-rookie-185011973--mlb.html;_ylt=AvBPDDs94rLPrI9SJ2RmzdiFCLcF Outfielders Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels and Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals were named American League and National League rookies of the month, Major League Baseball...
  17. Russ S.

    Nick Markakis to have wrist surgery. Out 3-4 weeks.

  18. Russ S.

    Anyone open Sportkings? Wanted: Dean Karnazes

    Anyone open any 2011 Sportkings 'E' Series? Looking for Dean Karnazes that I need.
  19. Russ S.

    What I HATE about Ebay the most!!

    (Other than ridiculously high fees) Sorry, it's not possible to leave feedback for this transaction. Feedback has been disabled because payment was not recorded. ^ SUCH an idiotic thing right there! Wonder why the sellers would ever want to leave feedback. Oh yeah, because payment WASN'T...

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