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  1. WolverineFootball

    WTB Looking to Buy Hunter Green

    Looking for Chrome autos. Will buy base autos, but would be in seller's best interest if it's multiple cards (to alleviate shipping cost). Please let me know what you have...trades are available for higher end cards if need be.
  2. WolverineFootball

    FS 2 Lots: Spangenberg/Panik BGS Autos, Castro/Rizzo Chrome Autos

    Just need to clear some stuff out...Spangs is a Ref, Panik is not. $50 for both, or $30 a piece. Prices are firm, dlvd, and paypal goods.:)! LOT #1 Adding these too so I don't have to do another thread... CASTRO HAS A VERY NOTICEABLE SURFACE SCRATCH, HENCE THE LOW PRICE (you can see it...
  3. WolverineFootball

    FS/FT Rays: Moore BGS, Longo PSA

    Hey guys, looking to move the following. No problem holding any, so I'm going to at least get my money back out of them. Looking for $85 trade value on each Moore, and $240 on the Longoria. Will sell either Moore for $75 each, and the Longoria for $200, FIRM on all prices.
  4. WolverineFootball

    FS Longo, G Sanchez, Taillon, etc.

    Got these FS. Prices are firm (and relatively well priced in my opinion). Please add $2 for shipping if under $25, no exceptions. Don't need to sell, just trying to avoid dipping into the bank account. $200 $100 (scratches on case) $125 (slight surface scratches) $30 $20...
  5. WolverineFootball

    FT FT: Longo, G Sanchez, Taillon, etc...

    Looking to trade for Miguel Sano autos, Kirby Puckett, K Love, Rubio, high end football/basketball...just please have things that are of similar value. Will trade down if you're willing to give extra value. Not actively selling, so if you want to buy, shoot me an offer...will not respond to...
  6. WolverineFootball

    Baseball FT: Longo, Castro, Goldschmidt, Sano

    I'll be honest, mostly tire-kicking on the Sano's unless I get an unbelievable offer, but the rest is ready to be traded. Not actively selling, but you can shoot me an offer (not looking to dish out prices anymore on this site...too many people want 30% below ebay). Looking for Sano and Eddie...
  7. WolverineFootball

    A Few BC Color Autos FS

    All prices are dlvd and firm...just looking for some extra paypal, not needing to sell. Will take offers if you want multiple cards, but cards are already price around/below ebay. Marks are from scanner/cases. $55 $60 Refractor $55 (actual scan will be up in a couple minutes...
  8. WolverineFootball

    Chrome/Prospect Autos FS

    Add $2 for shipping. $25 $45 $55 $25 $5 $8 $1 $4 $5 Ref $15 Also have a bunch of Reymond Fuentes Chrome autos...BGS 9.5's, Xfractors, Refractors...if anyone's interested, PM me...not listing because I haven't drawn any interest in the past.
  9. WolverineFootball

    FS: Sano, Sanchez, Starling, more...

    All prices are OBO and dlvd. Sano (has some light surface scratches) - $170 Sanchez - $150 Starling Ref - SOLD Pomeranz - $60 Greene Ref - $32
  10. WolverineFootball

    NEED PAYPAL NOW SALE: G Sanchez, Goldy, Castro, B Jackson

    Will take offers on anything...still going to be just under ebay on most stuff...Jackson and Sanchez will be the firmest of prices. Please add $2 shipping for anything under $25. Would love if someone wants the whole thing at a good discount. Goldschmidt Ref - SOLD Lee Gold - $45 Jackson Blue...
  11. WolverineFootball

    About 30 Chrome Prospect Autos FS

    WILL TAKE OFFERS ON ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY IF IT'S FOR A LOT. Would love to sell everything at once if possible. Priority goes to posts in threads, including offers. Add $2 for shipping if your order is under $25. Greene - $15 Cron - SOLD Sale - SOLD Yelich - SOLD Pollock Ref - $8...
  12. WolverineFootball

    Quick 3 Card Mailday

    [center:1oje6uv9]I was a little disappointed that the auto on the orange has some bubbling, but wasn't planning on grading it anyway...maybe the gold though... [/center:1oje6uv9]
  13. WolverineFootball

    Sam Bradford Contenders Auto FS - $160 (Condition)

    Selling this Bradford. Just got it, but Ebay has called with something that I ABSOLUTELY need. Selling for $160 paypal gift/$165 regualr paypal dlvd as the card has some slight damage on the bottom corners. Tried about 5 different ways to get scan to show corner peeling, but it really doesn't...
  14. WolverineFootball

    Sale Between Burke23 and WolverineFootball

    WolverineFootball receives: Miguel Sano Platinum Blue Ref. Auto PSA 10 Miguel Sano Chrome Ref. Auto Jon Lester Chrome Auto PSA 10 Max Kepler Chrome Ref. Auto Burke23 receives: Paypal Payment sent 2/24/11. Thanks.
  15. WolverineFootball

    Phillies vs. Red Sox Thread

    I'm sure someone is going to answer with something obvious and tell me "duh", but why do you think it is that the American League has won the last 6 years of Interleauge play (in overall records)? They lead the overall series, through 2009, by about 140 games. The main reason I'm asking, is...
  16. WolverineFootball

    Pujols Error Card

    Something about the auto, sticker, and card don't quite look right :lol: http://cgi.ebay.com/Albert-Pujols-Auto- ... 500wt_1154
  17. WolverineFootball

    Brandon Roy Auto #/10 FS

    Don't collect basketball, but busted a couple boxes of 2010 Greats of the Game. PM with offers or I can send you a price.
  18. WolverineFootball

    Someone please buy this...

    Just for the fact that this was sent into BGS, someone should buy it. Lol, I wonder what the 4 offers were. ::facepalm:: The seller was also well-versed enough to check a BGS Population Report... http://cgi.ebay.com/1989-UPPER-DECK-KEN ... _500wt_928
  19. WolverineFootball

    Hopefully this doesn't get more than normal...

    And hopefully everyone reads the description...this should be torn down for trying to mislead buyers. http://cgi.ebay.com/Super-Hot-Phenom-Stephen-Strasburg-Bowman-Chrome-Get-/230477067944?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_Baseball&hash=item35a980f6a8#ht_500wt_1154
  20. WolverineFootball

    Selling Question

    I have the last 4 cards of my 2009 Bowman Draft Chrome Blue Refractor auto set incoming, and as of right now am planning on selling as a set. I have two questions: 1.) Will selling as a set be more profitable? Or selling individually as each one gets hot? 2.) If selling as a set, what price...

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