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  1. 21ccl

    2013 Triple Play Retail Box

    90/90 out of the regular base set finished. 2/10 of SP base set completed. "Hits" Enough stickers to cover the Washington Monument. Jeter, Posey and Trout Tattoos Harper, Trout and Cabrera Eye Blacks lots of All-Stars- Best one was Jeter and Trout. Mike Trout and Buster Posey- When I Was A...
  2. 21ccl

    2007 UD Future Stars Retail Box

    91/100 of the base set completed. The 3 major "hits" were Rookie Dated Debuts- Fred Lewis- #numbered 998 All Star Prospects- Kevin Kouzmanoff- #43 /399 Levale Speigner Path To Greatness Autograph Fun rip would suggest buying a hobby more then a retail box like I did. My rate out of 10- 4
  3. 21ccl

    anybody collect Fan Pack?

    Just curious because I was wondering if we could start a Fan Pack Success Thread
  4. 21ccl

    Young Collectors Please Read!

    Hello, I am here to spread some of my knowledge about posting here on the best baseball card forum on the internet. Many will remember the famous "Ichiro Error Card" thread I made once I started here on FCB. Well today I was bored and went back to that thread, (Don't laugh, we all do it) and I...
  5. 21ccl

    How bad is 2013 Triple Play?

    Blowout has a retail box of it listed for 5.96, is it worth it? (Yes, i know this is a child set :lol:)
  6. 21ccl

    Is This Shaq auto real? Need Help!

    Got it from the Mine O' Mine address which has some people saying JSA said it was real and some saying it autopen. Also I look online and the autos look the similar, what do you think?
  7. 21ccl

    Charlotte Hornets that sign TTM

    Hello, if anybody could give a few Charlotte Hornets players that sign through the mail ,current or former players are hugely appreciated! Thanks! list: Dell Curry Marvin Williams Muggsy Bogues
  8. 21ccl

    Does this Vince Carter look real?

    Hello, long time no see, the other day I got a letter from Orlando Florida from Vince Carter home address and I was wondering if this auto is autopen,printed or real. I took a swab and rub rubbing alcohol and it smeared the auto. Personally I think it fake but I want a second opinion so all...
  9. 21ccl

    Frank Thomas HOF speech reaction

    One of the best speeches I ever have seen. He showed that getting to the MLB was not easy as picking up a bat and say I going to be a MLB player. Any of you have a Reaction to one of the other speeches? Who was the best speaker?
  10. 21ccl

    What Hobby Box should I get out of this list?

    Thanks for your helping! the boxs are 2008 Razor Signature Series Baseball Box 2008 Topps Series 1 Baseball Jumbo HTA Box 2008 Tristar Projections High# Series Baseball Hobby Box 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Baseball Hobby Box 2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects Baseball Hobby Box
  11. 21ccl

    Breakers TV ?.

    I am a very private person and I was wondering if you watch a break on Breakers.tv , Can the breaker see your face? This is a serious question and I know there going to someone that say's (enter sarcastic comment here) but I hope at least one person can answer the ?.
  12. 21ccl

    20 pack box +1 "hit"

    I seen it at target and said what the heck, il get it. Basically got the inserts to pay for the whole box and my hit was a Arod
  13. 21ccl

    Who is your one player that you want in the home run derby?

    I think my top 2 is Evan Gattis of the Braves and Justin Upton as my second pick. ( I may be a little biased):lol:
  14. 21ccl

    Gems of the game graded box,Bowman Value Pack Break (2013 topps pink!Buxton!

    I have as of late have been pulling good stuff through the retail. -graded Box a crappy slabed 2012 Pujols graded 10 (more like a 8!) a 2013 Topps Pink Bud Norris. Plus about 18 Rookie Cards Bowman Value Pack Byron Buxton 1989 bowman refractor Austin Hedges mini Purple Refractors x3
  15. 21ccl

    4$ FairField box. (David Wright,A-Gon,Wily Peralta)

    Nice Box.
  16. 21ccl

    Anybody know the autographs on this baseball?

    I pick it up for a 1.00 so I took shot at it to see if any of you could find out anything I know the pics are not great but I was just wondering if any of u know any of them.
  17. 21ccl

    21ccl IP/TTM Thread

    Seen people threads so I thought I try it !
  18. 21ccl

    The Official Chipper Jones Collector Thread

    I did this for Nolan Ryan, my second favorite player. Chipper Jones is my first so post any autographs, inserts,game used cards and patches,and even base!
  19. 21ccl

    Autographed Chad Hackenbract race used gloves

    I got this Via TTM but I thought I share them with you
  20. 21ccl

    Fairfield 4 $ Box (decent)

    2012 Bowman Platinum Purple refractor Miguel Sano 2012 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor Mark Reynold 2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor Kelvin Herrera 2008 Topps Back To School Albert Pujols And Finally 2001 Topps Gold Label Chipper Jones!

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