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  1. A_Pharis

    FS THE RECOLLECTION COLLECTION - 100+ DK Autos! Sandberg, Puckett, Ripken ++

    This listing is for what has been consider the definitive Diamond King Recollection Collection. It was featured in Beckett's Super Collector issues back in 2011. There are over 100 autographed buybacks spanning 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Donruss DLP products as well as buybacks from 2014...
  2. A_Pharis

    News Outlets confirming that Jose Fernandez has died.

    https://twitter.com/cbsmiami/status/780030659829993472 RIP. Early morning boating accident.
  3. A_Pharis

    FS 2005 Bowman Chrome RC Superfractor Taylor Tankersley

    Asking $55.00 Delivered. Thanks, everyone.
  4. A_Pharis

    Vintage amateur flannel experts (is there such a thing?) - help me identify this, please

    May be minors. May be independent. May be high school or college. I just figured it was worth a shot to try to ID. Thanks
  5. A_Pharis

    What can you tell me about this Jordan promo?

    5x7 Numbered to 2500 Bag is sealed by a UDA sticker. Can't find any sort of pricing info.
  6. A_Pharis

    What can you tell me about this Jordan promo?

    5x7 Numbered to 2500 Bag is sealed by a UDA sticker. Can't find any sort of pricing info.
  7. A_Pharis

    Need help finding a photo - Ben Oglivie

    Your mission, should you be bored and good with Google Fu, is to find me a pic of Ben Oglivie wearing a pair of black Mizuno cleats. If you're successful, I'm sure I can find something to reward you with.
  8. A_Pharis

    When (nearly) blindly buying a box of baseballs at auction pays off.

    A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a live auction (via the web) and happened to see a cardboard box filled with baseballs. I could tell they were signed, but these were more than the garden variety "SIGNED BALLS!" contents. Inside of the box were single signed balls of Ernie Banks, Yaz...
  9. A_Pharis

    FS Autographs & Game Used - Mid-end (Tools of the Trade, SP Legendary Cuts, HOFers, 1/1)

    Prices shown are SHIPPED costs! I am willing to listen to offers. 2014 Immaculate Collection Prime Auto Joe Girardi (Yankees) /20 $80 (Only other one to sell on eBay went for $100) 2014 Immaculate Collection Accolades Prime Lou Brock /10 Has some writing on the swatch $25.00 2002 Topps...
  10. A_Pharis

    Houston Minor League Pitcher Jose Rosario killed in auto accident

  11. A_Pharis

    FS [FS] RC/Star/HOF Gu and autos. Will be adding items!

    Add $2.50 for shipping - no matter how many you want. Prices are listed and negotiable. 1994 Topps Archives Gold Auto Hank Aaron - $30.00 *Previous owner stored it in the light. Auto shows up better in person*
  12. A_Pharis


    I don't want anyone to have an excuse for missing the coming changes.
  13. A_Pharis

    [READ] NEW SUBFORUM, and here's how YOU can get into it. Strong opinion? This is for you.

    Alright, guys. In attempt to kill two birds with one stone (Poor Joe and Larry - they barely knew how to fly) there has been a new subforum created. No, no. Don't go looking. You won't see it. Want to know why? It's hidden. "But, Adam, why is it hidden?" Simple! I will answer that with the...
  14. A_Pharis

    What is this [Featured Thread]?

    I would like everyone to take notice of an IN TESTING feature to highlight content provided by you - the user. It is completely manual, meaning there's no code other than the HTML that I physically enter, myself. The first thread up for notice is Nate Colbert 17's Kellogg's Thread...
  15. A_Pharis

    Official Topps Huddle App Thread

    I don't know if any of you use it, but it's a fun dumbed-down version of fantasy that also feeds the "opening packs" urges. Plus, inserts can actually be somewhat valuable with little investment. We can use this thread as a hub for adding usernames as friends and talking about trades. I will...
  16. A_Pharis

    Meawhile, in Louisiana, people think any language that isn't English is "terrorist".

    http://www.kalb.com/home/headlines/RPSO-Mysterious-signs-in-Gardner-written-in-Hebrew-322530032.html?utm_source=facebook_KALB_News_Channel_5 :benson:
  17. A_Pharis

    [Silvertowne Auction House] "We believe them to be original..."

    Re: http://www.silvertowneauctions.com/HARMON-KILLEBREW-AUTOGRAPHED-BASEBALL-RAWLINGS-BALL_i22511521 Feel free to check out all of the other "signed" baseballs. Many are clearly written (poorly) by the same hand. I send them an email indicating that they are all terrible forgeries and asking if...
  18. A_Pharis

    Will Ferrell - coming to Archives

    Yeap, just as everyone figured, Ferrell will be immortalized on cards featuring his stints with each team: http://www.beckett.com/news/2015/05/will-ferrell-autographs-coming-in-topps-archives/?ref=sas
  19. A_Pharis

    FS Griffey Broder and old Pacific Odd-balls + 2001 Piece of the Action Gold

    Bought a small collection and found these older Broder and Pacific cards in it. They are all in excellent shape. Those not currently in penny sleeves will be sleeved, and the sleeved ones will be resleeved. They range from 1989 to 1990 and are a mix of both Broder and Pacific Action Superstars...
  20. A_Pharis

    So, do you guys think this Mantle is legit?

    [/sarcasm] It's on display in a local business.

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