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  1. Bogeysave82

    50/50 Joey Gallo

    Finally the Myrtle Beach Pelicans have a player worth going to see. Lol The players are very accessible. I'm not a big prospector so I'm looking for a couple guys that is interested in going in 50-50 with cards. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  2. Bogeysave82

    Reds fans help!!!

    Please help me id who this is I found in my fathers belongings. I believe it's the gm from big red machine days... Any thoughts????
  3. Bogeysave82

    Much needed info on this set

    Started tinkering with older minor league cards and set could use more info on this set here Any information greatly appreciated thanks!!!
  4. Bogeysave82

    Aftermath for Chapman

    He is extremely lucky though it doesn't appear like it. Anyone think he's going to have trouble getting back on the mound?
  5. Bogeysave82

    all star game tickets

    I'm looking to get tickets for the 2015 allstar game in Cincy. From the guys that have been to allstar games in the past where do you purchase tickets? When do the tickets go on sale? Is there any application or a lottery to sign/fill out or register for? Thanks for the help
  6. Bogeysave82

    I was shocked when I saw this I didn't even recognize him

    I knew he was pretty bad off when he died but this kinda shocked me. The guy in the navy track suit is Elvis roughly 6 weeks before he past. These pics were taken a few hours before one of his last concerts in Cincinnati. Sad to see the king go out like that. Born in 82 I wasn't around for this...
  7. Bogeysave82

    TTM Fees

    I've noticed a few on here and on scn have paid fees for TTM. Just wondering from everyone's experience how does this work? Do you send cash, money order, or a personal check? Has anyone sent less than the fee and received a autograph? Thanks
  8. Bogeysave82

    The curse of Bo Jackson continues

    I was hoping it would end today but Bo knows curses... The Cincinnati Bengals have lost every single post season game since 1991 when Bengal Kevin Walker tackled Bo Jackson from behind. In that play Jackson try's to pull away and suffered a dislocated hip. The injury not discovered right away...
  9. Bogeysave82

    Your Top Ten RB list all time

    Hello all, Part of my 2014 collecting goals are to complete a few projects I started last year. One of those projects is to get a rookie card of the top RBs all time or at least my opinion lol. I know I could go by yards but what's the fun in that. I have about six solid players after that the...
  10. Bogeysave82

    Best place to buy omlb baseballs

    Hello all I believe there has been a thread like this before but I can't find it. I'm looking for the best place to buy a dozen or so of official Major League Baseballs. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Bogeysave82

    Golf talk... Lefty cuts down playing schedule to focus on the U.S. Open

    Very impressed and believe it's the best move for him. I think it's his best shot at winning the open and career grand slam especially at a course where he found success at before in 99. If he develops a game strategy devotes and practices it along with not fooling around with his clubs he's a...
  12. Bogeysave82

    Price just named as Reds new manager

    I think they should have taken more time. I don't know if he's a good fit. I will still back them. Only time will tell. Reds fans baseball fans what's your thoughts?
  13. Bogeysave82

    Real or Fake??? What's everyone think?

    I came across this Ty Cobb yesterday at a fair price I couldn't pass it up. Honestly I've never seen one. Everybody's thoughts real or fake and any tricks to tell before sending it off to get graded? Thanks
  14. Bogeysave82

    Paul O'Neill as new Reds manager???

    Paul has been talking with reds management about the vacancy. I think he may fit in well. As a lifer reds fan I'm all for it. What's everyone else think?
  15. Bogeysave82

    Finally!!! A nice little find...

    This morning I had to take my father to the doctors. After the appointment I heard about this consignment shop and with the afternoon off we headed over. We pull up and it doesn't look promising but we head in. I look in a glass cabinet and find this... A Lou Brock SGA in great shape. I walk...
  16. Bogeysave82

    Am I the only one???

    Am I the only Reds fan sick to their stomach right now??? This last week they have played extremely poorly...
  17. Bogeysave82

    Ali artwork... Anyone know what this is?

    I found this at a antique shop today. I have no clue what it is. Plus I can't get close to it because it's nailed to the wall. It is at a very reasonable price. It is numbered and what appears signed by the artist. Any info would be a huge help. Thanks
  18. Bogeysave82

    Ali auto... Real or fake???

    Hey guys I stumbled across this at an antiques shop today. I couldn't get a close look at it there was a big piece of furniture blocking part of it. The auto looks a tad off then again resembles his 1980's signature. So what do you guys think??? I apologize for the lousy pic again I was...
  19. Bogeysave82

    Question on eBay 2nd chance offer

    I get these from time to time. I received one pretty quickly today. I'm thinking seller was shilling. Is that always the case or have you guys had other experiences?
  20. Bogeysave82

    R.I.P. L.C. Greenwood

    Just heard that Mr. Greenwood passed away today. I wasn't alive when he helped steel curtain dominate and I don't think highly of the steelers though I had the chance to meet him earlier this year at a golf tournament. He was very friendly and it was clear he was in pain. But he didn't let it...

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