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  1. tramers

    *************TUESDAY MORNING THREAD 1/5/21***************

    refill coffee
  2. tramers

    ***********MORNING THREAD 12/31/2020 ******************

    last chance this year
  3. tramers

    ********MORNING THREAD 12/26 /2020 *********

    hope all well ----- my kids / GKids all looked happy and i was well fed ----now to get back to pushing for my TRIP -----
  4. tramers


  5. tramers

    new ebay mailers

    where are these mailers for sale ?? Are these required for $1.00 tracking of cards?
  6. tramers

    ***********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 12/6***************

  7. tramers

    football cards

    Who's buying at these HIGH prices ?????
  8. tramers

    **********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 11/30***********

    refill coffee ----up early for pain issue . RAIN most of night still pouring
  9. tramers

    *************FRIDAY MORNING THREAD 11/27*********

  10. tramers

    **********MORNING THREAD 11/6**************

    ugh but with coffee
  11. tramers

    *********MORNING THREAD 11/4**************

  12. tramers

    ****************FRIDAY MORNING THREAD 10/30****************

    coffee / meds ---- hope all a great weekend
  13. tramers


    due to hospital extended stay what have others done with ebay account ????
  14. tramers

    ***********SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 10/25*************

    smaller cup of coffee
  15. tramers

    ************MORNING THREAD 10/23/2020*************

    Well this has to be told ; i'm facing heart surgery soon - worst that expected -- have been a time frame to have done . So this is just a time to tell others how much this site has been a joy to me . Sorry this is all i feel like saying now .
  16. tramers

    **********MORNING THREAD 10/20*************

    ugh ------busy today
  17. tramers

    ******MONDAY MORNING THREAD 10/19*********

    this will be a long week for me .Lots going on -- ---
  18. tramers

    *****************SUNDAY MORNING THREAD 10/18***********

    may all have a great day --------now meds and coffee
  19. tramers

    **MORNING THREAD 10/17********

    coffee - later 5 year old baseball game
  20. tramers

    *********MORNING THREAD 10/16************

    coffee time

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