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  1. Brewer Andy

    ************New Year’s Eve Morning Thread 12/31******************

    Don’t think I’ve started one of these in a couple of years. Good morning all! Chances of me being able to stay awake until midnight (or even trying) at about 35% currently. Lame old man Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  2. Brewer Andy

    WTB Need Brewers Blue Refractors

    Hey all, Would like to keep adding to a little collection. I’m looking for Blue Refractors of Brewers (vets, former players, failed prospects, anyone on a Brewers card) 2004-present. Just looking for Topps and Bowman/Draft Chrome Blues at this time. No Platinum, Sterling, etc. No Sky Blue...
  3. Brewer Andy

    Jimmy Pancakes

    Sounds like snow will be flying within a few days here in Wisconsin. Not exactly sure how this snowballed into a player collection or how I always seem to end up collecting players that seem like good people instead of the hottest prospects/superstars. Maybe because prices start to seem...
  4. Brewer Andy

    Any PSA April subs?

    Title says I'm lookin' thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Brewer Andy

    WTB 2007 UD Star Signings Laynce Nix

    Have been looking for this card for some time now. Apparently it's an SP Auto (not sure what that means exactly for this particular set) but I'm a bit surprised I can't find one. Anyone have one or a lead?
  6. Brewer Andy

    TTM & IP Success/Failure Thread for July - September 2015

    Ok gents, spent about 10 hours this week googling obscure role players who had a cup of coffee in the bigs. Let's hope that time pays off!
  7. Brewer Andy

    All-time Milwaukee Brewers Autograph Project

    Following in the footsteps of dano7 and MrMet I'd like to use this thread...
  8. Brewer Andy

    2015 Topps High Tek

    It's coming back..... http://www.cardboardconnection.com/2015-topps-high-baseball-cards Looks like they aren't mucking it up or deviating too far from last year's success. Will be interesting to keep an eye on
  9. Brewer Andy

    Jose Capellan 1981-2015

    ESPN reporting that former MLB pitcher Jose Capellan has died of an apparent heart attack at 34. Dude was a hot prospect briefly with Atlanta My Capellan
  10. Brewer Andy

    Autograph ID Help

    Having trouble IDing these 2. Approx 2010ish with Milwaukee. The first looks very familiar but it's not hitting me.
  11. Brewer Andy

    Another Whodunnit (ie Signed This)

    Found some older Sigs I had stored in a box. This is the only one I can't identify. Help me label it please :) I'm assuming early-mid 90s. Figured it's a Brewer but maybe not, certainly an AL team. Look familiar to anyone?
  12. Brewer Andy

    How much does the non-collecting world know?

    A post by Hive in the undervalued thread about how cheap some Miguel Cabrera autos are got me to thinking. I get that the popularity of "baseball cards" may be at an all-time low yet there are still countless "Legends of the Field" type stores in malls all over the country hawking insanely high...
  13. Brewer Andy

    December Pick Up Thread

    Let's get it started! For the Brewers auto collection Passed away in 1977
  14. Brewer Andy

    Gixen Down

    Gixen appears down at the moment just in case anyone has snipes set ending soon and isn't subscribed to the mirror service. Anyone able to reach the site? Just had one fail to fire
  15. Brewer Andy

    Any PSA/DNA Group subs?

    Has anyone ever put one together? Or does anyone submit for auto authentication that would be willing to piggy back?
  16. Brewer Andy

    2014 Prizm Perennial Draft

    http://paniniamerica.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/panini-america-offers-detailed-first-look-at-2014-prizm-perennial-draft-picks-baseball/ Gilbert. Lara.
  17. Brewer Andy

    Stanton HBP

    Oh man, watching the Brewers game and Stanton just got hit square in the face on a pitch from Fiers. Not pretty
  18. Brewer Andy

    WTB Need These (mostly) Cheap Autos

    Here's a list of players I still need who have at least one certified autograph card pictured in a Brewers uniform. Let me know if you have any of these guys in Milwaukee unis: Francisco Cordero (2007 Topps Update) Laynce Nix (2007 UD Star Signings) Mark Loretta (think there's only a 1/1...
  19. Brewer Andy

    Another ebay WWYD

    A couple weeks back I won 2 cheap cards from a seller, one for $2.51 and one for .99. Both cards had .99 shipping and the seller did not offer combined shipping. No big deal. Shortly after I received the first card in a top loader in a PWE as expected. I messaged the seller to verify that the...
  20. Brewer Andy

    Panini Appreciation Thread

    **DISCLAIMER** This is not a thread intended for bashing Topps' customer service, nor are comments about logos welcome here. Those are debates and opinions we've all heard too many times. There is no "agenda" here. Thought it would be a nice on-going thread for those like-minded individuals...

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