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  1. cgilmo

    FCB needs more moderators

    Any volunteers?
  2. cgilmo

    New Admin!

    Hey Guys I want to take a moment to introduce our new admin/owner Bryan. His username is Shaggy You can expect him to be heavily involved here making some changes and listening to you guys to see what would make this a better place! He's got an extensive background in running these forums...
  3. cgilmo

    Give the new podcast a sub and a listen.

    https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sports-card-insider-by-freedomcardboard-com/id1491589107 It’s back. We got a cool third host. Former MLB short stop Jeff Keppinger. If you prefer with visual aids it’s also on YouTube. https://youtu.be/VhOZgGI32ss Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. cgilmo

    I'll be damned, these printing plates are out there in the wild

    It's rare that these pop up. Always fun when they do. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2009-Matt-Wieters-Freedom-Cardboard-1-1-Black-Printing-Plate/303249895984?hash=item469b1a3230:g:BGsAAOSw5cZcPbSw
  5. cgilmo

    You may notice some down time tomorrow at 10:00 am.

    Hey guys. Some new hardware is going into the server tomorrow and it may result in a bit of down time. I’ve got a redundant server in place but some isp aren’t quick on the draw routing stuff around. If you can’t get to the site tomorrow please bear with us while we make these changes...
  6. cgilmo

    eBay ads

    Hey Guys As some of you have probably noticed we have replaced our ebay ad banner. Please use them as the revenue from these ads are the only way we pay our hosting bill every month. It's not a large bill so even small purchases on ebay can help us get to our goal.
  7. cgilmo

    When your favorite band spirals out of control

    The Turnpike Troubadours are my favorite band. Lead singer Evan Felker is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction and it's starting to bleed over into the music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUs3QcF3g-M&t=3960s 1:06:00 into this video is the TT performance and it's a pure trainwreck...
  8. cgilmo

    Free Robinhood stock

    Guys. If you don’t have the Robinhood app you are missing out on a great opportunity to get into stocks. No commissions and you can use it to learn how the market works. At least that’s what I did. Get it here and we both get a free stock. https://share.robinhood.com/chrisg642 Sent...
  9. cgilmo

    Will Jaimet of Heroes of Sport is being accused of trimming cards

    Full story broke on blow out. https://www.blowoutforums.com/showthread.php?t=1288383&fbclid=IwAR3oJclSy4***Uh_L-krIpQ2P4h_zmizR0rlzygQZeM00XuKqhZgUbqCWog it referenced an old FCB thread...
  10. cgilmo

    I’ve got $200 to spend on braves cards.

    Someone come take my money. Show me what you got! Looking for prominent braves. Majors. Minors. Cool stuff only. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  11. cgilmo

    If you aren't getting eBay bucks, try this.

    Some people who haven't been able to get a notification or an email inviting them have been able to follow this link to enroll in the program. https://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RewardsExtEnroll&CTASignup=false&ExtLanding=true Good luck.
  12. cgilmo

    FS Cgilmo stuff for sale low end

    $3.50 shipping per order. Bubble mailer. Will list prices throughout the day. 1. Jim Palmer Five Star Gold Auto /35 $20 2. Thairo Estrada 2018 Bowman Jersey Auto /150 $20 3. Andy Pettite 2017 Topps Tribute Auto /50 $20 4. Wade Boggs Tier One Jersey Auto $25 5. Freddie Freeman 2019...
  13. cgilmo

    2019 Bowman Big Hit & Superfractor Tracker

    Superfractors Auto Eli Morgan https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Bowman-Chrome-Baseball-1st-Bowman-Superfractor-Auto-Eli-Morgan-1-1/303132847579?hash=item4694202ddb:g:gS4AAOSw1YRcvW5L Izzy Wilson...
  14. cgilmo

    FCB Now has a PSA Bulk Sub Deal MAY Submission Thread

    Hey Guys FCB is clear to submit cards to PSA for grading. Here are the terms. 1. Cost is $10 per card plus actual return shipping back to you with whatever insurance level YOU are comfortable with. 2. Turn around estimate is 45 days, however this is a non guaranteed time frame service...
  15. cgilmo

    Holy moly what a retail pull

    https://twitter.com/fcbsportscards/status/1115450721460211712?s=21 This would be it. I’d never open packs again. All the luck would be used up. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  16. cgilmo

    Funny image GLC00 sent me

    You guys all remember glc00 AKA "Weird Gary" He sent me this print out from back in the day of an email from Doerrcollector and it made me get all teary eyed.
  17. cgilmo

    This Mike Trout Platinum Card is very very fake

    Please don't get suckered into buying it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2010-BOWMAN-PLATINUM-MIKE-TROUT-RC-AUTO-BPAMT-REFRACTOR/382831230071?hash=item592284fc77:g:VQoAAOSwyXtchGr5&frcectupt=true Counterfeiters have REALLY ramped up operations.
  18. cgilmo

    Booklet Cards...

    This is true. Show me how I’m wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  19. cgilmo

    Anyone have issues with new member creation?

    There’s a little bug where new accounts aren’t registering properly. Anyone sent their friends over only for them to have problems getting registered? Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  20. cgilmo

    Welcome Midwest Box Breaks

    Hey Guys Welcome midwestboxbreaks_ben to the site. I've been reaching out to known breakers that I trust to get some deals on box breaks running in here and Ben's operation fit the bill perfectly. From time to time he's going to be sharing box/case breaks in here for you guys. His...

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