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    Factoria Mall Show tomorrow Bellevue WA

    Setting up this weekend and more than likely next weekend in Portland for some extra National cash. Come check it out if you are around
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    Factoria Mall Show tomorrow Bellevue WA

    Hope to see some of you there. Setting up with my friend again. Picked up a 2k collection specifically for the show. Still getting it ready right now
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    Factoria Mall Show tomorrow Bellevue WA

    Anyone attending? I will be there with my 2 kids which will make it a bit more difficult but I will just have to bring snacks and hot wheels.
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    Auburn WA Outlet Collection Mall Show (SuperMall)

    Big show this weekend. Who's going?! Hasn't been at Auburn in quite awhile. IMO it used to be the best one of the main 3 here in WA. The mall switching over and cleaning out hasn't let Ron have many shows there but hopefully we can pick up where it left off. This will be my first time setting...
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    Best 1/1 buyback I have seen so far

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-TOPPS-SERIES-1-DEREK-JETER-1-1-MANTLE-BUSH-VARIATION-BUYBACK-YANKEES-/262278076875?hash=item3d10fdd9cb:g:lRIAAOSwpzdWs-Q- Crazy card back in 2007
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    FS/FT Full set - 1 of 1998 Tek

    I thought there was a thread about which patterns members needed but it looks like the list was erased. I just found (1) full set all different patterns and could see if I have one to help you guys out. Post your needs
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    1/1 Mail Week

    All free courtesy of eBay bucks. Gronk came at a nice price thanks to the eBay seller listing it as Charles Johnson since that is what the mislabeled back said.
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    Blowout Group Break Member busted for a possible 2 year scam

    I don't like posting other forum stuff here but this is a pretty big deal for anyone involved in group breaks. The proof is in the first post...
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    One card mailday and the second most I have ever spent on one card

    Just couldn't stop bidding on this one.
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    Looking for a desktop computer. Any recommendations?

    My laptop is getting old and starting to overheat. I've been wanting a desktop for a year or so now anyways so I am thinking it is time. 95% of what I do is scan/crop/upload to eBay. I do watch occasional tv shows and a movie here and there. I do want it to be good enough to go live on a site...
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    Can you see the National in one day?

    I just amped myself up and looked at some prices (I know, very late) I can go on Thursday and be there open to close at a fairly reasonable flight price but I wanted to see if you guys thought it would be worth it.
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    WTB Buying cards #/100 or less in bulk

    I am willing to pay .50 a card for anything numbered /100 or less from 2004 and before. I will pay .20 a card for anything /100 or less from 2004-current All sports are welcome including soccer! I will also pay more for cards numbered under 10 and we can negotiate a price. These are what I...
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    FS Estate Sale Cards FS

    Just going to do a list for now but can get scans if needed Shipping is $2.50 per transaction 2000 Stadium Club First Day Issue /100 ($4 each) Wilton Veras Adam Piatt Todd Walker Mark Kotsay Pat Meares Shannon Stewart Bill Spiers Kenny Lofton John Jaha Jay Buhner John Wetteland Garret Anderson...
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    Estate Sale Finds

    Went to an estate sale yesterday before the festivities and brought home some cards. The sale sounds like it was an old card shop. Not sure when it closed but I got cards as new as 2014. It was definitely a shop I had never heard of though and I have been to most in the area. Anyways I guess...
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    Anyone going to the tristar show in San Fran?

    Just bought my plane ticket at $100 higher than I could have gotten it for last week (stupid not making up my mind) This will be my first "big" show experience.
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    2015 Topps Jumbo 1 and done

    Can't complain when your worst hit is a Posey jersey.
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    Found some old school stuff at the show today.

    Nothing to major but was really happy to find a PMG Pee Wee /40 Feller /19 Pedro /75 Radke /50 Red Ink is either /5 or /10 can't remember the sp number
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    When did the 180 Day Paypal Return Policy begin?

    Tried a quick search and missed. Trying to find when this started and if it only includes payments from that day - now or extends into any payment that aren't 180 days old yet.
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    FS 90-00s Inserts /100 or less FS (going to eBay tonight hopefully)

    eBayed! You can find them here in the auctions http://www.ebay.com/sch/collectorscornercards/m.html?item=400859650373&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1
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    What do you guys do with random oddball stuff that comes in collections.

    I only deal in regular sized cards but get random stuff in collections from time to time. Well today I am doing some early spring cleaning which includes going through this pile o stuff. What do you guys do with this type of stuff that you don't want? All printed except maybe the Millwood...

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