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  1. saucywombat

    1983 Topps Traded Darryl Strawberry card

    Cocaine and plenty of money to spend on it when he signed a big free agent deal with his hometown Dodgers.
  2. saucywombat

    Cecil Fielder isn't a Hall of Famer....is he?

    Him and is son both hit the exact same number of career home runs. That's crazy. Cecil Fielder has a career WAR of only 17, Lou Whitaker's is the highest not in the hall of fame at 75 (if your friend wants a Tiger to root for). Tony Fernandez is a 42 for comparison. Chili Davis is 38. Dave...
  3. saucywombat

    Official Error and Variation Discussion/Reference Thread

    Saw these two excellent variations for 1990 and 1991 Topps on Ebay recently. Both have catalog potential. Bobby Cox has the wrong background underneath the text. The checklist lacks the "Continued On Checklist..." line I'll have to check on the Bobby Cox but didn't have any 1990 checklist...
  4. saucywombat

    1993 Leaf Gold Leaf Rookies Silver Foil Variation

    I think most if not all of the 1992 Gold Leaf Rookies can be found with "silver" versions. Pictured here are two I found at a flea market a few years back. Picked up the set and about 1/2 were the silver versions. Not sure about numbers but they are certainly significantly more scarce than the...
  5. saucywombat

    Rarest cards from EARLY 90s?

    Here is a pic of gold Pedro next to silver Pedro
  6. saucywombat

    Frank Thomas collectors thread

    Part of recent submission. PSA always changes how they slab these which drives me nuts.
  7. saucywombat

    Official Tony Gwynn Collectors Thread

    This is something/this is nothing? gold medallion insert from 96 Ultra
  8. saucywombat

    Rickey Henderson Collectors Thread

    Any ideas on scarcity/value? Had a Kevin Stocker that sold for a couple of bucks on Ebay once.
  9. saucywombat

    2012 Basketball with this year's rookies?

    When will anything come out with this years rookies? signed Casual NBA fan looking for Andrew Goudelock cards Seems crazy that we're half way into the season and there is nothing out there for Kyrie Irving, etc...
  10. saucywombat

    What value/degree of difficulty for 97-98 Skybox Star Ruby?

    I realize the 97-98 Skybox 97-98 Star Rubies are numbered to 50, but how desirable are they? Do they show up often or are they greatly desired by set builders? What is a fair price on a common player? Have a guy I collect who was an NBA journeyman from my alma mater and this card came up on...

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