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    Bowman Victory set finally scanned Scan Heavy

    Hey Guys, Rainy day today so I finally sat down and scanned all the cards Topps sent me. I haven't seen a thread on any forums with all the scans so I figured I would post them up. I must say this is the coolest thing I have ever won and likely ever will. I am a big fan of fantasy...
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    Prospect Challenge 2nd place season prize

    Finally received my box from topps and i must say, these things are really nice! didnt realize they are so thick so i have to pick up some thicker cases but here are my 3 biggest ones... Also received 2 Polanco`s, Sano, Correa, Fernandez Myers and all the others. Must say, the prize was much...
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    Balentien ties homerun record in Japan!

    http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2013/baseball/mlb/wires/09/11/2010.ap.bbo.balentien.japan.2nd.ld.writethru.0399/?mobile=no Super excited as I have always been a fan and feel like his chances were short and never consistent. Still pretty cool
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    Any Jordan Sneakerheads???

    Picked these up.. Super stoked
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    FS Lucas Sims Gold Refractor auto

    Hey guys, looking for a quick sale, have something I have to pay on.. Last 2 have sold for 89 and 91 on eBay ... Looking for 85 shipped. Pm me if interested as its the easiest way to get ahold of me. Thanks
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    So what you guys get for the ladies tomorrow?

    I saw a story on one of our free local newspapers about a singing telegram... Decided to do it , they had a valentines day special of a rose, chocolates, bear and a song for 95$ ... I'm a bit nervous that's it's going to be a bust though... What about you guys?
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    Possibly looking for a new owner in a pay league $100

    Hey guys, our commish sent this out a few days ago and thought I would pass this along.. Lmk if interested.. Rookie slot is just minor leaguers... Have 1 opening in a H2H points league with 5 rookie slots - baseball $100 if anyone interested will invite and can look at team and rules. 12 teams
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    Anyone looking forward to the WBC?

    I saw Wladimir Balentien will be playing for the Netherlands, excited to see him play again.. Read he has won the home run title 2 years in a row in Japan... Anyone you looking forward too?
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    Music sites?

    Hey guys, what site are people using these days to download music?
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    Playoff start help QB

    Hey guys, Brown disappointed last night, need a strong play at Qb but worried about Ryan against the Giants... But let down by Shaub last week. Also have Henne as a throw caution to the wind play too. Thoughts? Shaub plays Indy thanks
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    Buying bowl tickets

    Does anyone know if bowl tickets have already been sold or do they go on sale after teams are announced? I checked ticketmaster for the BCS title game and it said unavailable but that can mean its sold out or just not on sale.. Anyone know? Thanks
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    FS A few prospect cards for sale

    Dont really sell much on here but decided to take a break from Ebay, prices are OBO Pm works best. Thanks! Matt Davidson Blue Refractor Auto and Base auto Looking for $65 for the pair AJ Pollock Bowman Sterling gold ref $30 Jace Peterson Elite Gold Status auto $80 3/5
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    Fantasy league trouble

    How do you guys regulate trades? Issues started with a really lopsided traded something like Agonz, Beltran, and Johan Santana, for Harang, Suzuki, Derek Lowe, and JJ Putz... the hole league had a issue with the trade, fast forward 3 days and i make a trade for Agonz, I trade Michael Young and...
  14. D

    Is Fung91 ebayer a member here?

    Had a issue with a purchase he made and for some reason i recognize the name, if so can you please Pm me? I sent you a message on ebay but just want to confirm my mistake was legit and that i`m not shady. Just mest up my paypal address when listing the item. Thanks
  15. D

    AJ Pollock called up

    According to my fantasy news app... Anyone invested ?
  16. D

    xmen cards are so expensive...

    Hey Guys, i was looking around on ebay the other day and saw a few cards from the 1995 xmen fleer ultra set that i used to have when i was a kid, so i was thinking it would be pretty cool to buy a box that i can open with my 6 year old son for fun. I figured these cards would be cheap, maybe 20...
  17. D

    Any Randal Grichuk, Matt Davidson for sale?

    Have a few bucks to spend, looking for mostly low to mid end prospect stuff. thanks.
  18. D

    Question about low end prospecting

    Hey Guys, i have a question that i was hoping i could get some assistance with.. i have a ton of auto`s of lower end prospects and i usually sit on them in hopes of one of them catching fire for a week or so.... should i be doing this or should i be selling these guys and changing my inventory...
  19. D


    What are you guys expecting from Clay this year fantasy wise? Debating on trading him .. Thanks!
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    Lavarnway called up?

    While looking at my CBS league, i noticed a note that Larvarnway is on his way up to play KC. no link though...

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