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  1. cjedmonton

    2021 HoF Prediction Bonanza Contest - CLOSED

    Happy 2021, FCBers! Here's another contest for you all to whet your baseball appetite. ***THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR ENTRY IS JANUARY 23rd.*** So long as your entry has a Jan 23rd timestamp, you're in. Please carefully read the details below and let me know if you have any questions...
  2. cjedmonton

    Unique Surname Contest: Results

    Thanks again to everyone who entered this contest. The results are in... IN 11th PLACE WITH 143.5 [email protected] GRIS ! IN 10th PLACE WITH 186.8 [email protected] ! IN 9th PLACE WITH 216.4 [email protected] ! IN 8th PLACE WITH 250.7...
  3. cjedmonton

    Unique Surname Contest: CLOSED

    Put on your thinking cap and sharpen your Baseball Reference research skills....here’s a unique offseason contest open to all. Through 2020, 19,902 players have suited up for at least one major league game. The vast majority share their surname with at least one other player. Your mission...
  4. cjedmonton

    Advice: Wrinkled PSA Label

    Good morning, FCB! I have owned this card since 2018, but noticed that the label has become quite wrinkled. The card has been kept in a drawer and has not been exposed to any extreme temps or moisture. No issues otherwise. A few questions: Is this common? Do you think it negatively impacts...
  5. cjedmonton

    Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread (CLOSED)

    Hello FCBers! Hope everyone is doing well, all considered. We are just a few days away from a truly unique season, so here’s a unique bingo game to celebrate. To play, simply copy/paste the signup list below in your reply with your name added to the first available slot. The signup window...
  6. cjedmonton

    2020 MLB WAR Games Challenge: Sign Up Thread

    We are less than 3 weeks from a new season...which means another FCB original contest! The game is completely free to enter and is open to the first 30 to sign up. One entry per person, please. HOW TO ENTER 1. Copy and paste the list at the bottom of this post with your name in the first...
  7. cjedmonton

    Last Minute Super Bowl Contest

    The big game is upon us! Here is a spur of the moment contest open to everyone (even if you are already playing the playoff challenge game). RULES 1. Simply predict: which team will have the most yards of offense and the total combined yards of offense between KC and SF 2. The contestant...
  8. cjedmonton

    NFL Playoffs Challenge: Official Thread

    MrMet, chippernate, Gwynn545, Musial Collector...
  9. cjedmonton

    NFL Playoffs Challenge: Sign-Up (CLOSED)

    This contest is free to play and is open to the first 12 to sign up below. NFL swag to the winner with a small Paypal gift to the runner-up. Full details to follow in a few days, but to reserve a spot, please copy/paste the list below with your name in the first available spot. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  10. cjedmonton

    CONTEST: 2019 World Series Head-to-Head Challenge

    This contest is open to all, but only one entry each and NO editing. Simply choose the player or team in each pairing you think will have the highest total for the entire series. If both players/teams have the same total, it counts as a correct answer. The contestant having the most correct...
  11. cjedmonton

    2nd Half 100 Post Challenge - Closed

    *Please read this post carefully. Any questions, just ask....but know that it counts toward the overall post total.* ------- Let's kick off the 2nd half of the season with a challenging challenge. I'm thinking of 4 current MLB players. They have combined for over 15 All-Star appearances and...
  12. cjedmonton

    Vlad Jr. Debut Contest

    One of the most anticipated debuts in recent memory starts in less than 6 hours. No matter how it shakes out, let's have some fun with a simple prediction contest. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 6PM EASTERN TODAY, APRIL 26th. RULES 1. Everyone can enter up to 5 times, but must do...
  13. cjedmonton

    2019 Lumberjack Bingo: CLOSED

    clarkzac, RagingAcid, caster513...
  14. cjedmonton

    2019 Lumberjack Bingo: Spring Training (Complete)

    clarkzac, RagingAcid, caster513, metallicalex777, MrMet, @game****fanatic, aarne13, SportsWriterMAB, nerdherd020, CFD1415, michaelstepper oiccup41, chippernate The game starts Feb 21st. Full details below. Your...
  15. cjedmonton

    2019 Lumberjack Bingo: Signup Thread

    Hi Everyone, Haven't contributed to the boards in ages, but what better time than now as we gear up for Spring Training (thought it would never get here)! This will be a season long game with some great prizes up for grabs. Free to play and open to everyone. Check out the previous threads...
  16. cjedmonton

    LCS Fun Fact

    For the first time in the 49 year history of the ALCS/NLCS, teams from the four largest US cities are playing. #1 NY #2 LA #3 Chicago #4 Houston 2005 was the only other time where even 3 of the 4 largest cities were involved (LA, Chicago, Houston).
  17. cjedmonton

    Ultra rare HOF auto now on Goldin Auctions

    No matter how extensive one's HOF auto collection may be, it is almost guaranted to be missing Rube Waddell. Incredible item...with a price to match (I have no connection to the piece, other than being a big fan of southpaws). https://goldinauctions.com/mobile/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=31048
  18. cjedmonton

    Random Observation: Vintage Topps and HOF Pitchers

    Did you know that you can have a full run of vintage Topps cards (1952-1979) featuring a different HOF pitcher each year? Not rookie cards, just a regular Topps issue. Unfortunately, the streak ends in 1979 and doesn't resume until 1987. The same can't be said for hitters because you would...
  19. cjedmonton

    2017 HOF Dream League: Games 5-7 (FOLDED)

    Therion, Zan, Juan Gris, timtom, oiccup41, pootshwan, WoundedDuck, Gwynn545, Enfuego79, EtherealSOC, Johnny G, MrMet, rob167, elmontny, bmx807, JEBJJA, muskiesfan, goobmcnasty, steve-a-reno, nerdherd020, deujr61, corockies...
  20. cjedmonton

    2017 HOF Dream League: Games 1-4 (FOLDED)

    Therion, Zan, Juan Gris, timtom, oiccup41, pootshwan, WoundedDuck, Gwynn545, Enfuego79...

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