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  1. Kid4hof03

    October pickups

    I know there's not a ton of action in the football forum, though maybe a new pickup thread could spark some conversation. I got this 2001 Score Select Final Score numbered to 9 today, been a tough one to find for my Curtis Martin collection
  2. Kid4hof03

    Anyone want to show off their 1996 Select Certified complete rainbow?

    The topic of parallels and rainbow came up on another board and I thought I'd ask here, anyone have complete rainbow from 1996 Select Certified they want to share? Here's my Curtis Martin
  3. Kid4hof03

    WTB Looking for Andy Pettitte 1990's inserts

    Title says it all, looking to add some 90's inserts and parallels to my Andy Pettitte collection. If you have anything for sale please PM me.
  4. Kid4hof03

    WTB Andy Pettitte 2016 Topps Archives Signature Series

    Looking to add more Andy Pettitte 2016 Topps Archive Signature Series to my collection. I've got 7 so far, let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks, Abe
  5. Kid4hof03

    WTB 1996 Pinnacle Skylines Wade Boggs

    Looking for an ungraded NM or better 96 Skylines Wade Boggs, PM or email at [email protected] if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  6. Kid4hof03

    WTB Gary Carter 2004 Topps Orginals autos & Donruss Recollection autos

    Working on knocking some of these off my want list, if you have any Gary Carter autographs from any of the Recollections sets or the 2004 Topps Originals please let me know, [email protected] Thanks! Abe
  7. Kid4hof03

    FS Jason Witten 2003 Finest autograph

    I'm selling a 2003 Finest autograph Jason Witten rookie numbered 109/999. Asking $45 delivered.
  8. Kid4hof03

    WTB 1996-2000 Yankees Circa and Skybox Raves

    I've been thinking about starting a new side project and wanted to see if anyone has any 1996-2000 Circa and Skybox rave Yankees for sale? Looking for any players, even mulitiples. You can send me a PM here or email [email protected] if you have anything for sale. Thanks! Abe
  9. Kid4hof03

    FS Thinning out my Bernie Williams collection 1998-2007

    I have decided to thin out my Bernie Williams collection. If you are looking for anything specific from 1998-2007 please feel free to let me know. Thanks, Abe
  10. Kid4hof03

    FS A few cheap Yankees GU, patch, autographs and printing plates

    Just a few things I found in boxes that I don't have a real use for. Shipping is $2 no matter how many you buy. Scans are available if you need them. Don Larsen 2003 Topps Finest Moments autograph $8 2003 Sweet Spot Babe Ruth patch 120/300 $7 2003 UD Patch Collection Yogi Berra $5 (edge wear)...
  11. Kid4hof03

    WTB Looking for Pete Maravich 2013/14 Crusades

    I'm trying to help finish my son's Maravich Crusade rainbow for Christmas, if you have any for sale please let me know. I need Red, Purple, Gold and Green. Thanks, Abe
  12. Kid4hof03

    Question about 1997 Playoff Absolute Pennants

    Hi guys, just a quick question on these 1997 Absolute pennants. Can anyone post pics of the regular pennant and the gold redemption? Was looking on ebay and they all look the same to me, just trying to see the differences. Thanks
  13. Kid4hof03

    FS John Smoltz 223 card lot & Heathcott Austin Yankees autograph lot

    I'm cleaning up some boxes and have a couple of lots for sale. First is a John Smoltz lot of 223 different cards from 1989-2006. The lot is largely base cards and premium brands, some decent parallels included. Best insert is 2003 Elite Status 12/24. Asking $15 delivered. Second is a 3 card...
  14. Kid4hof03

    FS Carlos Beltran 2013 Topps Chrome rainbow 13 cards

    I am selling my 2013 Carlos Beltran Topps Chrome rainbow. 13 different cards, regular issue plus 12 refractors, only things missing are the 1/1's Lot includes: Pink 2/5 XFractor 8/10 Camo 4/15 Red 5/25 Gold 27/50 Sepia 49/75 Black 19/100 Blue 144/199 Purple Refractor Orange XFractor Standard...
  15. Kid4hof03

    Lost (or worse) 1999 Bernie Williams Fleer Tradition Starting Nine

    As some of you may have seen in the transactions forum joey12508 and I worked out a deal for him to buy my 1999 Fleer Tradition Starting Nine of Bernie Williams. Kevin paid quickly and I shipped the card out priority insured. The issue is now that the USPS tracking number shows the package was...
  16. Kid4hof03

    FS Buster Posey lots: 11 card Topps incld rookie chrome refractor; 2013 chrome 5 card lot sepia/75

    I have two small Buster Posey lots for sale: First is an 11 card lot that is mostly topps including rookie chrome redemption refractor, 2011 Heritage chrome, 2012 Heritage, 2012 Heritage peel off, 2013 blue Heritage, 2011 Topps 3D and others. All cards are pictured, asking $25 delivered for...
  17. Kid4hof03

    FS 2013 Topps Chome Cardinals refractor lot

    9 Cardinals refractors from the 2013 Topps Chrome set: Carlos Martinez and Carlos Beltran xfractors Adam Wainwright blue refractor 192/199 Lance Lynn black refractor 016/100 regular refractors (2) Adam Wainwright, Allen Craig, David Freese David Freese Close Connection Asking $8 delivered for...
  18. Kid4hof03

    Crossed a huge Topps test issue off my Gary Carter PC list today

    Today I received one of the last items I have been missing for my Gary Carter PC. 1988 Topps test issue doubleheaders, the 1989 Mets/Yankees set is hard enough to find but this one has been nearly impossible for me. Sorry for the bad scan, shows the "card" and the wrapper
  19. Kid4hof03

    A Big Thank You to Joey12508

    Kevin started a thread last week about PC duplicates. We both collect Bernie Williams so I chimed in that I could use a couple of the dupes he had. This morning I got a package in the mail with two great cards I have needed for my PC, 1999 Star Rubies and Flee Brilliants gold. Thanks so much!
  20. Kid4hof03

    Curtis Martin PC pick ups

    I slowly worked on a Curtis Martin PC from 1999-2005, once Curtis retired I kind of lost interest and put most of it away. Since I joined this site a month or so ago I have become interested again in the 90's and early 00's cards both baseball and football so I decided to start my Martin PC...

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