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  1. Anthony

    PSA/DNA Results are in... a little bummed (50% success rate...)

    Very happy with my Ripkens. I've been meaning to get them encased for a couple of years (now I've got all his 4 major RCs signed--got them done through his company a few years ago). This is my 2nd time sending in those Bryants. Got them all at Cubs ST back in 2015. Sent them last year, they were...
  2. Anthony

    Checking on a PSA/DNA order?

    Hi folks, I can't find how to check on the status on an order on their website. The last time I submitted a PSA/DNA order was during the old, old $10 special they had a few years ago (5+ years ago?). I seem to remember being able to input the number on my submission form to get updates, but I...
  3. Anthony

    Seeking help creating/finding spreadsheets of rosters

    Hey everyone, I think I made a post like this last year, but I'll try again. Every year a friend and I go to Spring Training in AZ. I come back with a little over 100 signed rookie cards for my collection. Anyway, to prepare for the trip I: put together rosters of the teams we will see comb...
  4. Anthony

    My Spring Training Haul: 152 signed rookie cards

    4 days in Arizona last weekend: 152 autographed rookie cards. The highlights were Darvish, Mattingly, and Trammell. I get most of my autographed rookie cards from these yearly ST trips.
  5. Anthony

    My HOF Autos

    I collect autographed rookie cards. I get a lot signed each year at Spring Training and for the more inaccessible guys I save up and buy a PSA/DNA autographed RC every now and then. I'm proud to have these in my collection:
  6. Anthony

    Got a box of 1991 Fleer at the thrift store for $5--now I can retire!

    I'm going to grade all the Bagwell RCs... oh wait... then I'll grade all the Pudge Rodriguez RCs... oh... then I'll grade all the Chipper--nevermind. I still got a box of cards for $5!
  7. Anthony

    1988 Topps Football no blue ink backs (errors? variations?)

    Thanks again for your help yesterday, folks. In order to get more information, I've added the cards I found to a photobucket album: 1988 Topps Football No Blue Ink On Back Photos by anthonyrdevine | Photobucket Notice that they all lack blue ink on the back. I'm not sure that these are box...
  8. Anthony

    1990 Classic error? The backs of the cards do not match the player on the front.

    Hi again, folks. Thanks for your help yesterday when I asked about the 1988 Topps Football cards I found in a thrift store in a binder that were missing blue ink. Now I'm wondering about 1990 Classic baseball: the set with the yellow border and blue backs. I saw a lot of these in the binder I...
  9. Anthony

    I'll try here: 1988 Topps Football question

    I posted on the football boards 30 minutes ago, no views on my post, so I'll try here: I am a baseball collector, so I don't know much about the football side of the hobby. I was in a thrift store today and picked up a binder with a bunch of biggio RCs and some Maddux RCs, and mixed in there...
  10. Anthony

    Question about 1988 Topps Foodtball: difference betweeen regular and blue backs?

    Hi folks, I am a baseball collector, so I don't know much about the football side of the hobby. I was in a thrift store today and picked up a binder with a bunch of biggio RCs and some Maddux RCs, and mixed in there were some football and hockey. Nothing too amazing as far as I can tell, but I'm...
  11. Anthony

    PSA/DNA Special: will there ever be another $10 special?

    I saw this month's special is $15 for their autograph authentication and encapsulation service (blue flip). Will there ever be another $10 special like this? I send in some of my favorites to get authenticated--but with the amount I send in (25-30), the additional $5 has been a deterrent. Anyone...
  12. Anthony

    COMC: Hope it's not a bait and switch

    I bought this card on COMC. I e-mailed them and hope to get a replacement or my money back. The bottom corner looked rough on the COMC scan, but I got the card today and that bottom corner is beat. edit: Yeah, it's the same card--just more damaged than the original scan from COMC shows. I...
  13. Anthony

    WTB Wanted: 2002 Topps 206 Joey Votto RC

    I want this card for Spring Training to try to get signed. I can't find it anywhere. I would prefer to trade--just let me know what you're looking for and I'll see what I have. Hopefully we can work out a deal. Thanks! Anthony
  14. Anthony

    I'm an In-Person/TTM Auto RC collector. This breaks my heart (Corey Seager)

    I know to rub down these cards before getting them signed. I got these signed at the 2011 Perfect Game Classic in San Diego--before he was drafted. I'm reminded of these cards because I'm getting ready for Spring Training and noticed his name on the Dodgers top prospect list. "I think I already...
  15. Anthony

    Getting ready for Spring Training... is there an easier way to do this?

    Hi FCB, I go to Spring Training each year in Arizona--I'm in the San Diego area. I collect in person autographed rookie cards, so this trip has been the biggest collection builder for me for the past 5 years or so (~100 to ~130 auto RCs each year). I don't have a ton of cards because I don't...
  16. Anthony

    How do I find out whose jersey I bought?

    At the Padres garage sale last year I bought a few things, including a Portland Beavers game used jersey like this one. I found my size and intended to wear it at Spring Training later in the year. However, when I tried it on it was really, really long. I'm 5'11", but it still seemed way too...
  17. Anthony

    I got a damaged card in Draft, how do I get it replaced?

    Should I send it back to the address on the packs or is there some specific Topps address that... addresses these sorts of issues. The card isn't incredibly fancy: a 2012 Draft Bowman's Best Brian Johnson /99 Thanks, Anthony
  18. Anthony

    One box of 2012 Bowman Draft

    Au: Stryker Trahan Gold Ref: Victor Roache (1st rounder :)) Blue Ref: Correll Prime (12th rounder :() Bowman's Best: Brian Johnson /99, but damaged (upper left corner, looks like the coating got a chunk taken out and left exposed foil) 6 other base refractors A couple base parallel cards, one...
  19. Anthony

    Got back from Spring Training on Tuesday: 4 days, ~130 autos

    As a birthday gift to myself I make a trip out to AZ each year for Spring Training. I collect in person autographed rookie cards so I made an effort to get autographs ONLY on rookie cards this year. I almost did so. As far as my preference to get things signed, it goes, in order: First Year card...
  20. Anthony

    Strasburg 5K

    Man, I am incredibly out of shape. 5K, 45 minutes. Still, it was cool to see Strasburg and Gwynn there. The organizers wouldn't allow any memorabilia into the event, otherwise I would have had RCs signed. But Gwynn and Strasburg were signing 5K stuff, so I got my shirt signed and my racing bib...

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