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  1. EtherealSOC

    Question about 1991 Topps Desert Shield. Fake?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a raw 1991 Topps Desert Shield David Justice that looks a little different from the examples I already have in my collection and any of the ones I could find online. Let me know what you think. Thanks for your help. -E-
  2. EtherealSOC

    WTB Buying Bulk Lot of Base (if you ship to Canada)

    Hi all, I have about $40 in paypal available. I'm looking for an assorted lot of cards from 2005 and up, the newer the better. Would need to be shipped to Canada. Ideally I could find 4-5000 cards from several brands but I understand that might be difficult. Base is fine, commons are...
  3. EtherealSOC

    Can someone tell me about this card? Summer of '94

    Hi all, about five years ago someone I don't know contacted me and offered a David Justice card for sale. They sent me a scan of the front and back and we worked out a deal. I had never seen the card before and was excited, but they stopped responding before the deal was made... I thought maybe...
  4. EtherealSOC

    Has anyone seen a Cal Ripken Big League Chew Pouch?

    A friend of mine is a huge Ripken fan and he loves Big League Chew. I saw a Ripken commemorative BLC pouch on their facebook page and wondered why I'd never seen them in the hobby. These were from 2007 but I wonder if there are any around...
  5. EtherealSOC

    Does anyone have any info on a rare 1992 Fleer Prototype sheet?

    Hi all, at some point 3-5 years ago an item popped up on eBay that was truly unique. It was stated to be a prototype sheet used to select the card design for 1992 Fleer. It was complete with several different design prototypes and featured several players - Frank Thomas, Will Clark, and David...
  6. EtherealSOC

    JUSTICE FOR ALL: David Justice family reality show in the works

    Justice For All | Indiegogo Justice For All:Move over Housewives! It's the new Family Reality show with Two time World Series Champion David Justice and his wife Rebecca. We need your support. JUSTICE FOR ALL is a family-oriented, unscripted comedy that follows the daily adventures...

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