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  1. Kid4hof03

    Obscure player collections?

    It's been slow, most of my attention has been on my Bernie Williams and football player collections so Gant has largely taken a back seat.
  2. Kid4hof03

    October pickups

    Yes, need lots from 2003-2007, some others from earlier years.
  3. Kid4hof03

    October pickups

    I know there's not a ton of action in the football forum, though maybe a new pickup thread could spark some conversation. I got this 2001 Score Select Final Score numbered to 9 today, been a tough one to find for my Curtis Martin collection
  4. Kid4hof03

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    Thanks. I agree, for a card numbered to 63 they don't turn up often.
  5. Kid4hof03

    October - New Arrivals Thread

    Was happy to get this Vintage 63 Classic in the mail today
  6. Kid4hof03

    Obscure player collections?

    What a great thread! Not really obscure, more of a star that fizzled a bit, I collect Ron Gant. A few other "minor stars" Darrell Porter, J.R. Richard, Greg Luzinski. I collected Todd Hundley (another star that fizzled) but gave that up years ago.
  7. Kid4hof03

    The Oddball Discovery Thread

    I'm a big fan of newspaper and magazine related items such as centerfold posters, special issues, etc. There are numerous "cards" that were printed in newspapers over the years, most famously probably being the Dayton News 1970 set and the 1980's Wichita Eagle Beacon Clip and Save set. I know...
  8. Kid4hof03

    Anyone want to show off their 1996 Select Certified complete rainbow?

    The topic of parallels and rainbow came up on another board and I thought I'd ask here, anyone have complete rainbow from 1996 Select Certified they want to share? Here's my Curtis Martin
  9. Kid4hof03

    Player Collectors: how do you store/display?

    I keep everything in binders, one binder per year with it all organized according to Beckett's checklist. Here's a terrible picture of my bookcase with my Bernie Williams and Curtis Martin collections.
  10. Kid4hof03

    Amazing 90s/2000s insert topic - football time!

    Thanks Ryan! Used some ebay bucks to add a couple more Martin's 1996 Mirror blue 1996 Proview Gold
  11. Kid4hof03

    Amazing 90s/2000s insert topic - football time!

    Great Aikman! I'm so excited to get this one! 1998 Bowman Chrome Golden Anniversary Refractor 1/5
  12. Kid4hof03

    June Pickups

  13. Kid4hof03

    Amazing 90s/2000s insert topic - football time!

    These are numbered to 100 but for some reason aren't as easy to find as I expected them to be 1998 Fleer Tradition Playmaker Theatre 59/100
  14. Kid4hof03

    How do you display your collection?

    There are some great displays here. Our finished attic is the home for my collection. Here are a few photos, it's a little bit of a mess right now, it seems half the fun is always rearranging and reorganizing the displays. Most of my stuff on display is from my Gary Carter and Roger Staubach...
  15. Kid4hof03

    WTB Looking for Andy Pettitte 1990's inserts

    Title says it all, looking to add some 90's inserts and parallels to my Andy Pettitte collection. If you have anything for sale please PM me.
  16. Kid4hof03

    February Pickups

    Not a big card but one I've wanted for awhile
  17. Kid4hof03

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Those Ripken's are outstanding! Here are a couple things I've added this week:
  18. Kid4hof03

    Player collector non-card thread. Post pics & talk about unusual collectibles

    Thanks, here are a couple more: 1981 Sports Illustrated Player of the Week award Baseball Carter hit to drive in his 100th run in 1980, his first 100 RBI season
  19. Kid4hof03

    Player collector non-card thread. Post pics & talk about unusual collectibles

    Here are a couple of items I picked up from the Gary Carter family auction a couple of months ago: September 1985 Met of the Month award 1977 Expos player of the year award
  20. Kid4hof03

    WTB Andy Pettitte 2016 Topps Archives Signature Series

    Looking to add more Andy Pettitte 2016 Topps Archive Signature Series to my collection. I've got 7 so far, let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks, Abe

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