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    3...2...1...Swing for the fences!!

    New HR Derby format involves the clock with bonus time awarded for monster shots. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/eye-on-baseball/25227589/home-run-derby-format-changed-now-involves-a-clock Should be an interesting format...thoughts?
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    The Constipated Spawn of Giancarlo Stanton & Kolten Wong = Mike Trout?

    Let me know when you've found a weirder thread title..... Or sketch card http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACEO-Mike-Trout-Angels-RC-1-1-Original-Art-Sketch-Card-TZ-Artist-Signed-/271896828603?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f4e505abb I know we've had our fill of Tempy Moore et al, but this one cracked...
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    Yankees Sandlot

    May have already been posted, if so I apologize: http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/eye-on-baseball/25121297/yankees-recreate-scene-from-the-sandlot
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    49ers Chris Borland Retires

    Just a week after all-pro Patrick Willis retired at 30, his replacement Chris Borland, 24, retires. Pretty shocking, he was a solid young player. 49ers 3rd round pick a year ago and had an awesome rookie season. Graded PFF's No. 4 inside linebacker...
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    Show off your food!

    Well it seems as if food is quite a popular topic on the boards lately (Grocery bills, Aldi, etc.), so why not share some of food we make? I just recently started an Instagram account to document some of the meals my fiancee and I make throughout the week. I truly love to cook and would...
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    This is just sad. How much worse can it get?

    Maybe just the line to the B next? Idk. If I was on a comp I'd try posting the regression over the years. Makes you appreciate the guys that actually care that much more.
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    The Players' Tribune

    Let's not construe this as just another Jeter thread. What do you guys think of this concept being developed by Jeter? Will be interesting to see what athletes participate. http://www.theplayerstribune.com
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    Orca Documentary - Blackfish

    Has anyone else seen the Blackfish documentary? I know it has been out for over a year at this point, but I just had the chance to watch it the other day. Pretty sad to see what places such as SeaWorld can get away with and the potential dangers involved with keeping these animals in captivity...
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    Javier Baez ties HOFers Ripken Jr., Frank Thomas, and Willie McCovey

    With his second 4 K outing in 10 games, Javier Baez tied Cal Ripken Jr., Frank Thomas, and Willie McCovey for career four-strikeout contests. He's sure going to be fun to follow, but hopefully he slows down on accumulating these bad boys.
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    FS/FT Any interest in a 20 card lot of mostly 2012 Class WRs?

    Moving really soon and trying to consolidate all of my football. Looking to trade this lot for 1-2 cards (any sport) or $299 dlvd. This lot will not be broken up. Closer individual scans of the entire lot can be found here: Football - Imgur List of cards as follows: 2012 Stephen Hill SP...
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    The best of the worst: Autograph Edition

    Yes, these are real autographs ::facepalm:: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-Leaf-Army-All-American-AShawn-Robinson-RC-Auto-40-50-Texas-/281277778839?pt=US_Football&hash=item417d764b97...
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    Yankees sign Brett Gardner to 4/52m extension with 12.5m option for 5th year

    Extension kicks in after this season where he is due to make 5.6m. Nice to see the Yankees retain a homegrown talent prior to hitting free agency for a change.
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    What is the highest valued card you received in a PWE?

    This thought popped in my head today when I received a 1997 Topps Jeter Autograph in a PWE, luckily unharmed from the shipping process. What is the most valuable card you have received in a PWE? Hoping not to see too many high-end cards, but I am sure it is inevitable! :(
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    Y4NK335's Table - Just a few - 2012, 2013 Five Star, Tier One, Ginter, TTT, RCs..

    Didn't plan on creating a thread, but figured I would throw up a few. Hopefully next time I can put together some nicer stuff. I'll need payment tonight as I will be travelling for work this week, otherwise it will not be shipped until next Saturday. Payment tonight will result in being...
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    Favorite and Least Favorite Stickers of All-Time?

    Well the sticker autograph has been around for approximately a decade or so and I while I typically shoot for on card autographs for my PC, there are certain sticker autographs that I find suitable for my PC. The below items have all been pulled off eBay and none of them are my items, they are...
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    Thoughts on high cost eBay shipping?

    I recently won a card where the shipping was $6, which made up 15% of the total sales price. I messaged the seller prior to bidding to ask if he had any other shipping options because it was listed as expedited and he lives less than 50 miles from me, thus knowing I would see it in 1-2 days...
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    Where would this hobby be without eBay?

    The thread about the change in eBay bucks that caused an uproar had me thinking, where would this hobby honestly be without eBay? I'll let the conversation start to brew before I post some of my own thoughts!
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    The Serial Numbers Game: Patch Edition

    Current count: 26 Everyone loves seeing sweet patches, so I figured a version of the numbers game exclusively using patches would be fun! The rules are simple. You post a card with a serial number that begins with the number we are searching for and then we see how high we can count just...

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