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  1. dano7

    ****Good WEDNESDAY morning 2/17/21****

    Good morning! 5-8 inches of snow expected overnight with freezing STUFF expected tomorrow. Hump on!!!!! At least ST starts today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. dano7

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MORNING *****2/11/21

    Good morning!
  3. dano7

    *****GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNING *****2/10/21

    Good morning.....one week until pitchers and catchers report!!!!
  4. dano7

    *****GOOD "MONDAY MONDAY" MORNING*****2/8/21

    Good morning! Super Bowl over and on to Spring Training hopes!!! Think the Chiefs stayed home and sent the Squaws.
  5. dano7

    ****Good Friday Morning 2/5/21****

    Good morning! Looks to be a good weekend, weather wise. Helping my son-in-law set up the boys' room to get ready for the baby.
  6. dano7

    ****Good THURSDAY Morning 2/4/21****

    Good morning everyone!
  7. dano7

    ****Morning Thread 2/3/21****

    Good morning and Hump Day time!!!!
  8. dano7

    ****Morning Thread THURSDAY 1/27/21****

    Good morning. Haven't made coffee just yet!
  9. dano7

    ****Good Morning FRIDAY 1/22/21****

    Good morning. Looks to be a pretty day. Wife working from home today and next week, due to going to visit her mom next weekend.
  10. dano7

    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/21/21****

    Good morning. Completed our first month of winter!!! If we have a race around the world, it should end in Europe. That's where the Finnish line is!
  11. dano7

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/20/21****

    Good morning and hoping for a smooth inauguration.
  12. dano7

    ****Good morning thread 1/19/21****

    Good morning! Grandson turns 4 today.
  13. dano7

    *******GOOD MONDAY MORNING***** 1/18/21

    Good Morning and happy Martin Luther King day!
  14. dano7

    Yankee moves

    Finally there is some positive movement, with the addition of DJ and Kluber!
  15. dano7

    &&&&Morning Thread for FRIDAY 1/15/21 has arrived&&&&

    Good morning. Strong coffee this morning!!!
  16. dano7

    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/14/21****

    God morning!
  17. dano7

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/13/21****

    Good morning! What's blue and smells like red paint? Blue paint My bad joke for the day!
  18. dano7

    ****Good Morning TUESDAY 1/12/21****

    Good morning world! Almost ready for second cup of coffee
  19. dano7

    ****Good Morning MONDAY 1/11/21****

    Good morning as we start another week.
  20. dano7

    Carolina League teams

    I got this from the Salem Red Sox today: While we have limited information available at this time, we would like to share the list of proposed teams for our league in 2021: Fredericksburg Nationals (Washington), Lynchburg Hillcats (Cleveland), Fayetteville Woodpeckers (Houston), Carolina Mudcats...

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