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  1. DaClyde

    1992 Topps Gold missing foil availability?

    Does anyone know which 1992 Topps Gold cards have been found with the foil missing? Was it the whole set, or just one or two different sheets? I was looking at some on eBay and realized that out of the 4 or 5 players I collect in that set, I've only found the no-foil card for one of them.
  2. DaClyde

    help compiling 2010 DAV checklists

    Could I get a hand filling in the gaps for the 2010 Disabled American Veterans sets? These were given away as team sets at the stadiums of participating teams on a special day sponsored by the DAV. I'm trying to get them documented to post on TradingCardDatabase, but have exhausted my...
  3. DaClyde

    A peek into the bureacracy of pro wrestling

    A couple of months ago I started help add old wrestling events and results into a couple of the wrestling database sites (mostly from old newspaper archives). In the course of my research, I realized the Alabama Department of Archives & History had a bunch of old files from the Alabama Boxing &...
  4. DaClyde

    new Panini sticker set for 2016-17 Dominican winter league (LIDOM)

    For the first time ever, Panini is FINALLY issuing a baseball sticker set for a country other than the US or Venezuela. Panini will be producing a sticker set and album for Liga de Beisbol Dominicano (LIDOM) this season...
  5. DaClyde

    Oh, the pain of being outbid on a new find!

    Any chance anyone here outbid me on this: 29Asst 92 Columbus Clippers SIGNED PostcardsAusmus, Muelens, G B Williams! I had no idea this set existed before seeing this auction, I only bid in the off chance of snagging a new, heretofore unknown Hensley Meulens, but now I've been out bid. I...
  6. DaClyde

    2000 MLB Showdown 1st Edition vs Unlimited question

    Ok, so I've seen a ton of listings for the 2000 MLB Showdown Pennant Run 1st Edition cards (with the little '1' in a foul circle), and I've seen a handful of listings for the Unlimited cards (basically cards without the '1'). How were the Unlimited cards distributed? Were they just inserted in...
  7. DaClyde

    Anyone else excited about the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000?

    I'm eager to see what all Joel and the new cast are able to come up with. I can't wait to see Patton Oswalt's new character. The Kickstarter is still rolling. 6 new episodes guaranteed, with a very good shot at reaching 9. I think it is going to take a major push to reach the ultimate goal...
  8. DaClyde

    Ever heard of these? 1989 Kiscom Baseball Badgets

    Yet again, another obscure oddball issue has surfaced on eBay. No set size is indicated. The back of the package seems to indicate all 26 teams were covered, but these are the first I've ever seen. The seller who has them has the following players for sale: Wade Boggs, Mike Greenwell, Dave...
  9. DaClyde

    floodgates have opened for 1990 Topps TV

    For a group of sets that used to be fairly tough to track down at a reasonable price (aside from the very prevalent All-Star set), these things are suddenly everywhere. I recall when the Yankees set would actually sell for upwards of $100, but now there is a store on eBay selling all of the...
  10. DaClyde

    Anyone have the 2005 Standard Catalog of Baseball Card?

    I need to know if it has the set listings (meaning it actually lists the cards) for the various 2003 minor league team sets in the back of the book. Until recently, I had thought SCD had given up on listing the minor league sets after the release of the 2000 Standard Catalog of Minor League...
  11. DaClyde

    seeking info: 1994 Mendez Spanish Baseball Card Price Guide & Checklist

    Does anyone know anything about this magazine? I bought off a guy in Mexico via eBay. I was more than a bit disappointed that it is little more than an 18 page advertisement for Pacific Trading Cards' 1993 & 1994 Spanish and bi-lingual baseball card sets. One "M.J. Cramer" is even listed...
  12. DaClyde

    "Hooker" by Lou Thesz & Kit Bauman

    I recently finished reading Lou Thesz' autobiography/history of professional wrestling, and it was one of the best wrestling books I've ever read. I'm so glad it finally made it into digital form so I didn't have to track down a $100 photocopy, and now that it is digital, they've restored a lot...
  13. DaClyde

    SF Giants Fan Fest, Feb 7th @AT&T Park

    Is anyone going? I am again offering a $10 bounty for anyone who is able to get me the black & white team issued cards of Roberto Kelly and Hensley Meulens, signed or unsigned. Just to be clear, that's $10 each for one card of each (so, $20 total), I'm not looking to pay 15 people for dozens...
  14. DaClyde

    uncatalogued SP Legendary Cuts?

    In my morning eBay sweep for Dave Winfield, I ran into this auction: http://r.ebay.com/a3D3QB It's listed as 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia numbered to 31. However I can't find any listings for a Winfield from that set numbered to 31. Then on a whim, I searched for other cards...
  15. DaClyde

    resource for 1993 Pacific Spanish Series 2 boxes?

    Does anyone know where I might find a box or two of 1993 Pacific Spanish, Series 2? I only need a single card from series 2, but it doesn't seem like anyone bought these when they came out. I recall buying several packs of series 1 when they were released, but don't remember ever seeing packs...
  16. DaClyde

    Cards "missing" from a player's career

    Has anyone else noticed glaring (and not so glaring) omissions of cards issued for the players the collect? Maury Wills is probably the poster boy for missing cards, but it happens more than I'd expect in modern sets. For example, Dave Henderson's rookie card is in the 1982 Topps set, shared...
  17. DaClyde

    Community Project: help validate the 1985 MSA Subway Discs checklist

    1985 saw the release of two nearly identical sets of MSA discs (which unfortunately looked almost exactly like most of the previous years MSA discs sets). There was the Thom McAn/JOX set, issued as a promotion for Thom McAn's JOX tennis shoes, and the completely anonymous Subway set, that looked...
  18. DaClyde

    anyone collect team pictures/team photos?

    Does anyone collect team photos that are usually Team Picture Night SGA items? Since people collect so many obscure items for their player collections, I'm surprised these don't seem to be all that popular (though I have seen people collecting Topps team cards, which tend to use the same...
  19. DaClyde

    oddball research - 1979-1983 Coral-Lee Postcards

    I normally would have saved this for my blog, but a certain someone is always clamoring for content here, so here is a little something for those with trouble sleeping... The semi-recognized nature of the 1979-83 Coral-Lee Postcard set has bugged me for awhile. Mainly what bothered me was...
  20. DaClyde

    Beckett suing COMC over database

    Here's a decent summary of the issue: http://www.cardboardconnection.com/news/law-cards-beckett-comc-break-ends-lawsuit Here is a copy of the actual lawsuit document: http://cconnect.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Beckett-Complaint-3-2014.pdf Beckett must really see COMC as a...

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