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    Why grade cheap cards?

    I'm not very familiar with this whole process as I have none of my cards graded but in looking at ebay and comc there appear to be tons of cards in the $5 range that are graded. What's the point? Doesn't the grading process cost more than the card is worth?
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    Official help find a card at the National thread

    If anyone sees any Hrbek 2009 Upper Deck Icon Immortal Lettermen Autographs, let me know. I'm looking to start collecting these so any letter would be great. Numbered to /84. This is what they look like:
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    Fake NY Giants/Eli GU Items

    Lawsuit alleges the Giants faked items so Eli could keep the originals. Seems pretty widespread (if true). http://nypost.com/2014/01/30/eli-and-giants-created-fake-memorabilia-suit/

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