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    2020 Bowman Final Checklist

    Look how much boxes are going for
  2. M

    May pickup Thread

    I don’t buy much any more. But
  3. M

    Question heritage cards

    Ok I am getting rid of things and I have several boxes of 06 and so topps heritage, how should I sell them on eBay, huge lot small lot, sp lot ? thanks.
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    Would Mike Trout's 2009 Bowman Chrome 1/1 Superfractor sell for over a million dollars if it was sold now?

    I sold a Dylan Carlson gold auto a couple of months ago for 900$ I. Did not think second about it...lol
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    Old time member memories

    I remember it all, I have not been on in years. mtb
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    Angels for sale

    So baseball has started again and i am still looking to get rid of stuff. this stuff will going on ebay slowly. This is Numbered front Back
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    Weaver 6-0 ?

    Is he now the best pitcher in baseball this year? leading the league in Wins, SO and ERA. Also will the Angels be able to resign him? My gut says no.
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    Is this ebayer on FCB

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    Ebay situation

    I sold a jered weaver 1/1 auto on 4/10 and they still have not paid. I get thi comment last friday, "Hello. I am writing to give you a payment update. Something came up where I had to use most of my savings so I am running behind on paying you. I hope to sell some items this weekend so after I...
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    Question about ebay and BGS 9

    I will be listing a 2005 Bowman Chrome auto BGS 9. Would it be better to list it as a BGS 9 or take it out and list it as raw? Is there really a price different? Thanks.... Matt
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    Howie Kendrick is el fuego

    Another HR for howie.
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    any idea why my my auction did poorly

    so there is one still live that is more, and base is selling more, what did i do wrong, bad timing bad picture? http://cgi.ebay.com/07-Bowman-Chrome-Pe ... 500wt_1156
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    A few bright spots for the angels....

    Other then most of the bullpen there are some bright spots. Howie kendrick is tearing it up. Jordan Walden is now the closer and is throwing nasty stuff. And Jered Weaver is 2-0 .69 ERA. pitching like a beast, we will see how much it will take to sign him if he keeps this up....
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    First break in a long time

    So i was at target and said hey what the hell and bought a Bowman Platinum blaster and pulled this, not bad i think. Garrit cole and Matt Barnes dual auto refractor. sorry for the crappy pic.
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    help on a few prices

    I am still selling all my stuff but baseball season is here so i can start moving it again. I have two one of one i am a bit lost on value. First is a weaver rc logo bowman red 1/1, it is 2006 not 2005 his rc year, what do you think BIN should be? i am thinking 149, and looking for around a...
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    Anyone here into craft beer

    Hello, So i have found now that i am not buying cards i have alot more money for beer, not Bud or Coors. Any one else into the more expensive beer?
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    Question about getting rid of stuff

    So as i get rid of stuff, I have 16 full 5000 count boxes I dont reall want pull sort and make lots for them. How would you get rid of them? I dont really want people coming to the house. I cant ship them because the cost would be to much. I guess i could do craigslist, but dont caree for...
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    Jered Weaver

    If I was Jered Weaver i would be pretty PO'd this year. He has seven no decisions and 5 losses where he allowed 3 or less (2 with 1 run 2 with 2runs, and 1 with 3. But hey he is leading the league in strikeouts and third in WHIP. I most also say the angels are just stinking up the place. It...
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    I didnt think i would buy a card again, but....

    So i know I said i was done with cards, but i have wanted this card in the past and I think at 40$ it is a great buy. What you all think?
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    What do you think this Black Status should go for.

    I have a full rainbow of this, what do you think I should list it at? he had a great spring, starting out nicely but is a closer.

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