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  1. Gwynn545

    Better for Sellers: COMC or Sportslots?

    Using Sportlots, you are still selling them yourself I believe. I could be wrong, (Just from a buyer's perspective), I am purchasing cards from a specific seller, and paying shipping to each seller separately. It is not like COMC where they do all the work, and cards are in one spot!
  2. Gwynn545

    Do you have Facebook (and a few minutes to vote)?

    I made a Gingerbread house with my wife and kids and were hoping to get some votes for “most creative” to win a contest! Ours is #20, and we based ours on the house from Pixar’s Up movie! If you could just comment that ours is most creative, you could help us win! We appreciate it!
  3. Gwynn545

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Just curious, the very first thread in this forum is called, Official FCB Player Collectors List... is there a reason you did not look there? It’s kind of a mess right now since the new system here, is that why? It does work and have hundreds of player collectors. Is it showing up for people? I...
  4. Gwynn545

    Player Collectors- Hit The Books Bookmarks

    For Gwynn, I have the BOLDED ones, plus I have a Virginia one with no date, I'm assuming it is the 1991 issue?
  5. Gwynn545

    Seattle area sports card shops (1990's and beyond)

    Wow... memories... some awesome names in there for sure! Saddest thing is watching them shut down one-by-one over time. A couple still around, I know, but when Pacific shut down, or Walts, big timers! Mill Creek Sportscards is still around after a couple relocations, Snohomish had All-Star...
  6. Gwynn545

    The 1998 Topps Tek Thread

    Just picked up my first Gwynn in about a year, maybe two. Still need 7 more: Card 23, Patterns 4, 30, 56, 65, 68, 69, 75
  7. Gwynn545

    Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread (CLOSED)

    Dang!! Needed 1 corner forever for blackout and 4-corners! Everything else filled in, I Only needed Mariners to win by 4 for seemingly a month, and sure enough, it happened TODAY!!! Day late, a dollar short!
  8. Gwynn545

    Another pickup worth its own thread

    So frustrating when it is some common minor star that’s the hardest to find! ;)Congrats!!
  9. Gwynn545

    Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread (CLOSED)

    I don’t really understand the COVID “free spaces”... teams are still playing, they’re not cancelled. Besides that, wasn’t it just 2 teams (the Marlins and Cardinals) who were postponed?
  10. Gwynn545

    Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread (CLOSED)

    To me it looks like Mariners by 1, Cubs by 4, Cardinals by 4 and Reds By 7 are your 4 corners. Maybe I am playing this game incorrectly! :)
  11. Gwynn545

    Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread (CLOSED)

    I have 4 so far. Try moving back in the batters box a little and letting the pitch travel.
  12. Gwynn545

    Old Player Collector Thread = Missing Player Collectors?

    Hello!!! So are you dabbling in Griffey’s? Or just random cards?
  13. Gwynn545

    Old Player Collector Thread = Missing Player Collectors?

    So awesome! I’m glad you still have a passion for the player!
  14. Gwynn545

    Old Player Collector Thread = Missing Player Collectors?

    That’s awesome! Erstad cards popping up more frequently?
  15. Gwynn545

    Old Player Collector Thread = Missing Player Collectors?

    Wow! Did you end up doing this on your own? How goes the process?? Amazing collection, I wonder if someone picked up a bulk of it??
  16. Gwynn545

    Studio Leaf 96

  17. Gwynn545

    Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread (CLOSED)

    I’m in, thank you! Always sounds like fun, and looking forward to some baseball! SIGNUP LIST 1. mr met 2. gt2590 3. gamecockfanatic 4. Bane50 5. Mrmopar 6. metallicalex777 7. Gwynn545 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  18. Gwynn545

    Project Topps 2020...

    For those of you wondering about these and the "crazy" pricing, here's the story of the Gwynns, and may be able to use this sample as what's been happening: card #16 Oldmanalan Gwynn pr: 1302, price went as high at $1200, now back to $500 card #24 Grotesk Gwynn pr: 1441, price went as high as...
  19. Gwynn545

    Any diehard Padres collectors or player collectors of anyone who was on the 1991 team? - Coke Cards

    If anyone finds more, I would be interested in the Gwynn!!

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