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    Mike Vick Error 2010 Gridiron Gear

    As we all know, Vick had a great comeback season. He signed w/ the eagles last fall. Look on the back of the 2010 GG base of vick, he sure had a great season for the Vikings last year didn't he? Fail
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    Any Kentucky Players?

    Rondo, Prince, Wall, BLEDSOE, Patterson, jumbo jersey of cousins, mashburn, Joe Crawford
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    um panini?

    i picked up three packs of prestige looking for my UK guys. instead i picked up two gani lawals, cole aldrich, and luke babbit. not to mention a derrick favors to /449. But to all who picked up any prestige, look on the back of your cards, only rookies. look to the bottom and see if it says:The...
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    is danny woodhead going up?

    the sudden breakthrough athlete for the pats has ebay going nuts is he all hype?
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    any news on the Upper Deck Football 2010?

    any news please share
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    The Zone

    please join my page on facebook, im trying to get my sports stuff going, like the page, im updating sports news regularly
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    '10-11 Draft Edition

    any release dates, please tell any news
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    Question about hand signed cards at games

    how could i get cards verified that i get signed at games, i thought just to get a COA, but is there any other way.
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    Minor league team tries to attract LeBron

    http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=5312220 Haha great idea
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    Baseball's New Faces

    With prospects flying around like crazy, baseball is changing. There are new stars in the MLB. And thank heavens they have cards
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    New stuff, pretty cool retail

    http://s797.photobucket.com/albums/yy25 ... vie109.flv I'm sorry bout stuff being backwards, its on a mac. Brandon LaFell Auto helmet Sweet inserts and rookies Dual jersey Vince Carter and Dirk
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    Recent Stories from South-Central KY

    1. I walked into a local shop, and began talking to the owner, who is a friend of mine. He said, "Are any of these good?" He showed me the results of a 09'10 Absolute Basketball. The first was a B.J. Mullins. I was like, ok sooooo? Second card was a Jordan Hill /5 Jumbo batch ball, like four...
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    Thanks a lot buttholes

    I posted something about a great pull and some tard called me a troll, im not so dont spread that around, im not a spam account, im just a dude who loves cards
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    Honus Wagner

    Sorry, no link, youll have to look on the post, but just pulled a Wagner bat piece out of a two dollar pack
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    New (sweet) cards

    I spent 20 dollars and got these!!!!!!!! Jermaine Gresham Sage auto /250 Trent Williams SP HONUS WAGNER BAT PIECE Lots of RC and inserts
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    Huntsman's Sports Cards and Memorabilia http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2 ... 889&ref=ts
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    Rookies and Inserts

    Post scans of insert or rookie cards
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    The football card trading block

    Post card willing to sale or trade
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    Anybody from the bluegrass? Holla
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    Give me a hand

    I need help with my signature, i want to put pics and i cant

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