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    Old member maybe moving to Freedomcardboard site!

    I'm still on The Bench site.....but a member is harassing me on that site.......he was suspended 30 days and after playing nice for a few months....he back harassing me by bumping on threads..... different moderator on that site.....said that he was not getting involved as it was between to...
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    The Bench is currently down?

    Anybody else having trouble besides me?
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    Cleveland in the Finals!

    Cleveland just beat Boston! Hoping for Houston to beat Golden State! Best regards, David
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    The evil eye!

    Reported a teenager stuffing items down his socks in the men's restroom......In the restroom he was giving me the evil eye! Best wishes, David
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    Next week Southern Ca man will test his home make rocket...Why? To prove the world is flat: )

    That's right! Many people still believe the world is flat, not round! Best regards, David
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    Katie Upton married to Verlander....

    How long will this last? Best regards, David
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    OMG!!! 2016 Bowman Draft pack and then Jumbo box!!

    I opened two jumbo last week....Had my local hobby store sell Mickey Moniak base auto for $79.99 and Jumbo card 3/5 of Senaz (reds) 2nd overall pick for $115.00. Listed theses cards sat morning....I then saw Rogue one at the movie theater.....dropped in at the hobby store and purchased one more...
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    WTB Buying only theses YSL 2105 and 4767.

    Willing to go has high as $15.00 for each of the above cards. YSL 2105 and 4767. Best regards, David
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    Who is this Gleyber Torres?

    His base autos are going for 30.00 to 40.00 and I was lucky to get the case hit of his red refractor auto 3/5! My local hobby store sold it for me.....599.99 bin....... 18 years old short stop and from Venez....signed as a free agent. Best regards, David
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    Bengals 24 vs. Raiders 0

    Carr injured his hand and probably won't go back into the game. Best regards, David :o
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    Singleton finally called up to the Majors!

    About time. Best regards, David
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    No name or team logo on Bowman base cards/only in jumbo boxes!

    My hobby store had a case and theres about 3 to four per jumbo pack.....the base cards before the last two bowman chrome free agents cards. Best regards, David
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    Trade Manager problem.

    How do you indicate that you recieved the card? I indicated that I was the buyer ........issued paypal and got cards....but cannot close the trade manager...trade 156. Best regards, David PS the trade manager on the Bench is so much easily to use.
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    WTB Need theses YSL cards!

    1131 Lefty Gomez 1306 Joe DiMaggio 2105 Yogi Berra 4364 Ron Guidry 4767 Ron Guidry 5953 Derek Jeter 6453 Alex Rodriguez 6558 Derek Jeter Best regards, David
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    WTTF 2014 Bowman Blue Wave cards wantlist! WTTF or WTB

    BCP1 Jason Hursh BCP3 Jacob May BCP4 Rosell Herrera BCP5 Mark Appel BCP6 Julio Urias BCP8 Ryan Eades BCP9 Eric Jagielo BCP10 Zach Borenstein BCP11...
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    WTB Buying theses Yankee Stadium Legacy cards! Paying $15.00 for each of theses cards!!

    YSL 1131 Lefty Gomez YSL 1306 Joe DiMaggio YSL 2105 Yogi Berra YSL 4364 and 4767 Ron Guidry YSL 5122 Don Mattingly YSL 5683 Joe Torre YSL 5953 and YSL 6558 Derek Jeter YSL 6453 Alex Rodriguez Best regards, David
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    WTB Working on 2013 Bowman Platinum Xfractor set! WTF or Buy!

    BPP5 Zack Wheeler BPP6 Wil Myers BPP8 Xander Bogaerts BPP11 Mike Zunino BPP12 Christian Yelich BPP23 Carlos Correa BPP34 Gary Sanchez BPP38 George Springer BPP53 Lucas Sims BPP75 Daniel Vogelbach BPP94 Ty Hensley BPP96 Tyrone Taylor BPP97 Christian Bethancourt BPP100 Jonathan...
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    WTB Working on the 2013 Bowman Platinum ruby veteran/rc set!

    Thanks for the help with the ruby ice set! Will be posting my wantlist for the sapphire cards in a day or so. Heres my wantlist! Buying and trading for the above cards. I have lots of 2013 bowman inserts and 2013 bowman platinum inserts for trading purposes! Best regards, David
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    deal between erich860 and David K.

    I get: 2013 bowman platinum ruby Skaggs and Reddick. Plu Trout gold and Votto cutting edge stars from 2013 bowman platinum. erich860 gets paypal payment of $7.00 for the cards and shipping costs. Best regards, David
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    WTB Need theses Yankee Stadium Legacy cards!

    Yankee Stadium Legacy cards: 1131 Lefty Gomez, 1306 Joe Dimaggio, 2105 Yogi Berra, 4364 Ron Guidy, 4767 Ron Guidy, 5122 Don Mattingly, 5683 Joe Torres, 5953 Derek Jeter, 6558 Derek Jeter and 6453 Alex Rodriguez. Best regards, David

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