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    Looking to buy these cards

    Need the following cards to complete a rainbow run; 2007 Bowman Chrome CEDRIC (DOC) BROOKS XFRACTOR #D /250 REFRACTOR #D /500 BASE AND AUTO #D/225 PLEASE ONLY SHARP CARDS AS THESE WILL BE SENT IN TO GET PSA GRADED. THANKS
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    Stanton back on the DL.

    Will this guy ever be able to play a season and NOT go on the DL?
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    Looking for 3 cards of Cedric (doc) Brooks 2007 bowman chrome xfractor #/225 refractor #/500 and base card. any help would be great.
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    WTB-2016 or 2017 topps heritage baseball sets.

    Title says it all looking for either a 2016 or 2017 topps heritage baseball set .
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    WTB: Need 6 cards for my 2018 topps heritage set

    Need the following 6 cards to finish set; 4 -Nolan Arenado - Colorado Rockies LL Giancarlo Stanton - Miami Marlins LL Marcell Ozuna - Miami Marlins LL 84-Mike Clevinger - Cleveland Indians 127 Carlos Correa - Houston Astros 136 Harrison Bader - St. Louis Cardinals RC Jack Flaherty -...
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    WTB Looking for 2 cards-help

    Looking for 2 cards to finish set of 2015 topps heritage 51 collection (normal cards not the mini's) #25- 25 Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs RC and # 67 Carlos Correa - Houston Astros RC
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    photo posting

    Been awhile since i've wanted/needed to post a photo, saw that photobucket no charges a monthly fee, are their any other ways to post a photo to this page? thanks Mike
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    WTB 2020 topps heritage

    Looking to buy 2020 topps heritage baseball lots, trying to put a set together for my grandson who was born in 2020, or a set if anybody has one.
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    WTB looking to buy, need help to finish set

    Working with my son to finish a 2017 Leaf rookie & stars true blue insert set. all cards are gonna be numbered to /49. This is what we need, any help would be greatly appreciated. Need the following #d /49 We are working with a budget so I dont wanna break the bank. 4 Richard Sherman -...
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    posting pictures

    can you post pictures to this site using a iphone or do you have to use another way?
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    Best way to store a booklet card?

    I just got my 1st national treasures booklet card, is there a card holder in the market to store this so its open ? if so where can I find it?
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    Looking for a card---HELP

    Need HELP finding a card. It is a 2018 topps archives signature series Matt Williams auto (2001 topps chrome) #d 3/3 I have the first 2 cards #d 1/3 and 2/3. I will pay a finders fee if card is found and purchesed.
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    Need some advice

    Bought a 2019 Trevor Store allen & ginter unripped card on 7/28, eta on card was 8/2. Tracking numbers shows movement from Georgia to Indy to Detroit office then says in route to next facility (Ypsilanti 40 miles away), that was on 7/31 and thats where the trail ends. Asof today 8/23 nothing...
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    Worth the money ?

    A-ROD PSA 10's worth the money or not? came across a collection of 25 cards and the seller is willing to sell them for $10.00 each but only as a lot. They are topps, finest, upper deck and bowman. yes or no ?
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    WTB Looking for some psa 10 cards

    Looking to buy some psa 10 cards for my son player or team don't matter. Would like topps, u.d., bowman or topps and bowman chrome. baseball, basketball, football or hockey only. not looking to break the bank,.
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    WTB Looking for a 1/1

    Looking to buy a true 1/1 card, maybe a auto 1/1 if the price is right, dont wanna break the bank. Would like a card from topps, bowman, contenders, donruss or panini. Team and player not important but a tiger, lion piston or red wing would be a plus.
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    Shout out to Anthony Corona

    Just want to give a BIG shout out and thank you to Anthony Corona for sending my son 7 cards of a 8 card run of 2007 bowman chrome doc cedric brooks, including the 1/1 superfractor. many many thanks to you Anthony.
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    WTB WTB 1/1 or rainbow run

    Looking to buy a rainbow run /1, /5, /10 and so on or a true 1/1( card must be serial numbered 1/1) for my son's 12th birthday. The team or player is not important but he is a Detroit(lions and Tigers) fan. would like the card to be topps or bowman football or baseball.
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    Question need some input

    So I sold a card on ebay for 48.00, in my description I clearly state that I will only ship to the U.S. The winning bidder lives in pureto rico, and has a 2 feedback but no action in over 2 years. what should I do?
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    alternative to turbolister

    I have always used turbo lister to list on ebay but the last few times ive used it Ihave ran into troubles i.e.- not responding or you have an error in a listing or the progran just not loading, My question is their a alternative program to use to list or is turbo lister the only one?

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