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  1. Jack Straw

    2005 Topps Venezuelan?

    Not sure what this is but looks like the 2005 Topps picture? It has numbering and looks like it was stuck in some sort of book. Anyone have any other players or do you think this is just a homemade card? I got it from Venezuela and the seller said he bought it at a local magazine stand..
  2. Jack Straw

    2000 Play Tatoos?

    Anyone have any others? Picked up this Griffey but certainly must be more? http://www.ebay.com/itm/262885094634?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  3. Jack Straw

    Griffey Collector's Thread

    For the life of me I can't understand why Griffey doesn't have one of these inserts?
  4. Jack Straw

    Griffey Collector's Thread

    Bought this figuring it was a fake but got it today and looks and feels real.. Has anyone ever seen one?
  5. Jack Straw

    Griffey Collector's Thread

    Something you don't see too often if ever..
  6. Jack Straw

    Official Randy Johnson Collectors Thread

    Anyone need one one of these?
  7. Jack Straw

    Griffey Collector's Thread

    Just picked up the "full ball" version of this card. Seems like I have been looking for it for 10 years? Obviously I have not looked at every one but this is tough! Would love the base and promo too..
  8. Jack Straw

    FS Early single signed sweet spot Mark McGwire auto

    Extremely nice perfect early sig. 150.00
  9. Jack Straw

    Buster Posey 2010 Topps Rookie Question

    Is there an Emerald Peanuts version of this card?
  10. Jack Straw

    1995 Panini Stickers

    Are these that tough? I have been looking for just the album and can't find one? Does any one have a scan of one? Was it even produced?
  11. Jack Straw

    2007 Topps 1st Edition

    Are these that tough? I don't see a lot of them on Ebay. How were they distributed? There was also an Update set with the 1st Edition logo.. [ebay:1rdrjnbc]320839243408[/ebay:1rdrjnbc]
  12. Jack Straw

    Consignments Question

    Anybody know one on Ebay that they have used?
  13. Jack Straw

    Star cards

    I know most don't really take these serious and I am I am kind of middle of the road with them. I like the early career photos but the card design is ok. Are there any websites that have checklists? What spurred this was a card I have never seen before and it was pulled fast so maybe a Griffey...
  14. Jack Straw

    1999 CapCure Promo's

    Completely guessing here but judging by the other CapCure cards these were Stadium Give away's? 5x7 cardboard <not paper> ad pieces. I have 2 that I know of but have never seen anymore and would love to see these listed somewhere. Any help or photos of other players would be great.
  15. Jack Straw

    1992/93 MLB Stationary Collectible Covers

    Any one have a checklist of these? I have seen Griffey and Henderson. I can't believe they stopped there?
  16. Jack Straw

    1998 Upper Deck Eminent Prestige Jumbo's

    Trying to figure out if these 5x7's exist.. I don't believe they do but that doesn't mean they don't. If anyone has one please post a picture so I can put this puppy to bed.. 605 Mike Piazza 607 Frank Thomas 610 Mark Mcgwire 611 Jeff Bagwell 612 Travis Lee 614 Cal Ripken 616 Nomar Garciaparra...
  17. Jack Straw

    Modern Football ?

    Ok I know Football but don't know modern cards. I won a contest last year and in it were some what I presume to be good cards. AP, Stafford,Revis, Pettigrew, Calvin Johnson, Forte,Ryan and some low numbered stuff. Do you think there is interest in these or is it just a pile of junk? Should I...
  18. Jack Straw

    2004 Upper Deck Power Up

    Does anyone know if there was different colors within the same point totals? http://www.thepclist.com/cards/viewPic.php?c_pk=7616
  19. Jack Straw

    1997 Upper Deck Power Package Jumbo's

    I know we have discussed these before but can't find the thread. I don't know why these are tough but for some reason they are? [ebay:1yx2h6rx]310319238444[/ebay:1yx2h6rx]
  20. Jack Straw

    1997 Crown Pro Stamps

    Just won this last week. Anyone have anybody else from this set? Never seen one and as always I love oddball stuff like this..

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