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  1. Dazed

    2019 Topps Allen Ginter Egg Card

    What the &*# is going on? Are the Jenner/Kardashian clan now causing prices to increase? Even crazier for the parallels...
  2. Dazed

    Favorite Inexpensive (Junk Era) Inserts

    If you have any that you want to share let's see them. Unfortunately I purchased a lot of cards in the junk era. While looking through some of the the other day I found these two that I always liked. Same inserts two different years. 1994 Fleer Pro-Visions 1995 Fleer Pro-Visions
  3. Dazed

    2020 Topps Update 2 Jumbo Box Break

    To say I did really well would be an understatement. I completed 2 base sets and got all of the expected inserts & parallels. My hits were: Box Topper Patches: Nolan Arenado & Sean Murphy SP's: Bryce Harper & Yordan Alvarez Base MLB All Star Stitches Relic: Miguel Cabrera Silver MLB All Star...
  4. Dazed

    2020 Topps Update Series Checklist

    Here it is: https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2020-topps-update-series-baseball-cards Silver Pack Checklist https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2020-topps-baseball-silver-pack-1985-chrome-cards#post_anchor_1_324206 Personally I'm not real impressed with the checklist. By my count there are...
  5. Dazed

    Hall of Fame

    2020 Has been a bad year. So far there have been six Hall of Famers pass away. Al Kaline, Tom Seaver, Lou Brock, Bob Gibson, Whitey Ford & now Joe Morgan. 2020 and 1972 are the only years to have six players to pass. Unfortunately we still have almost 12 full weeks left this year. The only...
  6. Dazed

    Help Identifying

    I have a friend that's father collected cards & sports memorabilia for years. He passed away quite a few years ago. Recently her mother passed away. She is going through all of her father's stuff and trying to figure out who and what she has. Since she’s in the KC area I’ve been able to help her...
  7. Dazed

    RIP Eric Cooper MLB Umpire

    He just worked the ALDS series between the Yankees & Twins. Only 52 years old. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/27888900/eric-cooper-mlb-umpire-21-years-dies-52
  8. Dazed

    WTTF Help Completing a Few Baseball Sets

    I'm close on a few Baseball sets and wanted to see if anyone can help. I have plenty to trade. Maybe I can help you finish a set or two. 2018 Bowman Platinum: Top Prospects set TOP-50 Merandy Gonzalez - Miami Marlins 2019 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects set TOP-78 Carlos Cortes - New York Mets...
  9. Dazed

    2019 S2 Jumbo, 2 Silver Packs & 4 Bowman Mega Boxes

    NFS NFT OK, I went to the LCS Saturday afternoon to pick up a Topps series 2 Jumbo and get the two silver packs with the purchase. On the way home I decided to stop at Target to see if they restocked the Bowman Mega boxes. They had four so of course I bought them. Probably my best rip day yet...
  10. Dazed

    2019 Historic Autographs HOF Inductees

    I have seen some of their other releases and I thought it looked pretty good. The LCS got a few boxes in yesterday so I thought I would give it a shot. 4 Beckett Authenticated on card autographs. 1 football & 3 Baseball. The Csonka Auto is hard to see. It's in black ball point pen.
  11. Dazed

    2019 Topps Blister Packs

    I don't know what you all call them but I call them Blister packs. It's 3 packs of 2019 Topps Series 1 with a clear plastic bubble glued to a cardboard back with a Bonus Green border 150 Years of Professional Baseball insert on front. I found some at my local Target. With the 150 insert card...
  12. Dazed

    2019 Topps Series 1 Checklist

    Cardboard Connection Link: https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2019-topps-series-1-baseball-cards The Base set doesn't have card numbers yet. So, it is alphabetical by first name.
  13. Dazed

    2018 Topps Fire

    So, at lunch I decide to run to Target to get a loaf of bread. I had to stop and check the cards, even though my local store rarely has anything good. Well apparently they stocked the card section today. I didn't even know they were doing Topps Fire again this year. If I have time I'll post...
  14. Dazed

    2017 Bowman Mega Boxes

    I haven't seen anyone post about these yet. I have picked up about 10 of them. You get 5 packs of 2017 Bowman and 2 exclusive Bowman Mega packs. I have only seen them at Target they cost $14.99. The Mega pack cards have a pattern in the chrome. There are parallels, Rookie of the Year Favorites...
  15. Dazed

    WTTF 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Needs

    A friend and I try to trade to help each other complete our sets. For 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft we still need a few cards. I'll be happy to trade or buy the few cards we still need. 15 - Dylan Moore 24 - Zack Erwin 38 - Manuel Margot 56 - Lucas Williams 75 - Kyle Tucker 80 - Ryan Mountcastle 103...
  16. Dazed

    WTTF 2015 Topps Chrome Needs

    60 Eric Hosmer 82 Adam Wainwright 170 Ender Inciarte 201 Noah Syndergaard 202 Francisco Lindor 204 Joey Gallo I would like to trade for 60, 82 & 170 if possible. I have quite a few duplicates. I don't have to have the SP's.
  17. Dazed

    Longest Odds Item You've Ever Pulled

    The reason I ask is yesterday I beat the odds with 2015 Topps Heritage. If I'm looking at this correctly the card (redemption) I pulled is listed as 1:420,360, correct me if I read it wrong. The highest listed on the wrapper. I wonder how many of these there are. . . . . . . . . Now the...
  18. Dazed

    Topps Redemption Updates

    I checked the status of my Topps redemptions this morning. Of the 14 redemptions I'm waiting for 10 of them now show shipped! Wow I hope this is correct and I start getting them soon. At least one of them is from as far back as 2012. The odd thing is I'm waiting on two James Paxton auto's. One...
  19. Dazed

    Topps Redemption Mailday X3

    A big Topps redemption mailday today! David Ortiz Tier One Crowd Pleaser auto 22/50 Hank Aaron Tier One auto 39/50 Tim Raines Topps Tribute Auto Plate 1/1
  20. Dazed

    3 Topps Mega Boxes

    Topps Update Notable Base: US46 Puig Variation: US218 Miguel Cabrera Gold /2013 Adam Jones, Bumgarner, Keppinger Emerald Foil: B. Phillips, Jose Fernandez, Francoeur Chasing History: McCutchen, P. Fielder, Cingrani, Posey Franchise Forerunners: Ryan Darvish X2 Making Their Mark: Zunino...

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