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  1. STHendricks

    BGS package in - pleased - Taveras, Xander, Harper...

    Very happy with these. I had a buddy raw review these in Houston. Only the Harper's are available. #1/150 Learn how to use a Marker please... oh and getting a hit would help... .5 away from Pristine
  2. STHendricks

    FS A.Silverio BDP Futures Patch /5; Vogelbach Autos, N.Castellanos 9.5

    The scans are in my photobucket: Silverio patch - $65 Vogelbach lot - $22 Castellanos 9.5/10 auto - best offer rest of the bucket, feel free to ask - SANO, YELICH are NFS
  3. STHendricks

    2 Jumbos of 2012 Bowman

    I crack 2 jumbos and pack war'd 3 hobby boxes. here are the goods. The top 3 autos came in the first jumbo box along with the Kemp and Gold REF: Also got a Jake Marisnick & Justin Noclino REF #/500. Matt Moore Bowman's Best #/99
  4. STHendricks

    Bowman Chrome Blue REF Autos FS

    $42 $18 $18 $42 $31 $17 $10 $10 $25
  5. STHendricks

    Brandon Marshall to the Bears

    for 2 3rd rounders....
  6. STHendricks

    Taillon, Taijuan & Teheran & *Color*

    For sale: $105 $55 $35 (19 Chromes) $40 $18 $18 $30 $25 - REF /500 $60 $25 $10 each $20 $17 #46/99 $10
  7. STHendricks

    Stanton, Heyward, Arenado BC Auto & More FS

    I have to scan a few, but most are in the bucket Sano and Yelich - are not for sale Stanton $120 Heyward $70 Arenado BGS 9.5 $60 Taillon BGS 9 Blue - $115 Taillon BGS 9.5 $55 - only 1 available others may be available Thanks Shawn
  8. STHendricks


  9. STHendricks

    2011 Bowman

    I went to the LCS to snag an Arenado chrome auto, but it was gone. I had the itch, so I plucked some packs out of a fresh box hoping for a Profar auto of some sort. I got this and was pretty happy. My first red auto! Also picked this up for what I thought was a reasonable/fair price...
  10. STHendricks

    Should I ship to Taiwan on eBay?

    Thoughts? any feedback appreciated...thanks
  11. STHendricks

    2010-11 Young Guns FS

    I have some cards for sale here. http://shop.ebay.com/sthendricks6/m.html please let me if you need any and we can work something out pm me if you wanna work something out. I dont collect hockey and acquire these while doing some pack wars with some buddies
  12. STHendricks

    For TRADE 2 sealed Boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome Football***

    Just got back from the shop and unloaded a bunch of low end autos and got these boxes in return. Looking for $130 sales value in trade May list them on eBay - but would rather trade them for something I want.

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