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  1. Onions

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    Had a few days off this week so I started organizing my collection better. Still a bit of work to do combining my lists and sorting through everything. I have come across a couple oddball cards that don't seem to fit anywhere on my checklists. Anyone know what these are? The Post Cereal card...
  2. Onions

    Player Collectors 1500+ Club

    I've been waiting to be able to post in this thread, and just yesterday I finally made it to the 1500 unique Kirby Puckett cards milestone. These last pickups are the ones that put me at exactly 1501 (the Mirror Blue is actually a duplicate). I almost only chase earlier releases, so 95% of them...
  3. Onions

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    This was in my mail when I got back from vacation yesterday too.
  4. Onions

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    Picked these up in the last year. My only game used Puckett stuff that isn't cut up into a card. This was his Batting Practice bat. Its huge!
  5. Onions

    Player collector non-card thread. Post pics & talk about unusual collectibles

    I've got a couple: Newspaper printing plates - I still need to make some nice frames for them Upper Deck Watch This I believe was a cut from a giant WCCO Bus Advertisement. I know I have seen the entire thing once, wish I would have saved the picture. I kinda wish mine was complete, but...
  6. Onions

    Cutting a card from a magazine insert?

    Just wondering what the best way is to cut this card from the magazine page? Its made from card stock, not thin paper. A scissors seems like it would cause some damage. I don't have one of those big guillotine paper cutters either. Scalpel/exacto and straight edge? If someone has any ideas...
  7. Onions

    1995 Leaf Statistical Standouts Promo - No clipped corner

    Honestly, I'm not completely sure what size it is. It came up just today and I haven't requested delivery yet. I assume that it is a normal size since there is no $1.00 shipping charge associated with it like COMC usually does with oversized and graded cards. I don't have the jumbo or the...
  8. Onions

    1995 Leaf Statistical Standouts Promo - No clipped corner

    I was able to snag a 95 Leaf Statistical Standouts Puckett today off COMC. It was listed as a promo, but did not have the clipped corner as every other promo I have seen. It also was not serial numbered in any way, or stamped sample either. Is this just simply a "missing foil" error card?
  9. Onions

    Refractor or no.... That is the question.

    I vote no. Here is a pic of a refractor where I tried to duplicate the lighting. Hope it helps
  10. Onions

    WTB 2015 Allen & Ginter X Mini - A&G backs - looking for a few to finish my set

    Anyone have any of these laying around? I've been trying to finish this up and have stalled out. Not much is being listed. It's the 2015 Ginter X set (the black ones), mini A&G backs. This is the list I need: 1, 17, 38, 105, 112 173, 290, 311, 317 324, 329, 337, 338 Let me know if you have...
  11. Onions

    Will Clark Collectors Thread

    I've always been a fan of Will Clark. As a kid all of these guys seemed like superheroes, but Clark stood out a little more for me and a buddy of mine. In 1991, my friend and I were 11 years old. Baseball was pretty much all we thought about. My mom had a friend/co-worker (I will just call him...

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