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  1. waintrain

    Was this "cut signature" really nessessary? WTF????????

    Michael Wacha Cut Signature Card 1 1 Auto Texas A M St Louis Cardinals 1 Pick | eBay Pretty sure that's a $10 Sterling USA Dual Auto cut up, for sale for $100. Again, WTF?
  2. waintrain

    Christmas Breaks EDIT: 2 Sick Boxes of 12 Draft!! Zunino.....

    I decided to have one thread for all that I break open for the Holidays. And I'll start with this: I'll just list the highlights once I'm done.
  3. waintrain

    Prospectors: Who did you get rid of to early/late?

    I wouldn't consider myself a prospector, but I bust wax and keep the prospects. My question is who did you sell off too early, or too late. Too Late: 2011 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor AU JD Martinez /50 (Still have it) - I remember when this was a $150 card. last one went for $22 BIN :( 2010...
  4. waintrain

    FT AU/GU/#'d/Oddballs/Manu Patches...... Looking for Cardinals and others.

    I'm looking for these in return: Cardinals Giancarlo Stanton Jacob Turner Cody Asche Prospects Star Rookie Year (or before) Autos EDIT: I'll also take lots from the following sets: 2011-12 Topps Heritage Minors (Base-Tints-Black-Autos-GU) 2010-12 Topps Pro Debut (Base-Blue-Gold-Autos-GU-Inserts)...
  5. waintrain


    I found this auction on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-SP-Authentic-By-The-Letter-Signatures-BRIAN-BARDEN-AUTOGRAPH-AUTO-30-75-/140893380695?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item20cde66057 At first I see that the title has Brian Barden, while Dan Haren is pictured. No big deal, but the description says...
  6. waintrain

    FT Low End Inserts/Parallels/#'d/Autos/GU.... Looking for Cardinals....

    I've been working on this site for a few days, and I've added wantlists, and tradelists, which I will be adding to through out tomorrow. If you are looking for a team/player, then LMK and I will put together a lot. I'd like Cardinals in return, or prospects, and others in my sig. Also if there...
  7. waintrain

    What's your best pull from a single pack?

    Ever since buying 1 2007 bowman HTA pack and pulling a Brandon Morrow 1/1 Plate, I had never pulled such a good card from one pack, until last Christmas. I got a 2011 bowman draft rack pack and pulled this one:
  8. waintrain

    Any suggestions on how I should list this?

    I bought a Royals jersey from goodwill a while back. I've never sold a jersey on eBay, so I was wondering how I should list it. Any help is appreciated.
  9. waintrain


    Just got this maple bacon donut! Delicious!
  10. waintrain

    FT Mid-Late 90's Star Inserts...Favre-Sanders-Elway-etc...

    I have a little bit of 90's Football inserts/#'d that I'm looking to trade. I don't have much interest in FB, as I'm a Baseball collector, so I would be looking for Baseball. Here's the list: 1994 Flair Wave of the Future Marshall Faulk x2 Ultra Marshall Faulk 408 x2 Ultra 1st Rounder...
  11. waintrain

    FT Inserts, Parallels, Player Lots...

    AUTOS 1997 Donruss Signature Series Jim Edmonds 2000 Ultra Fresh Ink Joe Nathan 868/1000 2006 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2006-07 USA Auto Relic Blake Beavan 49/395 2007 Artifacts Autofacts Zack Greinke 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft Casey Weathers 2007 Bowman Chrome Draft...
  12. waintrain

    2011 Topps Heritage Minors+Show Pickups

    I buy these boxes for a reason that I can't explain, nor do I know myself, but still bought 1. Jonathan Musser Blue Auto /99 Andy Parrino Auto Redemption:mad: Arodys Vizcaino Relic Bryce Harper Base Shelby Miller Green Tint /620 Shelby and Bryce are for the PC. Rest are for trade. PC Pickups...
  13. waintrain

    2012 Topps Series 1 Hobby Box-Auto-SP

    I got another box of these because I hadn't opened anything in a while. Highlights: Johnny Cueto Auto(My second least favorite player!) Home Run Heroes 3 and 8 6 used Golden Giveaway Codes Pretty crappy break. But after looking through the base I found this: Billy Butler Gatorade SP Still not...
  14. waintrain

    waintrain's 2012 spring training trip!

    So far half way through my 8 day trip, here are my totals: AUTO CARDS CARDINALS Seth Blair 9 Anthony Bryant 1 phillip Cerreto 8 Maikel Cleto 4 Zack Cox 2 Tony Cruz 1 Adam Ehrlich 6 Samuel Freeman 1 Jose Garcia 1 Steven Hill 1 Virgil Hill 2 Deryk Hooker 9 Ryan Jackson 2 Tyrell Jenkins 2 Joe...
  15. waintrain

    Name some horrible/great trades of your team

    I just thought of this idea for the Cardinals today and thought I would make a thread about it. Name the best/worst trades your team has made. For the Cardinals it would look like this BEST: Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio Jim Edmonds for Adam Kennedy Ozzie Smith for Gary Templeton Scott Rolen for...
  16. waintrain

    1x 12 Topps and 11 Heritage Minors.... Plus Show Pickups

    The hit in the 2012 box was a Retired Rings Tom Seaver /736. I also got a Matt Moore Gold Sparkle. No SPs. The Seaver was in a pack on it's own, and it was obvious that it was a Ring card. I could feel the open space around the ring so it would have been extremely easy to search. I also got 6...
  17. waintrain

    Just set up my Sportlots account!

    I have been adding inventory for a week or so and I'm up to over 1,000 cards total. I'm adding my Autos/GU tonight. Check it out here:http://www.sportlots.com/inven/invenbin/dealerpage.tpl?dealer=JoeKelly I have just been adding some random boxes and recent breaks, but it will take a while...
  18. waintrain

    Trip to Target=2012 Topps, 2010 Bowman Chrome, 2009 OPC

    I was searching for a Rally Squirrell but didn't find one. :( . I got 1 $9.99 box of 12 Topps and a blaster of 12 Topps, 10 BC, and 09 OPC. I'll start with Topps. All FT unless otherwise noted. Base: Jesus Montero RC Walmart Blue Border: Mariano Rivera David Wright Bautista/Granderson/Teixeira...
  19. waintrain

    Anyone with a Football Beckett want to help me out?

    I stumbled upon some Brett Favre cards from the late 90's and found a 1998 Collector's Edge First Place /125. I saw other /125 on COMC that book as high as 25 bucks. Does anyone know the BV on the Favre and want to help me out?

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