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    Is there a 2020 way of seeing a best offer/sold for listing?

    Thanks guys. Sortsof worked. Appreciate it!
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    Is there a 2020 way of seeing a best offer/sold for listing?

    I knew some of the websites we used to be able to use no longer work. Any way of seeing what a best offer item sold for in 2020? Thanks for the help!
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    When Bigfoot rides a White Whale into your mailbox.

    Amazing card. I have very few cards I can recall specifically how I obtained, but my 1990 Score Promo is one of them. One of the most important cards in my collection is the Will Clark 1990 Score Promo I received from a member on this site. Congrats. Purchase from a promo collector?? Pretty rare...
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    The Radicards® Thread

    Here is a complete set of Tampa Bay Rays Master Team Set redemption (authentic)
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    The Radicards® Thread

    Here are a few curveballs for you Patrick. Both the 1 of 20 Master Set and 1 of 15 Master Team Set do exist in authentic formats. Your 2 of 20 Frank Thomas example is real, but your 1 of 15 Frank Thomas is a fake like you mentioned. However, there are Master Team Set cards of 15 that are...
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    Shipping rates increased again mass sellers, even for smaller packages

    Just wanted to make sure the biggest sellers on here noticed the pretty significant price spike on shipping, even with the online postage. I ship a ton of packages less than 16 ozs each so I noticed each weight (4, 5, 6, and up) all went up. For those of us who use free shipping on virtually all...
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    Will Clark Collectors Thread

    Guilty as charged. Since it's one that was only a "speculating it may exist" on my want list, $300 was a bargain. I aimed for an offer that encouraged a yes from the seller. I'm not messing around with trying to outbid a few other big players, so I made a big play. Did you win the Canseco? I was...
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    Greatest unintentional Wade Boggs collection ever???

    I suppose Wade Boggs must not have many die hard fans, because I have accumulated one heck of a Wade Boggs collection over the years. Now, I've sold a few over the years too (probably to set collectors), but some of the cards I still have amaze me.
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    COMC Issues? Uploading credit?

    I don't use COMC to purchase all that often. But is anyone having issues getting paypal credit uploaded to their site? Wanted to pick up a couple lower value cards and can't even get the credit to upload. I've paid and the receipt is confirmed, but curious how long people have experienced the...
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    Let's not fight over this one! It's the ULTIMATE Collection of 1990 Donruss

    Seems a tad high :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Donruss-Baseball-Card-Must-Have-Collection-/181941358601?hash=item2a5c8cd009:g:4OoAAOSwp5JWVJdv
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    To the collector of the Topps Porcelain Reprints, did you see this?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Porcelain-Rookie-Baseball-Card-Reprints-Ernie-Banks-Rickey-Henderson-4-More-/121689756043?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c5546518b I remember we used to have a collector that was compiling a list or collecting the R&N China Topps Porcelain Rookie Reprint cards. This lot...
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    Autograph expert needed. Identify?

    Anyone know whose signature this is? A friend asked me and assumed I'd know but I'm not familiar with it
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    Thanks to Mouschi! My very own Will Clark San Francisco Giants Donruss Crusade

    Employed our resident custom card guru to make a few cards, but this was my special addition. I've always thought a Donruss Crusade style featuring Clark in his San Francisco Giants jersey would be cool. I think he did an amazing job with it and glad to have it. Thanks Tanner!
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    Baseball Set/Player collectors should consider themselves lucky :) $3200 88 watchers Sprewell!

    If late 90's Baseball cards ever get close to the monetary value of late 90's equivalent inserts & parallel cards that Basketball cards have, the player or set collectors aren't gonna be very happy. Saw this listing and felt it was a pretty awesome site to see A Latrell Sprewell @ $3200 and...
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    My Long Term Set Goal: 1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown Promo Set UPDATE, Griffey among others

    Haven't posted a topic in a bit, but figured this might be a nice one for the promo collectors or rare 90's card guys. Here is my progress on the 1993 Pinnacle Cooperstown Promos. Currently at 17 of 30. I've seen another 6 or 7 players, but I can go months or even a year without even seeing...
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    The 1 bad thing about the backdoored non auto Superfractor's, leads to fake autos!

    Not so much fake, but after market autos. This was bound to happen, just hope collector's are aware that a bunch of backdoored superfractor (non autographed) auto's versions hit the market and don't overpay for the ones with autographs (after market). 2012 Bowman Chrome Nick Castellanos...
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    Oh, just another $511 Will Clark card serially numbered to 55 . . . WOW!

    1999 Will Clark E x Century Essential Credentials Now 55 4 55 Orioles | eBay Well, this one shocked me. Glad I have it so I didn't have to be in the bidding war, but this price still seems a little crazy. Looks like a set collector battled it out with a fellow Clark fan and lost. Been there a...
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    Adam Dunn Single Season Strikeout Record: Think He'll get it??

    Just watching Sale pitch tonight and was watching the stats. Dunn has struck out 126 times in 278 at bats. WOW!! He's been all or nothing this year. Think he'll break the single season K record??? He's always been a strikeout king, but this year, he's on a mission :)
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Not for sale, but this is the other one with a diamond holo rather than baseball diamond holo I mentioned a post or two ago:
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    Ozzie Smith experts?? Autograph legit?

    What do you guys think of this one? Saw it on completed. Like the card, but I don't like that autograph. Any opinions??

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