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  1. masonphillip

    This is why Leaf Army is fun

    Fun seeing all these guys who I pulled in Army either a year or multiple years ago show up in bowl games, NFL prospect rankings and the NFL, such as: T.J. Yeldon - Alabama starting RB -...
  2. masonphillip

    6 box case of 2013 Leaf metal draft

    starting momentarily.
  3. masonphillip

    3 Case Live Break Leaf Perfect Game

    Here are the first 3 boxes: Stone Garrett Base Metal Justin Bellinger State Pride Blue Prismatic /25 Hunter Vanhorn Base Auto Riley Jackson Parallel Auto /25 Kiko Garcia Parallel Auto /50 K.J. Harrison Base...
  4. masonphillip

    4 Cases of Leaf Metal Basketball Live

    about to start on box 6 of case 1, here's boxes 1-5 David Robinson Hoop Matrix Base Lenny Wilkens Base Auto Green /10 Shawn Kemp Hoop Matrix Base Shawn Kemp Base Auto Blue /25 Damian Lillard Hoop Matrix Base Dan Issel Base Auto Prismatic /50 Shaquille O'Neal 1961-62 Reprint Green...
  5. masonphillip

    Leaf mystery redemption taken down by eBay

    I just got a notice that my leaf mystery redemption for ace tennis was taken down by eBay because it was classified as a lottery ticket - anyone else had this problem?
  6. masonphillip

    ACE Tennis 5 Case Live Break

    And away we go, box 1 coming up.
  7. masonphillip

    FCB Group BGS Sub Transition

    Well guys, I hate to say it but April was my last FCB Group BGS sub, my life has become rather busier and frankly, it's just been too much hassle and frustration lately. Starting in May, the sub will revert back to cgilmo and you'll hear more on that soon, just wanted to give you all a heads-up.
  8. masonphillip

    FCB Group BGS Submission April 2013 - Post Lists Here

    All, Instructions are below for submission. If you have additional questions, please refer to the TOS: Instructions: 1. Use the matrix in the picture below to calculate your fees, if you are using a mix of 10-day and 20-day you will have to calculate your fees for each group then add them...
  9. masonphillip

    5 Cases of Leaf Power Showcase - Live

    . One more drool worthy patch for the night
  10. masonphillip

    5 Cases of Leaf Power Showcase - Live

    . Another amazing patch
  11. masonphillip

    5 Cases of Leaf Power Showcase - Live

    . First rounder
  12. masonphillip

    5 Cases of Leaf Power Showcase - Live

    patches like this are awesome
  13. masonphillip

    5 Cases of Leaf Power Showcase - Live

    The 1/1 I pulled earlier. Case 3 starting now
  14. masonphillip

    5 Cases of Leaf Power Showcase - Live

    Was lucky enough to acquire several cases and get them dropped to me...so box 1 starts right now!
  15. masonphillip

    Some Power Showcase popping on eBay?

    121089871087 - Austin Garcia Green Longball Auto /10 121089872990 - Luis Diaz Green Longball Auto /10 121089875082 - Noah Kelly Green auto /10 130881740489 - Jextin Hughes Base Auto /50 130881750271 - Jovan Robinson Base Auto /50
  16. masonphillip

    AIC Box Break Night pt. 2

    Andrew's at it again. come join the fun with other FCB members All In Cards - Team Breaks on USTREAM: breaking cases of cards for fcb. Baseball
  17. masonphillip

    Live Break - 2 Cases 2013 Leaf Army

    Because I'm totally addicted... box 1 coming up

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