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  1. shuedini

    My newest Rolen addition

    I'll be getting this in the mail soon. I'm still filling in the blanks to the Rolen PC and while I'm doing that, I'm trying to fill up some blank wall space with things that aren't cards. Check out my blog to see the progression of this piece.
  2. shuedini


    Is WoundedDuck still around? Or does anyone know how to get in touch with him? He did a custom sketch card for me several years ago and I was hoping to commission a few more. If anyone else does custom sketches, I may be interested in having you do a few as well.
  3. shuedini

    Player collector website

    Hey guys! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things as far as my collection goes. Between being busy with work and a few side projects going on, I've been working on building a website for my Rolen collection. I've been messing around with the Wix site builder and I'm not sure if I want...
  4. shuedini

    Looking for fellow Rolen collectors

    I know there is a player collector thread, and I've searched through it already. I was just wondering if there are any active members here who collect Scott Rolen cards. I have amassed quite the collection of doubles (and triples/quadruples +) from buying lots of Rolen cards off of ebay to only...
  5. shuedini

    Hey guys!

    I go away for a couple of years and this place blows up! Nice job, Gilmore. I've been tossing the idea around about getting back into collecting. I figure it'll be easier for me to do now that Rolen has retired. :) Just thought I'd stop in to see how everyone was doing. It's been awhile since...
  6. shuedini

    Anyone here know Hebrew?

    I'm working on a personal project and I need some help with translation. I've done the Google translator, but not only do I want it verified by someone who knows Hebrew, I would also like to see it handwritten as opposed to what Google offers. What I'm looking for is the phrase "Only God Shall...
  7. shuedini

    Looking for an artist...

    I have a tattoo currently that I would like to expand on. I have an idea in my head, but I'm not the greatest artist in the world. So I figured I would solicit my FCB family to see if anyone here has the skills required to undertake such a challenge. The image I've attached is a rough idea...
  8. shuedini

    Raining $20 bills in Downtown Indy yesterday!

    Yesterday people in Downtown Indianapolis couldn't believe their eyes as $20 bills were floating around. You can read about it HERE. Basically what happened was three bundles of $20 bills totalling about $1.4 million fell out of an armored truck. One of the bundles (about $20,000) was hit...
  9. shuedini

    A good reason NOT to look at completed auctions

    I've not purchased anything for the Rolen PC in quite some time. So, while I was perusing ebay I decided to check out the completed auctions and stumbled upon this: [ebay:1o2k2qg5]260664274860[/ebay:1o2k2qg5] If you are the one who purchased this, I'll double...no...triple your money RIGHT...
  10. shuedini

    Here's a way for someone to make some money!

    Someone needs to invent a scanner specifically for cards. Something that will scan the front and back of a card simultaneously. I can think of several guys here that would purchase such a device; myself included. Just one of my many multi-million dollar ideas that I'm willing to give away...
  11. shuedini

    Can anyone here help me out...phpBB3 / HTML

    I'm needing some assistance on something I'm working on. It has to do with phpBB3 and HTML. If you know anything about these things, I would greatly appreciate some help.
  12. shuedini

    What's the cost?

    Gilmore...or anyone with internet forum knowledge...what does it cost to run a forum? I'm not trying to make a new one to be a competitor to this one or anything crazy like that. I'm a member of our local town's forum and these guys seem to be full of shit. I was just wondering what some...
  13. shuedini

    Looking for some help with something...

    As some of you know I have been trying to get my photography business off the ground for a little while now. I've entered a local contest that I think would really help our exposure. So I've come here to ask my FCB family to help me if you can. All I need you to do is take a few minutes and...
  14. shuedini

    Going through the big D...selling out.

    It's a long story that I'm sure you guys don't really care to hear...but my wife has decided that she wants a divorce. She just "isn't happy" anymore. That being said, I'm selling nearly everything I own in order to get some things taken care of. If anyone would like an instant Scott Rolen...
  15. shuedini

    Banks...are they ran by the mafia?

    I'll make this long story short for you guys. Basically I've been jerked around by my bank, National City, for quite awhile now. I'm in the process of trying to find a bank that doesn't seem to be ran by some shady businessmen. I've drained my savings account down to $0.00 recently (on...
  16. shuedini

    Holy S*** My '98 Donruss Crusade 1/1?

    Ok...not exactly a 1/1. But it counts as one on ebay...so that makes it a 1/1 right? :P Thanks to the guys here at FCB for helping me add this to my growing PC collection known as the "Rolen Vault."
  17. shuedini

    Web gurus...

    I was wondering today...is there any way I can make money off of my site just by having people visit it? Does anyone know if there is a legitimate way to do this?
  18. shuedini

    Exploding glass desk

    So...for no apparent reason my glass desk decided to shatter. Nothing fell onto it...and it didn't have much weight on it. The only things hurt were my computer monitor and my Wacom tablet. They both have HUGE gouges in them now. Does anyone have an extra monitor that they could sell for...
  19. shuedini

    Comedian on Comedy Central?

    There was a comedian on Comedy Central the other night...I need to know who he is. He played a guitar and "sang" his bit. He talked about chatting with a girl online and part of his bit was that he would say the punctuation. Like "I really really want to hang out with you, exclamation mark...
  20. shuedini

    Any interest in scanning a couple thousand cards...

    I'm testing the waters here...I was wondering if there was anyone here who would be interested in scanning the fronts and backs of my entire Scott Rolen collection. I was doing good there for a long time...but here lately I haven't been able to scan anything! So, if you're seriously interested...

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