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  1. goodgainz

    Obsidian vs Chronicles vs Prizm

    Out of these three college uniform series, which has been your favorite so far in 2020? Personally, enjoyed pulling the big hits out of Obsidian. The design is a lot nicer and those bowl patches are INSANE!!
  2. goodgainz


    NBA (1) TMALL SELECT BOX BREAK - 3 Random Tiered Teams. 10 spots/$85 Breaks live on our YouTube Channel. Looking to get this filled with other great collectors. Please comment any questions. Can purchase below or on the site (small portion is donated to the Animal Rescue Foundation). 1. **SOLD...
  3. goodgainz

    First Prizm Basketball Box With A BIG SLAM DUNK!

    First time customer almost quit the hobby from previous bad luck...We were able to change that with our very first box of 2019/20 Prizm Fast Break!🤩 Enjoy the Slam Dunk of Good Gainz & comment your favorite!🙌
  4. goodgainz

    Zion Williamson or Ja Morant?

    Basketball has blown up the hobby lately and everything has skyrocketed in price and value! If you could pull one, who would you rather have and from what series?
  5. goodgainz

    2019 Panini Chronicles Football

    Is anyone collecting Panini Chronicles? Seen them constantly rise in value since their release date.
  6. goodgainz


    With Panini and Topps getting back to printing, what's everyone looking forward to collecting on Release Day?
  7. goodgainz

    3 Box Football Mixer PYT

    🏈3 Box Mixer of 2019 Encased & Select. Breaks are done on our Youtube channel. Arizona Cardinals - **SOLD VIA WEBSITE** Atlanta Falcons - **SOLD VIA WEBSITE** Baltimore Ravens - **SOLD VIA WEBSITE** Buffalo Bills - **SOLD VIA WEBSITE** Carolina Panthers - **SOLD VIA WEBSITE** Chicago Bears -...
  8. goodgainz

    2020 Football Season Outcome Debate

    Which unpopular statement will likely come true in 2020 and why?
  9. goodgainz

    Hello Fellow Collectors!

    Online online card breaker for a year now (est. 5/18/19). Family owned business with decades worth of collecting and love for the hobby! Feel free to check us out or even message us to chat about sports. Thanks, GGCB
  10. goodgainz

    2019 Panini Flawless Football 1/2 Case

    This is a 1/2 case break of 2019 Panini Flawless Football. Break Style: 10 Spots/10 Hits (Each spot is guaranteed a hit). Price: $265/spot + Free Shipping Break: Everything is live-streamed on our Youtube Channel. Currently have 4 spots available. You can purchase through our website Below...