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  1. tonsofcommons

    Uninterested Adam Meme Contest- Open until final pitch of World Series

    What's up everyone?! FCB's own A_Pharis has become quite the internet sensation (at least with a small group), due to a recent screenshot of Adam at a Houston Astros game. With his beloved 'Stros in the Fall Classic, what better time to run a little contest than RIGHT NOW! So we are going...
  2. tonsofcommons

    Iowa Card Shows Virtual Card Show table- A good mix of everything!

    Welcome to Iowa Card Shows Table. Feel free to browse the selection of sports cards presented. I will be adding more cards through out the day and all cards will be marked sold as they are claimed. Shipping will be $3 for all orders, regardless of size. I will do Non-Machinable mailing of 1 or...
  3. tonsofcommons

    A belated thank you to a great member

    This thank you is long overdue! A few months ago, I posted some of my favorite Pacific cards over in the football forum. Ct Sox Fan sent me a PM saying he had a few cards for my collection, including an unbelievable patch cards of Michael Bishop with the "s" from Patriots. He took nothing in...
  4. tonsofcommons

    Card show promoter question

    Looking for opinions and thoughts… Show promoter question. I have a dealer that sets up at my show. Takes 3 tables and sells nothing but quarter cards. I have been told (by multiple people) that because this guy is here, some dealers will not come to the show because people will come and...
  5. tonsofcommons

    Just wanted to share my Pacific PC

    What's up guys? Hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to share some of my Pacific brand PC. I know that this is the baseball section, but baseball gets about 30x more traffic, so hope you don't mind me posting it here admins! :) As it stands, I am currently at 1595/3311 total...
  6. tonsofcommons

    Original Topps Advertising sign from 1950s... Value/cost

    I would like to buy an original Topps Baseball advertising sign from the 1950s for my shop (when I open) and wanted to know everyone's thoughts on cost or value of one in decent shape.
  7. tonsofcommons

    Wanted to share my first Completed set. :)

    I know it is football, but I wanted to share it here so more people can see. :) With the addition of Favre today, I finished my first Pacific GU set. 2000 Pacific "Patch" set (football). Beckett does not recognize a "patch" set, as Pacific did not distinguish between the regular jersey and a...
  8. tonsofcommons

    Tonsofcommons Virtual Card Show Table. 25 cent/50 cent/$1 bins. Bulk Discounts!

    Thanks for stopping by my table. Cards are separated in to 3 different sections 25 cent cards, 50 cent cards, and $1 cards. Shipping will be $3 for as many cards as you purchase, 1 or 100! Each customer will also receive 100 free reward points to be used at my website...
  9. tonsofcommons

    While we are reminiscing... Who remembers Beckett.com Collector pages

    Back in the hay-day of Beckett, they offered you the ability to create a trader page to showcase yoru collection and offer your cards to other collectors. I loved updating mine with my Sprewell cards and then putting my trade list out there. Those were the days!
  10. tonsofcommons

    Beckett Super Collector... When should I apply?

    I am always excited to share my Pacific collection with people and I one day hope to share my collection in Beckett. My question to you, my fellow collectors, is this: At what point should I apply for Beckett Super Collector? As far as I have discovered to this point, there are 3,308...
  11. tonsofcommons

    FS Huge list of cards. Tons of prospects Everything is 25 cents or 5 for $1, UNLESS MARKED.

    Huge list of cards. Tons of prospects Everything is 25 cents or 5 for $1, UNLESS MARKED. Shipping is $2.50 for all orders. 1993 Donruss Diamond Kings #DK1 Ken Griffey Jr. $1 1994 Dodgers Police #21 Mike Piazza $2 1994 Stadium Club Team Finest #1 Roberto Alomar 1995 Donruss Diamond Kings #DK14...
  12. tonsofcommons

    My new website and a contest for a $25 ebay gift card

    Thanks to cgilmo for letting me post this and Brennan Card Magnet for all of his hard work in making this site a reality. I am adding new cards daily and I finally got over 100 cards on the website, so I am running a contest to spread the word. All you have to do is go to my site, take a few...
  13. tonsofcommons

    Paypal Shipping "Your Holiday Savings". Shipping increase?

    Anyone notice this while shipping through Paypal? I did a 3 oz shipping label through Paypal shipping and it says that the shipping cost is $2.07, but with my "Holiday Savings" it is $1.69, which is what it has been forever. Is the "Holiday Savings" just the difference between what I would pay...
  14. tonsofcommons

    For all my Iowa Brethren.... Urbandale Card Show. Sunday September 15th

    I know that there are a few of us on here, so I thought I would let you all know that the monthly Urbandale card show is Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM. This show is steadily growing and has a great variety of products, including a guy that has 3 rows of 25 cent boxes to dig through. I myself will...
  15. tonsofcommons

    Two of the same card exist? 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones question

    Pricing my newest batch of cards and came upon this:2007 Topps Moments and Milestones Black #163-18 - Mickey Mantle/HR 18/29 - COMC This shouldn't be possible, should it? Or am I missing something? Both are HR #18 and both are 11/29.
  16. tonsofcommons

    Group Break- 4 boxes- (2) 2012 Absolute & (2) 2011 Playbook

    Doing 4 total boxes. 2 boxes of 2012 Absolute (4 hits per box) and 2 boxes of 2011 Playbook (4 hits per box). That's 16 total hits!!!! Best part, COMPLETELY RANDOM! Just let me know how many spots you want. Each spot will be for 2 randomly assigned teams. First slot is $28. Each...
  17. tonsofcommons

    Collector of the Week- PredatorKJ

    Welcome back to "Collector of the Week". Today we are going to talk to PredatorKJ, FCB's resident novelist. :) Hey PredatorKJ, thanks for joining us. Who is the man behind the screen name and where are ya from? My name is Aaron. I came up with PREDATORKJ from the book Predator: Concrete...
  18. tonsofcommons

    Is Sportlots still relevant?

    I'm looking at loading some stuff up and wanted to know if people still use it. Seems like there are still people loading stuff, as there are currently 23 copies of 2012 Topps Magic Andrew Luck rc. The biggest pet peeve I have is that you can't just look at everything a person has for sale.
  19. tonsofcommons

    FS Hey, you guys need these?

    1996 Leaf Bronze Proofs Mo Vaughn @petMonster- $1.50 PWE Craig Biggio BiggioBrooks755- $2 PWE 1996 Leaf Gold Proofs Greg Vaughn Brewer Andy- $4 PWE Giving you guys a shot at these before they go to COMC. Let me know. Thanks. Eddie
  20. tonsofcommons

    Collector of the Week- Mudflap02

    Hi everyone! Welcome to "Collector of the Week". FCB is full of a wide array of different collectors; Set builders, player collectors, prospectors, and the list goes on and on. Today, we will be talking to Mudflap02. He is known throughout many collector communities as "The Heritage Guy". He...