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    PayPal Chargeback filed after 110 days?

    I just was notified by PayPal that a claim has been filed for an electronic device I sold on 5/20. The buyer (0 feedback go figure) had contacted me last week saying they couldn't get it to work and gave me some excuse about how they hadn't tried to use it until now. I figured since it had...
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    Need suggestions on what Bowman box to get

    My mother-in-law wants to get me a box of baseball cards for my birthday. I haven't paid much attention to the recent Bowman releases so what offers the best bang for the buck? She'll probably order from blowout and look to spend less than $100. A quick glance at prices are as follows: 2011...
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    The Tillman Story

    Has anyone watched this movie? It is an incredibly sobering look at Pat's death and how it was handled by the military. They basically used his death as propaganda to advance a war that Pat believed was "illegal as shit" and flat out lied and tired to cover up how he was killed. I also find...
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    Best sites for a Dynasty league

    What are the best sites out there to manage a dynasty league? I'm currently in an 18 team league on ESPN and we manage the minor league portion of the league off site but it is a pain to do. Are there any free sites out there that have a minor league option or have easily customizable roster...
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    Jerseys from China

    Has anyone purchased jerseys from any of the websites in China? Any good ones or ones to avoid? I know these jersey's aren't authentic but I don't care. I'm just looking for a cheap jersey I can wear once or twice to a game.
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    Anyone else still waiting on Red Hot Rookies?

    I redeemed 5 RHRs from 2010 Topps when they first came out. I've received 3 of the 5 but I'm still waiting on a Brett Wallace and Mike Stanton. Is anyone else still waiting on any?
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    BP's Most Disappointing Prospects of All-Time Pt.2

    I found the article very interesting. The author originally intended to do a list of 50 but instead is releasing it in parts and doing a write up on each player. It is a subscriber only article so I will only list the players profiled in the first posting. Also, they note that the order is...
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    How awesome would this be?

    My heart skipped a few beats when I saw this pic: My dad and brother are Cardinal fans and I have been giving them a ton of crap about Pujols signing with the Cubs. I don't see it happening but as a Cubs fan what else do I have to dream about?
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    FS: 2007-2008 SP Rookie Edition Kevin Durant Auto BGS 9.5

    I pulled this out of RRR and since I don't collect basketball I'm looking to sell it. I'm asking $175 dlvd. Subs are Centering: 10 Edges: 9 Corners: 9.5 Surface: 9.5
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    RB start/sit

    I have either Ricky Williams or Cadillac Williams as my RB2 this week. It's a PPR league so keep that in mind. I'm leaning towards Ricky since I think Miami will look to control the clock with the running game against GB this week while it wouldn't surprise my if TB is down and goes to the air...
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    1 box of RRR

    Busted one box of Razor Rookie Retro and got: 2007-2008 SP Rookie Edition Rookie Autographs #151 Kevin Durant BGS 9.5 No idea on value as I only collect baseball but I don't think I did too bad.
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    Opening Day lineup trivia

    Because I’m a huge nerd I compiled a database of all the opening day lineups going back to the expansion year of 1993. I was bored and it seemed like something that might be interesting. Here are a couple of trivia questions based on answers that surprised me. Who has played for the most...
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    Suspicious ebay bidding

    I don't think this is schilling necessarily but I found it odd that he waited 4 days to retract his bid and then entered the new amount just under what he knew the other guy's max was. Not to mention the fact that in the last 6 months he has 123 bid retraction! How is this guy still an ebay...
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    6 boxes of 2010 Topps Series 2

    I busted 6 boxes of 2010 Topps Series 2. Highlights: Red Hot Rookies: 2(x2), 4, 8, 10 Black: Padres, Kyle Kendrick GU: Theriot, Swisher, McCutchen, Haren Manufactured Hat Patches: Berkman, F. Hernandez and this nice patch: #'d /20
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    Directv vs Dish Network

    My wife and I just bought a house and found out that our local cable company doesn't offer service to our area yet so I'm looking to subscribe to satellite. Does anyone have any recommendations for either company. I'm mainly looking at HD channels, Cubs games, and other sports channels. From...
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    Paul Shirley's opinion on the Haiti earthquake

    I stumbled on Paul Shirley's blog post about the earthquake in Haiti and found some of his views rather interesting. I will admit I tend to agree with a lot of what he says but at the same time he comes off a little heartless. Yes the country is pretty much a crap hole but I disagree with his...
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    Sosa auto mailday

    Sorry about the large scans. I haven't figured my scanner out yet. I just got this beauty in the mail today. Picked this up from tyweb1. Picked this up a month or so ago but it is easily my favorite Sosa auto.
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    WTB 2009 Score Inscription parallels

    I'm looking to buy Artist's Proof, End Zone, Red Zone, Gold Zone, or Scoreboard parallels from 2009 Score Inscription of the following players: Aaron Rodgers Eli Manning Maurice Jones-Drew Fred Jackson Cadillac Williams Braylon Edwards Bernard Berrian Antonio Bryant Antonio Gates Paul Posluszny...
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    Fun Wii games?

    I just bought a Wii mainly so I can play the new Mario game. What are some fun games for the Wii? I'm really looking for some my wife and I can play together. She likes Mario platformers and other sim type games. I bought Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Animal...
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    2004 Donruss Timelines live box break

    I just bought a box off the bay. I love the recollection autos and I'm really hoping to pull a Sosa. I'm saving the autos for last.