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  1. BigAppleJak

    Are TAXES effecting your collecting?

    A few months ago Ebay started adding an extra 8.5% or so on all my purchases as I live in New York... I don't mind paying the taxes, but my collecting "brain" is used to the price + shipping. Not enjoying the extra cost, but the only thing certain in life are death and taxes.
  2. BigAppleJak

    A sad Albert Pujols stat...to me at least

    Since his rookie year Albert batted over .300 for pretty much the first 10 years of his career. In 2012 when he moved to the Angels his season batting average started dipping below .300 and now his lifetime batting average is about to go sub 300 for the first time EVER.... To me its a little...
  3. BigAppleJak

    Another Card in the News Story....File Under Strange!

    From the NY Post: https://nypost.com/2018/12/09/menendez-brothers-spotted-on-1990-knicks-basketball-card/ Heres a pic:
  4. BigAppleJak

    Anyone here steal this Goldie Chrome Auto?

    Seems like the seller looked up the non-auto'd version as a pricing comp. Someone got lucky...
  5. BigAppleJak

    Batting .300

    I was just checking and this season there are only 17 players batting .300 or higher, and by the end of the week it may be 15. This is the lowest number in my recent memory... Just thought it was interesting, guess more power numbers are what people are craving.
  6. BigAppleJak

    From Marketwatch: Bitcoin & Baseball Cards

    One of the rare occasions that things in my life overlap.... http://www.marketwatch.com/story/before-you-invest-in-cryptocurrencies-recall-the-bubble-in-baseball-cards-in-the-1990s-2017-10-02
  7. BigAppleJak

    Do you think this really happened?

    Someone got a CRAZY deal!!!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-bowman-chrome-red-refractor-aaron-judge-auto-/232424854678?hash=item361d99d496%3Ag%3AsrsAAOSw-u1ZeHRr&nma=true&si=jJy7z4btDE80ZpB%252FcYMYm2RwEJ4%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. BigAppleJak

    Picked up my CRAZIEST Non-Sports AUTO, EVER!

    Made a fair offer and it was accepted. Still a little in shock about adding this to my collection. Sorry to put on the Baseball board.
  9. BigAppleJak

    Someone is about to get taken!

    Ending in a little bit with a bid of $999! They even went through the trouble of putting a Ud Holo sticker on the back. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Albert-Pujols-Holy-Grail-Rookie-Rc-Auto-2001-Upperdeck-5-25-Jersey-1-1-/381970607981?hash=item58ef38ef6d:g:R5IAAOSw32lYp6uo
  10. BigAppleJak

    This years haloween give aways...

    As always, kids get a choice, candy or CARDS! http:/ / As always, kids get a choice, candy or CARDS!
  11. BigAppleJak

    Interesting Read: MLB Player's Pensions

    Thought this was interesting considering the average league salary is now close to $4,000,000 a year! http://www.marketwatch.com/story/big-papi-and-other-retired-baseball-players-can-get-a-210000-a-year-pension-2016-10-11
  12. BigAppleJak

    The NEW EBay App

    Just wondering if anyone has "upgraded" to it? I'd like to say how bad can it be, but I still haven't gotten over the last time I upgraded... Thanks
  13. BigAppleJak

    Movin' On Up...

  14. BigAppleJak

    Love Little League Opening Day in My Town.

    Steiner lives in town, and we have a very type A little league board.
  15. BigAppleJak

    EBay Pickup and a Prospecting Thought

    While perusing EBay this morning for some new rookie autos I saw this freshly posted autographed Pujols card from 2001. I guess the price was "low" because of the edging on the right, so I discounted it even more and made an offer. By the time I got to my office it had been accepted and for...
  16. BigAppleJak

    Good Read: Clemente Cards in the News

    Well, sort of the news, its the New York Post! http://nypost.com/2016/02/18/prized-roberto-clemente-baseball-cards-center-of-legal-battle/ A half-million-dollar Roberto Clemente baseball-card collection is at the center of a legal slugfest between two local auction houses. Leland’s...
  17. BigAppleJak

    Super Bowl Squares - Post your numbers here for GOOD LUCK!!!

    I am always amazed at how big some of these "Games" get. My wife's office has a $2,500 a square one (250,000, and there is a waiting list to get in! I'm in two, one at the barber shop for $50 and one at the near-by deli for $20. My barbershop is: Denver 3, Panthers 0 Deli is: Denver 8...
  18. BigAppleJak

    2015 Topps Archives

    Don't see a post about this, but man did they get it right. Cards are stamp-numbered and embossed with an Archives logo. Holder has a tamper proof sticker, super good job topps! Had you done this years ago we wouldnt have to look at a million fake Pujols autos!
  19. BigAppleJak

    Holy Crud! eBay Ap is Advertising!

    As if they are not making enough on transactions and PayPal, they are now throwing ads into the auctions as you scroll through!! Give me the good old days of Internet commerce.

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