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    Nice Brady's! Thanks for sharing the breaks with us. Love this thread.
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    How much is this worth?

    The ones I was referencing on COMC were the Bowman International Refractors #'d/100. Here is a direct link. Naturally, the Jeter will sell for $$$. COMC 1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractors
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    How much is this worth?

    You could check www.Beckett.com and pay for a month of their price guide. It might help you and your son understand what cards are "more valuable" that you have, but for actual idea of what someone would pay for it, no better way than the advice that smapdi gave. Check past eBay sales. You could...
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    I can send it to him Barry if needed! We just exchanged emails earlier today. Jeff sent another box for the Team Collectors!
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    Welcome back! I have been missing this thread and your breaks!
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    A sweet custom cut auto card that was made for me!

    Check this out. My friend Tim Benson (believe he is on this site) made it. I know everyone knows the most famous card collector from Hickory, NC, Barry - Tramers. He is the guy that got me the auto at a Hickory Crawdads game last summer. Thanks to these guys I have my first Yoan Moncada...
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    WTB Looking for some Pirates Autographs - For a Secret Santa Gift

    I drew a Pirates collector in my Team Collector group's Secret Santa exchange this year. I am looking for some Pirates autographs to add to his package I am preparing. If you have any for sale, list the name, card and price. I need to keep the cost on the cheaper side as I already bought a...
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    The Team Collectors Multi-Box Break

    Here is a recap of a break a bunch of us did last night. We ocassionally do random box breaks or case breaks. We had one last night on Nimster's site. They are a lot of fun and only cost us $10 per team. I figured I would share the results with you. None of these cards are for trade or sale. All...
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    Team Collector's Break from last night, 5 mixed boxes. Some good stuff!

    The Team Collectors group I am part of did a 5 box break last night. We opened a 2013 Topps Mini Box, 2014 Topps Series 2 Jumbo, 2014 Topps Chrome, 2014 Prizm, and 2014 Donruss Series 2. While I am not normally a big fan of the unlicensed boxes, you do get a ton of nice inserts out of the...
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    Fantasy Football advice needed....

    OK, I recognize this is a collectors site and not a fantasy board. But I know many of you participate in fantasy football so I thought I would get some opinions on my situation. I am in a 12 team, keeper league. We can protect 6 players. I know, it is a lot, but it is what we did many years...
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    Need your opinion on an Ebay purchase I made....

    I just picked up a Fisk 1972 Topps rookie card for $8, which I thought was a fair price for the card in the condition depicted. The card pictured in the auction had damaged corners, which was Ok with me as I was not looking for mint card, just wanted one to fill out my binder of 1970's Topps Red...
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    1970's Topps Team Set Red Sox Needs

    I have been slowly putting my Topps Red Sox Team Set's into binders. I pretty much have all the base team sets from the 80's to present. I am now working on finishing off the 1970's and are down to these cards. I recognize some of them are easily available on eBay or other sites. I am trying to...
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    Need help identifying and old time player from a photo I have.

    Somewhere along the line, I picked up this photo with his autograph. I can't make out the name from the signature. I think it might have been from a local FCB member who game me some cards for my TC group. I believe the player is sporting a Brooklyn Dodgers hat. On the back of the photo, it...
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    Shout out to Promodeltodd!

    Todd and I belong to a Team Collectors group together. As a group we send cards of each others teams to one another. Then Todd went and upped the ante in sending me this lovely piece for my Red Sox collection. I thought I would share what a generous guy Todd is with you guys. An autographed...
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    2012 Topps Archives Box - From AIC

    My group, the Team Collectors picked up a case of 2012 Topps Archives from Andrew (AIC). We broke it out by the box. Here are the results of my box. I just scanned some of the highlights. Fun break. Love the design. And I was lucky enough to get the box topper in my box. My autos: Luis Tiant...
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    2006 Topps Finest Box

    Got a box as I wanted to break something different. $90 from Baseball Card Exchange. I am looking to complete the Rainbow for Mark Loretta as I got the Superfractor from a fellow Team Collector. Most of the cards will be going to those guys. If there is something you need, I will listen to...
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    I need help identifying this card.

    Promodeltodd sent me this card recently in our Team Collectors group. We both could not locate it in any database on Beckett. The back of the card says it is from 2006 Topps Series 2, but he does not appear on the checklist. Todd mentioned he recently turned in some eTopps points and got this...
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    2008 UD Ballpark Collection - Sweet Pujols!

    I just busted a box for the old Team Collectors from Beckett. The box was purchased for us by our friend Justin Reed. Thought I would share the break with you. It was a sweet one! Mini Box 1:
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    Separated at Birth? Isis Kyle - Barry Bonds?

    Saw a copy of this card in a Beckett article on the Auto Checklist for 2009 Topps A&G: Reminded me of this photo of Barry Bonds: What do you think? :lol: