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    eBay listings with fire, INVEST, and the stocks rising emoji in the title.

    My ebay title header pet peeve is when it is listed as a "1/1" when it clearly is not........some sellers with a slight conscience will add a question mark "1/1?" to justify their mislabeling.
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    Albert Pujols Collectors Thread

    Unfortunately I was the chump. I had it originally listed at $1000.00 and had two offers of $850.00 but those offers came from known eBay sellers. The guy I sold it to made himself out to be a Pujol collector and it was going on display in his house so I opted to sell to him. Lesson learned.
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    Albert Pujols Collectors Thread

    I sold this card on eBay about seven months to a guy who portrayed himself as a Pujols collector for $600.00 and in the negotiation I asked him to sell it back to me at a reasonable price should he no longer want it. He immediately put it up for sale for $2500.00 and about a month ago bumped it...
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    *****GOOD TUESDAY MORNING***** 2/23

    Morning all, I am going to buck the trend.......supposed to be 73° here today in Las Vegas.