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  1. Captain Feathersword

    Website & Photo hosting

    All, I've been out of the collecting circle for a few years. My old tradepage was on FreeWebs and my image hoster was Photobucket. What do y'all do now for those sorts of things. Thanks - Cap'n
  2. Captain Feathersword

    Hello from the past

    Hey all - just reaching out to say hello and I'm going to get back into collecting a little bit. Spent the last several years collecting and playing Magic the Gathering. Didn't do too bad for an old man, but I've sold out of all of that and am back to sports collecting. Hello to my old...
  3. Captain Feathersword

    RIP My Brother In Law

    All, I don't post as often as I used to but I'm just typing this since I'm still quite numb. Earlier today, I found out my brother-in-law, Adam, was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan today. I watched him grow from a quiet boy, to a man in the Marines who wanted to do something more...
  4. Captain Feathersword

    Kyle Gibson

    3-0 with a 0.93 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP. It looks like it really does take 2 years to come back from Tommy John ... yes, I know its early.
  5. Captain Feathersword

    2014 Topps Heritage Break - 2 boxes from Allincards

    I've been waiting for this set for a long time. Its one of my favorite base set styles and I think Topps did very good this year. Percent of set completed = 362/500 or 72.4% Base SPs = 15/75 Baseball Flashbacks: EB, HK, JP, RC, WM News Flashbacks: AL, GA, TRS New Age Performers: CK, GS, JF...
  6. Captain Feathersword

    How did you start playing?

    Hey all, I thought I would kick this off. I used to collect back in the 90s, but I never found a place to play. Now I have two boys ages 10 and 13 who like to play and I started by playing against them. Now I'm getting into it more and more. Best I've done was in the BOTG Pre-release when I...
  7. Captain Feathersword

    Anybody looking to trade/sell Magic The Gathering Cards?

    Yes, I play and I'm old (45). However, I play against my boys as well as take them to tournaments. I'd be bored if I sat there all day, so I started playing and I rather enjoy it. I would be looking for uncommons, rares and foils in the current standard series (Return to Ravnica to Born of...
  8. Captain Feathersword

    2013 A&G Box Break - Best pull in a while

    Hey all, I've been busting a lot of A&G this year, about 4 boxes worth. I've had some decent autograph pulls, Ziggy Marley and Nik Wallenda, but no players until today... It was a pretty good box for me to as I was able to close in on some of my SPs I needed for the set.
  9. Captain Feathersword

    Next Sunday - Going to Camden Yards for the First Time - some advice needed

    So, for my daughter's 17th birthday, I got her and I tickets to the Orioles/Twins game next Sunday. She's a closet Orioles fan and I'm the relocated Twins fan. I live a couple hours away, so I won't be staying the night, but I do have some questions... I have seats around the 20th row, lower...
  10. Captain Feathersword

    One pack Panini Cerified and One pack Fleer Retro ... YAHTZEE!!!!

    Stopped by Warren's shop today allstars in PA today. I haven't stopped by much since I moved out of the area. I'm glad I did. 2012 Panini Certified Base: Jacoby Ford, Ray Lewis, DeShawn Jackson, Stephen Tulloch New Generation: Ladarius Green 914/999 2012 Fleer Retro Metal Universe: Michael...
  11. Captain Feathersword

    Female Kicker tries out for the NFL

    No judgments here, and supposedly she said she was injured after her second kick
  12. Captain Feathersword

    Cool Campy piece over at Heritage Auctions

    A letter handwritten from Roy Campinella to Branch Rickey about Monte Irvin and Larry Doby. If I only had the cash for this one. Its a nice period piece of history. 1946 Roy Campanella Handwritten Letter to Branch Rickey | Lot #80067 | Heritage Auctions
  13. Captain Feathersword

    Political Threads

    Incognito1965 > TL24 anythingu > vwnut13, matfanofold I miss their legendary diatribes on the old BMB ...
  14. Captain Feathersword

    Topps Game Time Giveaway online - whatya get?

    Had 10 codes from a jumbo box and got: Tokens: Arizona, Dallas, New England x2, NY Jets, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Fran Base cards: Gronk & Shady McCoy
  15. Captain Feathersword

    Matt Kalil tweets a picture of the cards ... err stickers ... he's signing for Topps

  16. Captain Feathersword

    Big day tomorrow - Closing on a house

    Pretty excited about it. I've been a lifelong renter, but with a family, I've finally decided to put down roots. Found a nice house in town, but still in rural Pennsylvania. Compared to housing costs when I lived in Philly, I'm getting this house for a steal. It even has a small office...
  17. Captain Feathersword

    2005 Ultimate Signature Two Tin Break - 3 Autos

    Picked up a couple of tins to try and add to my HOF auto collection or hoping for that Jack Morris/Kirby Puckett dual auto. Unfortunately, got shutout, I already had the HOFers. Base cards were: Tim Hudson, Greg Maddux and Walter Johnson all base #d Autos: Gaylord Perry Decades 1960s Giants...
  18. Captain Feathersword

    2011 Timeless Treasures one tin break

    I think I the only person addicted to this stuff. The first tin I opened had a Blaine Gabbert Rookie Sigs #/10. Since then I pick up a tin for $55 every time I'm on a business trip. Here are the spoils today... Base: Thurman Thomas, Steve Smith Insert: HOF Marshall Faulk GU/Auto: Jordan...
  19. Captain Feathersword

    Return of the Prodigal Child - post yours ..

    I wanted to set up a post to cover all sorts of collecting, not only cards, to cover those items that you let get away that have returned to you. Here is my story... In 1999 I bought a box of 1998 SP Authentic Racing (NASCAR) for kicks. Back then, SP Authentic was my favorite brand because I...
  20. Captain Feathersword

    Leaf Ink - 2 Box Break (Scans added)

    I thought I'd take a shot on these. I don't purchase too much wax anymore and I get a lot of my cards TTM. I saw the release and thought they were a good idea. I didn't necessarily make money back, but that's not why I bust anyway. All of these probably will stay in my collection. This is...