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    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Hey guys, long time since I've visited. Thinking of moving my collection. Not sure if I should fill your missing slots here, or just list them on ebay like Raven used to do back in the day at 99 cent starting bids. It would be awesome to move the whole collection in one shot, but I doubt...

    Horrible shipping practices

    Received an autographed ball in the mail, and the shipper sent it in a box of newspaper. This wouldn't bother me, newspaper makes a great box filler. The problem was, they didn't protect the ball! No sandwich bag, no shrink-wrap, just a bare ball to be bouncing around all that newspaper ink...

    Lego Baseball

    What do you do when your boss loans you his kids Legos for your kids to play with? You play with them yourself! My bosses kids are all grown up, so since before Christmas he has let us borrow them for the girls to play with. After building all of the star wars sets in the 6 boxes he brought...

    Fake patches?


    Fake patches?

    Since when does game used pants have a patch on it...

    Who collects their players Bobbleheads?

    Saw this commercial and wanted to share it with Tanner, as well as the rest of the group cuz I found it amusing. http://m.athletics.mlb.com/oak/video/topic/41119790/v1034596883/upper-deck/?affiliateId=clubMEGAMENU But then I thought how we all have cards of our players, but who has all their...

    Yankees player collectors, would you be interested?

    So I picked up this Yankees monopoly set. It was missing a title deed card, so I figured I would sell the other player deed cards. Then I thought, how cool would it be, since they don't have the players picture on them, to also include the piece from the actual game board? Plus, for Jeter...

    A Rainbow 25 years in the making

    ok, almost 25... Today I received a piece of mail that would contain the type of gift that should be reserved for birthdays, or Christmas. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel with this gift. I'm pretty sure he wished to remain anonymous, so Thanks again YKWYA... And now, for your...

    The Official UnOfficial show off your Memorabilia Thread

    My displays have changed a lot in the past ten years. In Idaho, I had a whole bedroom dedicated to it. Moving back to California involved downsizing (a lot), and that's ok. I've learned to deal with scaling back. This past Christmas I got this Jersey box, which is really awesome. So...

    My Giants side project

    Got my Posey. Time to load the frame! I will still need to find Pagan, on a Giants card. I did not have luck peeling the Topps auto decal. So for now, Pagan is in there with a Mets uniform.

    My Giants side project

    I picked up a Morse from Panini Select. The label came right off. I think it was easier because it was a chrome like card. Unfortunately, it says panini all over the sticker in hologram, but I'm not gonna be that picky about it. I think it turned out well. Sent from my SM-N920V using...

    The Thrift Store Thread - Sports Edition

    And I saw this and thought of mouschi Sent from my SM-N920V using Freedom Card Board mobile app

    Sharks Autograph Help

    Anyone know who signed this puck? I dont know hockey...

    WTB Looking for a Posey auto

    Im tired of searching ebay, and wondered if my fellow FCBers had any Posey autos they were looking to move. Its for my Giants auto project, and it will be going in a frame, so it cannot be a landscape oriented card. Feel free to post a pic and a price. I would like to find one in the 40 to...

    My Giants side project

    After I got around to hanging up my baseball field frame, I decided that instead of filling it with this year's Topps Giants set, I wanted to get an auto of each player. I chose current players, as well as a few personal favorites. For example, I wanted to include Affeldt, even though he...

    Ever peel an Auto sticker?

    Hi Guys. In your experiences, have you ever peeled a sticker auto? Is it still sticky? Does it curl too much to re-use? Im currently working on a Giants Auto Project, and the only Angel Pagan auto I can find is with him on the Mets. Figured for the price it may be worth a shot at peeling...

    Why can't they keep em all the same?

    So I have this awesome frame to display cards. I've had it for years. Lately, each year I like to add the current team to it. Last year, I had to wait to get an Aoki and Duffy because they came out in the update set. This year, I took the easy way and grabbed a team set at a local Jersey...

    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Thanks for this sweet addition to my collection, Aaron. It deserves a spot in my cabinet for sure! Sent from my SM-N920V using Freedom Card Board mobile app

    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Decided to finally continue my reorganization. Been kicking around the idea of switching to binders for each individual year. Staples had em on sale, so I started the project. Of course, 1998 is bigger than the others, but that's to be expected. I'm working on the game used binder now...

    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Check this out. Just came in the mail today. This makes 3 out of 4. I had no idea they did prototypes for all 4. Would seem odd if they didn't do one for card 3... Sent from my SM-N910T using Freedom Card Board mobile app