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  1. George_Calfas

    Any help identifying this Arod bat barrel insert!

    Hey gang, This has several of us stumped....card arrived today and is untampered with.....any thoughts would be appreciated. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192473476385
  2. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Spring Ahead Sunday Thread~~~~~

    Extra coffee?
  3. George_Calfas

    WTB ~~~1996 Finest Silver Refractor Ryan Sandberg ~~~

    Please PM if you have one. Thanks
  4. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Sunday Morning Thread~~~||

    Good Morning 4 year old wanted to watch the 2011 Playoff DVD
  5. George_Calfas

    -----New eBay BIN--Burbank accepting offers----

    So I went to list something and could not find the Best Offer toggle. I listed anyway figuring that if someone wanted my listing they would message me. When it went live Best Offer was there. Yesterday was one of Burbank's refresh cycle that falls within my daily search.....those listings all...
  6. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Thursday Morning, MTSS EVE Thread~~~

    Ho Ho Ho
  7. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Morning Thread: Sunday 18 Dec~~~~,

    Good Morning All. Stay inside, watch football, and stay warm......today will be a single digit temperature day today.
  8. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Happy Sunday Morning Thread~~~~~

    Let's get this short week started.......depending on your in-laws I guess it could be a long week.
  9. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Wednesday Morning Thread~~~~~

    Coffee Time
  10. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Tuesday Morning Thread~~~~~

    Hello Team
  11. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Morning Thread--Friday 4 Nov~~~~~

    Rise and shine
  12. George_Calfas

    WTB 1996 Finest Baseball Gold Refractors

    PM me if you have any and prices. Thanks
  13. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Morning Tuesday--Welcome to No Shave November~~~~|

    Good morning gents
  14. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Tuesday Morning Thread~~~~~

    Hey Have a great one. Heading to my home away from home; Fort Bragg, NC.
  15. George_Calfas

    Recycling of a 90s inserts?

    I dont know about you, but Game Used, autos, and $900 packs are getting a bit stale. I would like to see Topps re-introduce games/inserts of chance into packs. Remember the "You Crash the Game" inserts (I know not a Topps insert)? Or how about 1993-1994 Topps Black Gold? It would be fun to pull...
  16. George_Calfas

    ~~~~~Good Wednesday Morning Thread~~~~~

    Hey Team
  17. George_Calfas

    So I need a new consigner.....any ideas?

    Well recent claims have been searching for a new consigner. I have reached out to jcmint but he had not responded. Who else can be trusted? Good rates?
  18. George_Calfas

    1960s? Black and White postcards w/ Mantle; help please

    Hi, I have stumbled across a group of "postcards" that are about the size of standard baseball cards. Anyone have any idea about the year, brand, or value?
  19. George_Calfas

    2015 Bowman's Best Checklist???

    The product is suppose to go lilve in less than 2-weeks. Has anyone seen a checklist?
  20. George_Calfas

    Jeff Samardzija agrees to 5-year, $90M deal


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